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(June 2024) Airtel Free Data Coupon Code

Airtel Free Data Coupon Code Use & Credit Upto 60 GB Data Free

Get Airtel Deals & CouponsAirtel is one of the biggest cellular network companies in India. The company offers many attractive data and calling plans at affordable prices. We offer limited data in packages for a day, a week, or a month. Hence, there are many circumstances when your data pack is over, and you cannot browse the internet. In this situation, Airtel Free Data Code and Coupon Code will work. Using the Go Daily App, message to 121, dialling 5999555, and missed calls to 51111 are some Airtel Free Data Coupon Codes and Internet tricks to credit up to 20GB of free data.

Airtel Postpaid Connection Coupon Codes

When users know about innovative ways to get free data from a reputed telecommunication company like Airtel, it is easy. Hence, you need to monitor some ways to avail the free data. You can use the above methods to get the free data in your SIM.

Airtel is the leading telecommunication company in India. The company’s super-fast network helps users browse the internet quickly. Getting free internet is not difficult for users when they know about the extraordinary method of the Airtel accessible data coupon code.

Updated Today – Airtel Free Data Code

Airtel Free Internet Tricks Free Data in Airtel Code  Benefits
1. Dial Airtel Data Loan Number *141*567# Get 3G and 4G Data Loan
2.  Airtel Free Internet Code 5999555 Get 10 GB free data
3. Airtel Data Dial Number 121 Get 60GB data free (only for postpaid users).
4. Airtel Thanks App NA Recharge with Airtel Thanks App and get free 6GB data.
5. Go Daily App Use Go Daily App and Get earn rewards for free data Earn rewards and points for free data in airtel by using Go Daily App
6. Airtel Missed Call Data Code 51111 Get free internet with airtel free internet code.
7. Free Data Airtel Recharge Coupons Recharge with 839, 719, 699, 549. 359, and 265. Get free data with these prepaid plans.
8. Airtel WIFI Connect with Airtel WIFI Use the Airtel WIFI to credit automatically free data.
9. Kurkure Airtel Data Code Enter the 12 Digit Code Claim 1GB Free Data
10. Lays Airtel Free Data Coupon Code Enter the 12 Digit Code Claim 1GB Free Data.

1). Connect with Airtel WIFI – Airtel Coupon Code Free

The next option to get free data on Airtel every month is using the WIFI pack. It would help if you chose the Airtel unlimited plan to avail of the automatic data credited. You can use this trick in public places such as shopping malls, food courts, etc.

Airtel DTH Box Coupon Codes

2). Get 6 Coupons For 1 GB of Data –

There are two plans for which the 6 Airtel free data coupon code is applicable: Rs 598 and Rs 698. Hence, you need to download the Airtel Thanks App to avail of this offer.

3). Dial 5999555 to Get 10 GB Data – Free Airtel Data Coupon Code

There are three easy ways for users to get 10 GB of free data. The first method is dialling the Airtel free data number, 5999555. It is a toll-free number, and you need to dial it from the Airtel SIM to avail yourself of the 10 GB of free data. Once you dial the number, the call will be disconnected. After the call is disconnected, free data will instantly be credited to your SIM card.

4). Missed Call to 51111 – Airtel Free Data Coupon Code 

The 4th easy method for the airtel free data is – a missed call to 51111. It also works as a coupon code. You can get up to 10 GB of free data in 10 seconds.

This offer applies to prepaid users. To activate your account’s 4G 10 GB data, dial 51111.

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Frequently Asked Questions –

1. How do you get free data from Airtel?

Different methods are applicable to get free internet, such as free data coupon codes, using apps to earn rewards and points, data loan codes and dial numbers.

2.  Are there any Airtel data coupon codes?

Yes, many coupon codes exist for free 3G and 4G data, such as *141*567#, 5999555 and 51111.

3. How do you get free data from the Airtel app?

Use the Airtel Thanks and Go Daily App for the free data rewards.

4. How do you get 10GB of free data in Airtel?

To get the free 10GB data, dial the Airtel Free Data Promo Code number, which is also the toll-free number, 5999555. Once you dial the number, press one and click on the message to get free 10GB data.

5. How to claim 2GB of free Airtel data?

You can claim the 2GB of free data using the Airtel data coupons from recharge 839, 719, 699, 549, 359, and 265.

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