7 Best Podcasts That You Cannot Miss on Spotify

In recent days when it comes to entertainment, there are numerous options to keep ourselves entertained like series, movies, vlogs, and many more on the Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and many more. There is a new add-up on this list which is Podcasts. I can tell lately Podcasts have become trending. There are hundreds of Podcasts, some are funny, some are ethical, some are educational, and some are worth listening to. Here is the list of top Podcasts to listen in Spotify. So let us check it the popular podcasts which you cannot miss.

Top 7 best Podcasts on Spotify

#1. Heavyweight

Category: Comedy, Relationship, and Personal Stories

Heavyweight is one of the trending best podcast shows streaming on Spotify, hosted by Jonathan Goldstein and created by Gilmet. This is a podcast where he takes up the listeners to his past days just the way a therapist takes us to the past. He shares his tough times, sad, exciting, happy, and lovable moments. I can tell this is one of the best life-story podcasts to listen to. There are nearly 47 episodes right now and counting updates.

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#2. Reply All

Category: Technology, Society, and Culture

Here comes another great podcast on Spotify that is Reply All, hosted by Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi from Gimlet. This tech podcast is best for teenagers as it is based on the exploration of modern life and how to survive it. They also help to solve many of the tech support questions which are asked by listeners across the globe. There are 189 episodes of Reply All.

#3. Armchair Expert

Category: Comedy

Armchair Expert is a comedy and entertaining podcast by Dax Shepard, who loves talking to people about their struggles, life stories, and many more things. This is the most popular podcast on Spotify which keeps you entertained throughout. He calls the guests like Kristen Stewart, Dwayne Wade, Bryan Cranston, Zazie Beetz, Barack Obama, and many more. He explores the stories of humans in a very fascinating way.

#4. Jemele Hill Is Unbothered

Category: Society and Culture

This best podcast show is hosted by the award-winner journalist and ex-ESPN anchor. As the title tells Jemele Hill Unbothered, she shares unbothered shares her opinions on news, pop culture, politics, and sports. She is the most lovable and also straightforward person. I recommend that everyone should listen to this podcast. She also takes interviews with some big contributors to music, entertainment, and culture on her podcast. There is a new episode released every Monday on Spotify.


#5. The Rewatchable

Category: Film and TV

If you are a movie lover then this is the best entertaining podcast to listen to on Spotify. The Rewatchable is a film podcast hosted by Bill Simmons from The Ringer Podcast Network. In this podcast a round table conference by a group of people discussing in-depth about series of movies that they cannot stop themselves to watch again and again. As the movies are piling up on the Ott platforms like Hulu, Amazon prime, and Netflix even the discussion here goes about the movies.

#6. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Category: Celebrities, TV, and comedy

If you want to divert yourself a little and laugh, then this is the best podcast to listen to. This podcast is hosted by Conan O’Brien, who shares his life telling uniquely and joyfully that he had no son-lasting friendship in his life. This podcast is all about Canon hanging out with different people in each episode, having conversations, and making sparking relationships with his new friends. There is a joyful and playful conversation between him and his new friends in all the episodes.

#7. Dr.Death

Category: True crime, Society and culture

If you want something thrilling and a change, then DR.Death is a crime podcast that you cannot stop yourself to listen after the first episode. This is the best podcast you can listen to on Spotify. We all trust our doctors and hospitals, but this podcast is about the crime of a doctor. The doctor called Christopher Duntsch, who was the best neurosurgeon who could solve any problem. But soon all his patience found complications and the whole system failed to protect them. So this series tells about the surgeon, his patients, and the system which is hosted by Laura Beil.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the most listened-to podcast on Spotify?

  • The Joe Rogan Experience is the most listened podcast on Spotify

2. Which is the #1 podcast in the world?

  • The Daily by The New York Times is the #1 podcast in the world

3. Is Spotify podcast free?

  • Yes, a podcast on Spotify is completely free and you can listen online.




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