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10 Best Alcohol Delivery Apps | Websites in India 2024

top 10 alcohol delivery apps in india

Are you looking for the best online alcohol delivery service in India? We’ve got the list of the top ten apps for delivering alcohol. You can order drinks on the app from a liquor store online in India.

Alcohol cravings don’t change with the seasons. Regardless matter the time of day or night, a glass of beer will always improve your disposition. Not everyone has easy access to a local liquor shop or the time to go there at any given moment. Therefore, the finest booze delivery apps come to the rescue. Let’s dive into the best apps to order alcohol online. And you can order alcohol delivery online.

State-Wise Alcohol Delivery Apps

Best Alcohol Delivery AppsEligible States | CitiesReviews
Hipbar Alcohol Delivery AppKolkata, Bhubaneswar,  Cuttack, and Rourkela
ZomatoAlcohol Delivery in Maharashtra & Kolkata★★★★★
BevQ Alcohol Delivery Online in ChennaiAlcohol Delivery App in Chennai & Kerala★★★
Living LiquidzAlcohol Delivery in Thane, Palghar, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai★★★★
SpiritzoneAlcohol Delivery in Maharashtra★★★
Wine Park Maharashtra
TipsyMumbai & Thane
Bottle Rover★★

Table Of Contents – Delivery of Alcohol Online

  1. Swiggy
  2. Hipbar Alcohol Delivery App
  3. Zomato
  4. Bottle Rover
  5. Tipsy
  6. BevQ Alcohol Delivery App in Chennai
  7. Living Liquidz
  8. Spiritzone
  9. BeerBox By Abeer
  10. Wine Park

List of 10 Best Alcohol Delivery Apps In India

  1. Swiggy – Alcohol Delivery in Kolkata

swiggy alcohol delivery

One of the first alcohol delivery apps in several Indian states is Swiggy. The software requests “one-time verification” to confirm the user is at least 21 years old, as the government requires. To be verified, you must submit a government-issued ID (such as an Aadhaar card,  voter ID, Pan card, or passport) and a selfie (to confirm that you are the one in the photo). An OTP will be sent to you as verification (for added safety).

Wine Shops” to locate the neighborhood liquor stores that provide beer, vodka, tequila, and other popular alcoholic beverages. With Internet Banking, Cards, PayTM, Mobikwik Wallets, FreeCharge, UPIs, and Cash on Delivery, you may quickly place orders of a certain quantity online. The delivery person will come to your house shortly and want to see your government ID.

Download Swiggy: Android | IOS

  2. Hipbar Alcohol Delivery App – Order alcohol delivery online

Hipbar Alcohol Delivery

HipBar, which provides online liquor delivery in Kolkata, Bhubaneswar,  Cuttack, and Rourkela, is India’s first company home to deliver alcohol to customers legally. This software has received over 100K downloads, with a star rating of 4+, and wants to reach other locations.

You may pick and place orders from local retail outlets using the HipBar app based on delivery times. The drinks the shop presently has and is prepared to deliver when you make an order are listed in their catalog. You may pay the sum via UPIs like PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM, etc., credit/debit cards, or net banking since the app has a significant and positive influence to “go cashless.”


  3. Zomato – Alcohol Delivery in Maharashtra

Zomato | 10 Best Alcohol Delivery Apps In India

Zomato jumped on board after some jurisdictions legalized selling alcohol through mobile apps online for on-demand liquor delivery for secure home use. To provide the greatest alcohol to its clients in several locations, including Kolkata, Maharashtra, and more, Zomato has worked with several wine businesses for online alcohol delivery as well as online wine delivery. To stop the illness from spreading, they have prioritized rider safety and cleanliness inspections.

Download Zomato: Android | IOS

  4. Bottle Rover

alcohol delivery

Despite its lack of popularity, Bottle Rover is still the best Smartphone alcohol delivery app in India for various reasons. The app’s robust search and filtering capabilities make it simple to discover your preferred beer, wine, or spirit. Unaware of new wines? You may decide whether to buy a product based on the thorough explanations provided in the app.

  • Compare costs that are relevant to where you plan to order. It’s really simple for you to purchase!
  • Earn points for each bottle you purchase from Bottle Rover.
  • Weekly drink recipes to experiment with various libations.
  • Excellent tool for those who enjoy throwing parties or delivering gifts to guests.
  • Exclusive alcohol discounts and flash sales.
  • Well-informed wine suggestions.

Download Bottle Rover: Android

  5. Tipsy

Alcohol delivery apps Tipsy

Tipsy is a fantastic business that offers liquor home delivery and lets clients purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks online. Service is available in Thane and Mumbai. You may easily get your favorite beverages from licensed and regulated merchants and enjoy them at home and may explore the alcoholic items on the app and order from an approved retailer, pick up your order, examine the contents, and show the delivery person your ID. You may use UPIs or cards to pay for the things when you receive them. The software strongly advises users to wait to pay until after receiving and inspecting their purchases.

  6. BevQ – Alcohol Delivery Online in Chennai & Kerala

alcohol delivery Apps

Visit Site

Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) offers the Android app for liquor home delivery in Chennai and Kerala to control congestion at liquor outlets. The program creates an e-token with a QR code after users provide basic information, including their name, phone number, and pin code. The e-token contains data like the neighborhood, period, address, and QR code. The state allegedly only allows customers to purchase alcohol once every four days. Furthermore, using the BevQ app to make a slot reservation or buy alcohol is not permitted for residents of Red zones.

Download Bevq: Android

List of Top 10 Vodka Brands in India 

  7. Living Liquidz

alcholal delivery apps

Delivering to Thane, Palghar, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai — You can now download Living Liquidz from Google Play and the Apple App Store. They provide same-day delivery of both imported and domestic alcoholic beverages. They also provide a plethora of information, like Wine FAQs and Whiskeypedia, as well as alternatives like hiring a bartender or gourmet and purchasing home bar equipment. For example, whiskies are categorized into Irish, Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Tennessee,  and other varieties on the Living Liquidz app.

Download Living Liquidz: Android | IOS

  8. Spiritzone

alcholal delivery apps

You have access to a fully equipped bar right here. Spirit zone is well-known for carrying quality brands like Japanese Hibiki whisky, delicious Botanist gin, and whiskies like The Macallan and Bruichladdich, in addition to having an easy-to-use interface that facilitates ordering a snap. Deliveries that accept neither cash nor physical touch are also in place to ensure that you only receive booze, not the virus.

Download Spritzone: Android | IOS

  9. BeerBox By Abeer

liquor delivery apps 

The large variety of beers available by the bottle or case through this delivery service may appeal to beer enthusiasts. They sell artisan beer options, including Eight Finger Eddie and Brewdog Punk IPA, in contrast to crowd-pleasing brands like Budweiser, Hoegaarden, and Corona. Other wines from  Sula, Jacobs Creek, Grover, Barefoot, Hardys,  and Fratelli are available. Place your purchase between 10 am and 7 pm for same-day delivery.

  10. Wine Park

Alcohol Delivery Apps

Check out this online store if you want new wines or beverages from lesser-recognized wineries. With the stroke of a button, Wine Park delivers over 200 domestic and foreign wines right to your home. The wines are arranged according to kind, style, nation, location, producer, and unique characteristics. They also provide a sizable selection of natural and vegan wines, chic wine accouterments, and glasses. You have plenty of options. Wine-tasting comments and reviewer ratings are also included to make a choice simpler. Not a fan of wine? Wine Park also serves beer, so no problem.

Bottom Line – Alcohol Delivery apps 

These days, it’s quite inexpensive to design a smartphone app for on-demand alcohol delivery. Since there isn’t much market rivalry in India for apps that distribute booze, anyone may opt to launch this company within a few days. Download any of these top online alcohol delivery apps in India and get quality drinks at your doorsteps.

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