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Antiquity Whiskey Price in India – June 2024

Antiquity Whiskey Price in India and Review

Are you finding authentic blue whiskey in the alcohol market? You can taste Antiquity Blue because it is the true blue of whiskies and is made with the finest Indian malts and rare scotch. The components of the Antiquity Whiskey are mainly blended with the premium grain spirit. Antiquity Whiskey Price is INR 1950 for a 750ml pack in India.

Antiquity Whiskey Price in India:

Many people want to know more about Antiquity Whiskey Prices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, and many other cities. Here we will give the information on the standard price, which is applicable in India for the Antiquity Blue Whiskey.

Antiquity Blue Whiskey Price in India –

1). Rs 1950 for 750 ML

2). Rs 388 for 180 ML

3). Rs 805 for 375 ML

Alcohol Percentage in Antiquity Whiskey:

You must know about the alcohol percentage in Antiquity Whiskey for health concerns. First of all, the alcohol volume in this whiskey is around 42.8%. The origin country of the brand is Nepal.

Features of Antiquity Blue Whiskey:

The brand is mainly inspired by antique gold and offers unique wood flavors and pronounced malt. It is the finest whiskey brand in India and is known as one of the premium whiskey brands in India.

Wrap Up:

Hence, these are the things that you need to know about Antiquity Blue Whiskey. It’s all about the significant facts, Antiquity Whiskey Review, Price, and Facts you need to know. The primary quantity type of the brand is Antiquity Blue Whiskey 750 ML that most consumers prefer to buy.

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