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Bharti Airtel is a well-known telecommunications firm with operations in more than 20 Asian and African countries. The firm exemplifies the term “business strength with a constant and immovable guarantee of success.”

Bharti Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid Recharge Plans are the best ones available in the market right now, ranging from the cheapest recharge plan with a talkative value of Rs 7.47 to the most lucrative one in foreign roaming.

Bharti Airtel also provides Airtel Money, a mobile wallet that helps users to pay for energy bills, products, and utilities as well as send money through networks.

The telco also opened Payments Bank operations in 29 Indian states in January 2017. The entire banking procedure at Airtel Payments Bank can be completed remotely with an app accessible on both ios and Android devices, and customers can also conduct transactions via USSD and IVR. Subscribers’ cell numbers double as their banking information, and the firm supports Aadhaar-based e-KYC.

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In 2017, Bharti Airtel signed a definitive agreement to buy Telenor India Communications from Telenor South Asia Investments to obtain entry to Telenor’s seven operational circles, which include Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP East, and UP West.

You can get different plans for all your needs from local to international. Find below the list of plans available in airtel for its customers.

Recharge planData benefitValidityCallingSms
Rs 19200MB2 daysUnlimitedNil
Rs 991GB18 daysUnlimited100
Rs 1291GB24 daysUnlimited300
Rs 1492GB28 daysUnlimited300
Rs 1792GB28 daysUnlimited300
Rs 1991GB per day24 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 2191GB per day28 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 2491.5GB per day28 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 2791.5GB per day28 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 2982GB per day28 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 3492GB per day28 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 3796GB84 daysUnlimited900
Rs 3983GB per day28 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 3991.5GB per day56 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 4492GB per day56 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 5583GB per day56 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 5981.5GB per day84 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 6982GB per day84 daysUnlimited100/day
Rs 149824GB365 daysUnlimited3600
Rs 23981.5GB per day365 daysUnlimited100/day

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