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Agartala water bill online | Pay and pay mode.

Agartala water bills can be paid online through Agartala Municipal Corporation. This corporation is a public sector that is responsible for the distribution of water throughout the state. Not just for residential purposes but also includes industrial and agricultural purposes thus it requires working hard to give a proper water supply. With its hard effort to give a proper water supply throughout the state, it also enables its consumer to pay their water bill online. We understand how difficult it is to pay the bill offline by standing in a long tiring queue.

As boring as the process sounds it is also important to pay the bill on time. So, consider paying it online with the steps mentioned here to pay your water bill before the due date hassle-free.

Required Documents to pay the bill:

As mentioned earlier, you can pay the bill both online and offline. For both of these modes, you need to have certain documents. Here we mention those

Make sure you carry this with you to pay the Agartala water bill ofline.

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Past bill receipt
  3. Consumer/ Customer id.

Offline address for the water board:

Drinking Water and Sanitation Board,
New Secretariat Complex, Agartala.
Contact:  0381-241-6620

Pay Agartala Water bill online through BBPS:

  • BBPS outlet will let you pay your water bill with the respective pin code online.
  • Click on  “Find the nearest BBPS” at the bottom page.
  • Tap in the pin code to proceed.
  • Contact the nearest agent’s address.
  • Pay it directly for the best. ( before the due date)

Pay through CSC:

  • Go to the official CSC.
  • Select your respective center.
  • Submit the bill and details.
  • Proceed to pay.
  • Post payment you will get the bill as payment proof.
  • Save the bill as a record.

Agartala water bill pay offline:

  • Have your water bill in your hand ready. In case you don’t have it make sure to collect it from the nearby office.
  • Now submit the bill and the payment at the required bill counter.
  • Post verification, payment will be processed.
  • Now, the bill will be given as payment proof. Keep it safe as you might need it next time for the record.

TSECL Easy bill payment online.

Know this:

  • You have to pay the bill in the respective bill board allotted to your area.
  • The board will periodically generate your bill and you have expected it pay it before the due date.
  • If in case you fail to pay your bill before the due date, you will be asked to pay the penalty for a period. If that period crosses water supply will be blocked.


End note:

As said before, we understand how boring it is to pay bills offline but as boring as it feels it is important. Crossing the due date will land you in a lot of unwanted problems. Spare 5 mins of your busy day to get done with this. Also, no matter how less or more you pay for water. WATER is PRECIOUS. Use is only when needed for the best of you and nature.

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