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College Essentials Required For Every New Comer

Finally, the school rules and the uniform has no space in your college adventurous life. The college has a different environment and aura that just mesmerizes every newbie!! Though the freshers are some what hesitant in due course of time it gradually eliminates once they experience it. But, what one misses on is the daily requirements in College. It is a myth that college is all about fun because it is a true amalgamation of enjoyment and self-study which has to be undertaken seriously on a daily basis bit by bit. As the college life is all about self-service here we bring to you a list of things you should put in your bag before hand.

What are the essentials in a College life?

  • A laptop is a mandatory tool to complete your projects and assignments on time.
  • Mobile phone with best internet facility because all the schedule is sent to a common group on Whats app.
  • Backpack to keep all the required books at one place in an easy to carry way.
  • Kindle is another major essential tool to keep all the critical material handy and avoid the large piles of paper.
  • Shoes, ballets, heels, and slippers all are the major footwear essential required to keep the day stylish.
  • Comfortable clothing according to the season is a must because after 14 years in school this time feels like a treat.
  • To protect from sun scarfs and sunglasses are a must and not to be missed at all.
  • Hard disk and pen drives are surely not to be missed they are the college life-saving tools indeed.

The ongoing unending sale and major cash backs are a huge plus point in the lives of new college students. Now, they can buy the same amount of clothes at a lot more less price and with the money back. It is best to buy all the required material, products and tools beforehand to eliminate any kinds of issues that emerge in future when you might be away from home. Now, we would bring to you a brief about some selected range of products.

1. Laptop for College Student @ 18% Off + Extra Cashback

Laptops are essential because they along with references and notes are with you always and the internet libraries and other website have tools that help students’ format assignments in one gadget. Students can use the internet to speak to and communicate with family and friends without incurring huge phone bills. With a laptop, a student can take notes in class, type up assignments, share notes, and work with groups on projects.

Lenovo 100-15IBD 39.62cm Laptop (Intel Core i3, 500GB) Black

It is an example of Laptop which is ideal for students as it helps in making assignments, pie charts, spreadsheets, and presentations more fiercely than any other laptop. You can save more by ordering this laptop through Paisawapas as when you buy this  Lenovo laptop via Paisawapas your effective price after Cashback will be ₹22050.

Lenovo 100-15IBD 39.62cm Laptop

Click here to buy Lenovo 100-15IBD laptop and have a look at other such laptops.

2. Pen Drive for College Student @53% Off + Extra Cashback

The concept involved in the pen drive is that the memory is stored in the form of the array where in the information or the data is stored. This helps you save a large amount of data at the same place without getting confused in the piles of paper in future. The small size of the pen drive and the amount of data that can be accommodated in a pen drive are not comparable to any other storage device. Pen drives are not affected by dust, water, and fungus, which is the case with many floppy disks which makes it handleable for the students.

SanDisk Dual Drive 32 GB Pen Drive (Black)

This Pendrive has an immense amount of 32 Gb storage space for students. As it is a SanDisk product the compromisation is in quality is not an option. Also, due to its effective size, it can be carried in pockets easily. The product which was initially of Rs 1500 is now available at a price of Rs 689 merely after a heavy discount of 53% and Extra Cashback from Paisawapas.

SanDisk Dual Drive 32 GB Pen Drive

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3. Backpack for College Students @ 70% Off

Backpack’s function is itself the most common is to bring a book, bring a laptop and other personal equipment. Today, the backpack has become a trendsetter where be it boys or girls everyone wants to have a small backpack which is stylish and comfortable to carry the whole day in college. There are a lot of designs and style in a backpack that can be availed easily but subtle ones are an all the time ready to go. A student cannot always carry a stylish bag there are times where it becomes utmost essentiality to carry much stronger bag.

City Backpacks by Estrella Companero

It is a light-weight and affordable backpack for everyday use. It offers a style and comfort without burning a hole in your pocket. This sleek and cool looking bag is not only stylish but also boasts of great functionality at an affordable price. The backpack is furnished with High quality of Polyester exteriors, the bag comes with a neat design that gives it a pleasing look. The interiors also come with a polyester finish and are provided with a padded compartment that helps protect your belongings from any external pressure. This product after a discount of 70% on Rs 1999 and an Extra Cashback by Paisawapas is available just at Rs 585.

City Backpacks by Estrella Companero at Flipkart

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4. Mobile Phone for College Students @ Upto Rs 6500 Off

Hand phone, cell phones or handset has been the one of necessity rather than a desirable in our lives in this modern day. Nowadays, hand phone has been an affordable gadget for everybody and the parent can effort to buy a hand phone for their children.  They allow students who don’t have a watch to keep track of the time so they can be punctual to their lessons, and phones have an alarm function to make sure they wake up on time each morning.

Moto C Plus (Starry Black, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM)

This phone has been launched recently in India with outstanding features. It comes with a 5-inch HD IPS LCD. Capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels at a pixel density of 294 pixels per inch. The Moto C Plus runs Android 7.0 OS and is powered by a 4000 mAh battery. It is a Single/ Dual SIM Smartphone, and connectivity options on the Moto C Plus include, GPS, HotSpot, Wifi, and Bluetooth.There is an amazing exchange offer on the phone which gives a discount of Up to Rs 6500 on the phone worth of Rs 6999 + Extra Cashback on Paiswapas.

Moto C Plus Smartphone

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5. Shoes for College Students @ Rs 399

Comfort is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “sneakers”. They are indeed very comfortable to wear.  They provide support for the feet while doing strenuous activities like running, playing various sports and doing high-impact exercises. The injury is prevented because the sneakers provide support for the feet.  They can be worn to different types of activities and attire.

Yepme Sneakers on Flipkart

Red is a color which makes the wearer center point of attraction. Just keeping the same in mind we have designed this ravishing pair, which will give a good match to all your vibrant outfits. Buy as soon as you can and team up with a pair of red polo and black denim. After the 20% off and extra cashback, these amazing sneakers are available at just Rs 384.

Yepme Sneakers offers on Flipkart

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We hope you have an amazing year of college because it is a one time experience in itself without any hurdle. The freedom and responsibility that one engages in the learning are marked throughout the life. Don’t forget to keep these essentials in your bags. Keep Shopping and Keep smiling!!

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