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Best 10 Types of Wood for Furniture

There is no doubt that furniture is very necessary to decorate a house completely. The overall beauty of your home depends on what kind of item you choose for your home. Choosing the right thing is not only about the aesthetic of the house but it is very important because it plays a significant role in daily life.

Wooden furniture has been manufactured in India for a long time. A wooden wardrobe looks very elegant and is good enough to last for years of continuous use. So despite being expensive, Indians prefer to use wooden furniture. But how well you can use a piece of a wooden element depends on the wood it is made of. That is why in this article we will try to understand which are the top 10 best kinds of wood for furniture.

Top 10 Types of Best Wood for Furniture Making

Although furniture made of various materials has gained considerable popularity in the market, the demand for items made of wood has not decreased at all. However, the price may vary depending on the quality and type of wood. Let’s take a look at the best 10 types of Wood for a home that is sure to last you for years to come.

1. Teak Wood – High-quality wood for home furniture

Teak Wood FurnitureMore or less everyone knows that teak wood is considered to be the best quality in goods making. The biggest reason for this is that this wood can resist fire for a long time and can be used for many years. For this reason, it can be said that the price of this wood has always been the highest in the Indian market, but its demand has always been the highest.

People who choose furniture judging from the aesthetic point of view definitely give their first preference to furniture made of pick wood to decorate their home. The dark brown-colored wooden item looks great and can serve you well for a lifetime.

2. Sal Wood Sal Wood and furniture ( Sal Wood Bed cot)

Sal wood is found in large quantities in the vast forested areas of India, especially in forests located in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh. And is considered to be one of the finest choices that you can use for a long time. It is often said that Sal tree units once made can last a person’s entire life.

This wooden furniture is so durable and beautiful that the demand of people never decreases despite its high price. Keeping in mind its long-term use, this card is used only for furniture and for making house structures and doors and windows.

3. East Indian Rose Wood – Best Wood for Furniture

East Indian Rose WoodFurniture made of Indian rosewood is very good for long-lasting use as it is a powerful item for your home and office. This type of work is generally found in forests of southern states of India like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Indian rosewood is usually preferred by those who think of making highly handcrafted wooden items. Although the furniture is made with many types of work, it is believed that Indian rosewood is best for making the most attractive-looking furnishing. This work is popular not only for movable making but also for making various musical instruments and wooden showpieces.

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4. Satin Wood 

Stain Wood and FurnitureIt is also one of the most potent sorts that can be used to create beautiful pieces of wood furniture. Such works are produced in large quantities in various forests of Central India and South India. Once the table is made with these works it is sure to serve you for a long time.

Moreover, maintaining this wooden furniture is a very easy task as they can resist both water and fire for quite some time. The Satinwood is used in winter areas where closed floors or wooden houses are built. On the other hand, there is definitely a considerable demand for this wood in various fitments making.


5. Marandi Wood 

Marandi Wood and FurnitureThis light brown colored wood is used for making furniture of a very strong nature. Since this wood cannot be infested by termites, belongings made of this sort are used in various commercial places. It can sometimes cost more than other jobs. Despite being extensive, this type of close is in high demand as it is very useful for long-term use.

Marandi wood is not available in many parts of India, usually imported from Malaysia. Due to this, the price of this wood increases a little. However, this wooden good looks very exclusive and at the same time can be looked after with very little maintenance.

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6. Mahogany Wood 

mahogany wood furnitureA fitting made of mahogany wood is in high demand as it is durable as well as beautiful to look at. This wooden furniture is slightly darker in color. This wood supply is generally found in the forests of West Bengal and Assam.

The finishing of these wooden items is so beautiful that it finds a place on the wish list of people with any kind of elegant taste. Currently, many people are thinking of designing the interior of the house with this wood.

7. Oak Wood – Best Wood Type for Furniture Making

Oak Wood furnitureThis is used to make durable furnishing. The Oak Wood is available in different colors and at different prices. Considering this variety of furniture made of this type of wood can be observed. This wood is a great option for those who are thinking of buying fixtures to match the color of the walls of their house.

And you can find oak wood furniture movables in all colors ranging from dark brown to white. So we think this material is an ideal and budget-friendly alternative for new home builders to create chattels that match their homes with wooden furniture.

8. Deodar Wood 

deodar wood furnitureThis type of work is produced in large quantities in the Punjab and Uttar Pradesh regions. And furnishing made of this wood is in great demand almost everywhere in India. This card is used to create beautiful-looking and long-lasting belongings. Moreover, because of the various color variations of this wooden furnishing, its acceptance is very high among people with modern wood types for home furniture preferences.

9. Mulberry Wood 

Mulberry Wood and furnitureNowadays there is a trend of decorating the home with various designer showpieces starting from not only furniture making but also home interior designing. It is a very good choice no doubt for people who are looking for a good wood type for home decoration. The finishing of this wooden furniture is undoubtedly classy and they fit into any modern and elegant home by using this alternative.

10. Jack wood – Commonly used Wood for Furniture 

Jack Wood FurnitureSuch types of wood for furniture are found in large numbers in various forests of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. This wood is a little less strong than others and can be made into furniture in a very short time. So these days the use of such close-ups is very common in interior design. On the other hand, it is used to make different types of musical equipment as well.

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The demand for locally made goods is very high in many countries of the world including India. Not only this, the demand for high-quality wood available in the forests of India is high. All over the country and also in the international market. In the article, we covered almost all types and learned about the 10 best kinds of wood for home furniture which are considered to be very good options for furnishing making.

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