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2007 World Cup Players IPL Journey and What They Are Doing Now?

17 March 2007, a date still there in the mind of million cricket lovers and cricketers who played in the 2007 world cup. Where against Bangladesh, India suffered defeat and face the virtual elimination in the 2007 world cup. Throughout Bangladesh’s history, that victory will remain the most popular one.

If we look at Indian players score in the 2007 world cup, then there are just a few names that I can say that trouble the scoreboard, such as Ganguli, who made 66, and Yuvaraja Singh, who made 47 score off eight deliveries. 

However, in the 2007 cricket world cup, the Indian cricketers failed to go through the group stage. There is no doubt that the squad was formidable, having iconic players but could not win the world cup. The people’s reaction to losing the 2007 world cup was so furious, making dhoni return to the pavilion and leaving the country of cricket-crazy people.  

In this article, we will discuss when the players of the 2007 world cup retired, where they are now, which all teams they played to IPL, and right now what they are doing. 

IPL Journey Players of 2007 World Cup  Qualities 
Last IPL he played was in 2012 for Pune Warriors Sourav Ganguly.  Lofted sixes 
Last IPL Virender Sehwag Played was in 2015 for Kings Xi Punjab Virender Sehwag.  Holding the fastest triple century with the Fearless batting. 
Playing IPL2020 for Kolkata knight riders.  Dinesh Kartik.  Wicketkepper-Btasman 
The last IPL Sachin Tendulkar was in 2013 for Mumbai Indians.  Sachin Tendulkar.  Greatest batsman, scoring 100 runs in single innings 
Harbhajan Singh is playing for Chennai super kings in IPL 2020.  Harbhajan Singh.  Indian Spinner. 
The last IPL match S Sreesanth played was in 2013 for Rajasthan RoyalsS Sreesanth. Great batsman and Indian speedster 
The last IPL match Yuvraj Singh played was in 2019 for Mumbai Indians  Yuvraj SinghDestructive batsman
The last IPL match Rahul Dravid played was in 2013 for Rajasthan Royals  Rahul Dravid.  Brilliant batsman with extraordinary game sense 
The last IPL match Ajit Agarkar played was in 2013 for Delhi Daredevils Ajit AgarkarPace bowler
The last IPL match Irfan Pathan played was in 207 for Gujarat Lions Irfan Pathan Classiest Swing Bowler 
The last IPL match Anil Kumble was in 210 for Royal Challengers BangloreAnil Kumble Legbreak googly.
The last IPL match Robin Uthappa played is in 2020 for Rajasthan Royals. Robin Uthappa Flexible player 
The last IPL match Munaf Patel played was in 2017 foe Gujarat LionsMunaf Patel Bowler 
The last IPL match Zaheer Khan played was in 2017 for Delhi DaredevilsZaheer Khan Fast Bowler 
The last IPL match Irfan Pathan played was in 2017 for Gujarat Lions. Irfan Pathan Veteran Bowler 

Where are they Now?

Sachin Tendulkar  

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the most loved cricketer, throughout the 24 years of career the cricketer holds innumerable records whether its ODI matches, 200 test and international centuries, the soring is just beyond astounding. On 16 November, the cricketer announces the retirement from a few but all forms of cricket.

There should be hardly anyone who can’t remember the farewell speech, which left the whole nation wept. After retirement, he became a businessman who endorses several brands, Bengaluru Blasters (badminton league franchise), and ISL club Kerala Blasters. We see him several chats shows, but the times he appeared are rear.  

Matches Played by Sachin Tendulkar Till Now

Categories Test ODI FC LA 
Matches 200 463 310 551 
Top score 2482 200 248 200 

MS Dhoni 

MS Dhoni, whenever this name came up, there is shot in my head which he made to help India win in 2011 world cup, you might have also remembered, right? This Gem made a place in the team during the 2007 world cup; throughout his career as a cricketer, he was an impeccable captain and wicketkeeper-batsman and the first captain to win the World T20, world cup, and the champions trophy.

Moreover, when it came to scoring this cricketer, He shared the excellent record of 4880 runs in 90 tests and 50.82 average in ODIS with a 127.10 strike rate. On 30 December, Ranchi boy declared his retirement, not from all cricket forms, which means he was still in the national team, and to a tour of New Zealand, he is the part of the team.   

Matches Played by M.S. Dhoni Till Now

Categories Test ODI T20I 
Matches 90 350 98 
Top score 224 186 56 

Dinesh Karthik  

Dinesh Karthik has been having a decent career, well known for wicketkeeper-batsman and the cricketer who was always out of the squad. The 33 old recently presented the Delhi daredevils, Kings XI Punjab, Gujarat Lions, and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. Currently, Dk is the captain of team Kolkata knight riders. Fans use to see him in nationals, IPL, and Ranji Trophy for Tamil Nadu.   

Matches Played by Dinesh Karthik Till Now

Categories Test ODI T20I FC 
Matches 26 94 32 163 
Top score 129 79 48 213 

Harbhajan Singh  

The Jalandhar born cricketer was an integral part of the team until 2011. The player is not much active as the last ODI match he played was in 2015 and the test in 2015 against Sri Lanka. There is no official announcement by his side, but the cricketer is likely to be seen on commentary shows, which might indicate that this star’s carrier is nearly at an end.

Therefore, there is no announcement by his side relating to retirement, but he made a return to the national team. In 2008-15 IPL, he is still there playing for Mumbai Indians, but now we will see him in Chennai Super Kings. 

Matches Played by Harbhajan Singh Till Now

Categories Test ODI T20I FC 
Matches 103 236 28 198 
Top score 115 49 21 115 

S Sreesanth 

Whenever this name came up, a spot-fixing scandal resulted in ending his career as a cricketer. Still, he took this issue to Kerala high court and tried to return to international cricket, nearly impossible at 35. Therefore, we can’t ignore that He was the one who took the catch, which made the Indian team hold the world T20 Indian championships.

He was known as an Indian speedster who took around 76 wickets in 53 ODs and even played a test for men in Blue. After the 2013 scandal, we never played got banned, but the last match he played was a test match in 2011. We have seen him in entertainment shows like Khatron Ke Khiladi season 9. 

Matches Played by S Sreesanth Till Now

Categories Test ODI T20I List A 
Matches 27 53 10 82 
Top score 284 44 20 127 

Yuvraj Singh 

One of the destructive batsmen who has always played a crucial role whenever the Indian cricket team wins something significant is the 2011 world cup or ICC world T20. The Chandigarh-born cricketer was at the peak of his career when he was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2011, but he never returned.

Still, the player is a fighter, not in international, but he made a comeback in the national team and even played the Ranji Trophy for Punjab. When it comes to IPL, he plays for Mumbai Indians. 

Matches Played by Yuvraj Singh Till Now

Categories Test ODI T20I FC 
Matches 40 304 58 139 
Top score 169 150 77 260 

Rahul Dravid 

Rahul Dravid was one of the best batsmen, but somehow due to the low strike rate, was discredited, but with sportsmanship spirit, he returned and became the best batsman of the Indian cricket team of all time.

The veteran batsman has played around 164 tests and 344 OIds in his carrier, and whenever the men in blue need him, we haven’t seen that he denied he was always there for them. David is an overseas batsman consultant, whereas currently, Dravid is in charge of the Gosport Foundation.

Matches Played by Rahul Dravid Till Now

Categories Test ODI LA FC 
Matches 164 344 449 289 
Top score 270 153 153 270 

Ajit Agarkar  

 Ajit Agarkar one of the best bowlers and highest wicket-taker in the Indian cricket team, where he took around 300 wickets in 199 OIDs and 58 wickets in a test. He also played 2011-2013 IPL for Delhi Capitals and from 2008-2010 for Kolkata knight riders. In 2013 he announced his retirement from all forms of cricket and seen in several chat shows. 

Matches Played by Ajit Agarkar Till Now

Categories Test ODI LA FC 
Matches 26 119 267 103 
Top score 109 95 95 109 

Irfan Pathan  

Irfan Pathan, a swing bowler who had to back off due to a severe injury, but this speedster played a crucial role in winning the World T20 in 2007 with a strike rate of 13.5 and played around 29 tests nearly 120 OIDs. No team left, which he doesn’t represent in IPL, Chennai Super Kings, Gujarat Lions, Kings XI Punjab, sunrises Hyderabad.

He is a real fighter and came back in international matches even in 2015, and he was there in the dance reality show. He never officially announces his retirement. Currently, he plays in Ranji Trophy for Jammu and Kasmir. 

Matches Played by Irfan Pathan Till Now

Categories Test ODI T20I FC 
Matches 29 120 24 122 
Top score 102 83 33 121 

Robin Uthappa

Robin Uthappa never really make his place in the team. The Karnataka player made his debut at seventeen in one-day international cricket and played around 46 ODI matches. The wicket-keeping batsman remembered during ICC world cup 2007 due to his knocks outs.

Moreover, this cricketer has a record of 13 T20I. However, from 2002, he played for several IPL franchises like Mumbai Indians, Pune Warriors, Royal Challengers Banglore, Kolkata knight riders, and Rajasthan Royals. The cricketer is usually seen on prominent TV shows.

Matches Played by Robin Uthappa Till Now

Categories LA ODI T20I FC 
Matches 197 46 13 139 
Top score 169 82 50 162 

Zaheer Khan

Zaheer khan is known as a veteran fast bowler who has the highest-wicket taking score and played around 200 ODI matches. This star would have been a legend if he did not have such a deep relationship with injuries in 2012. He took retirement from all international cricket.

Moreover, but managed to play IPL till 2015. There are several IPL franchises he represented, such as Mumbai Indian, royal challengers Bangalore and Delhi Dravells. We use to see him on various cricket commentaries and tv shows.

Matches Played by Zaheer Khan Till Now

Categories Test ODI LA FC 
Matches 192 200 253 169 
Top score 75 34 43 75 

Munaf Patel

Munaf Patel has not been having perfect stars when it comes to his cricket carrier. The cricketer of Gujarat doesn’t score much in every match he played. However, when new players arrive like Shami, he has to go back to his home and domestic career, but there are several IPL franchises he represented, such as Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, and Gujarat royals. Recently, in 2017 he announces his retirement from all kinds of cricket forms.
Matches Played by Munaf Patel Till Now

Categories Test ODI LA FC 
Matches 13 70 111 53 
Top score 15 15 28 78 

Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble is a well-known cricketer awarded with Padam Shri. Well, in 1999, he dismissed all ten players in a match against Pakistan. He has been the highest wicket-taker in all tests and ODIS. Moreover, Anil Kumble is responsible for Indian victories in 132 text matches.

The cricketer announces his retirement in 20112 and is now chairman and mentor of International Cricket counsel. This veteran bowler took retirement from all forms of cricket in 2008. This leg spinner has also been a chief mentor in many IPL franchises like royal challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indian.

Matches Played by Anil Kumble Till Now

Categories Test ODI LA FC 
Matches 132 271 380 244 
Top score 110 26 30 154 

Sourav Ganguly 

Ganguly has a special place in the Indian team and the most loveable player. During his carrier, Ganguly world-leading batsman as well as a successful batsman. Recently in 2019, he was elected as president of the cricket association Bengal. When it comes to IPL carrier, he joined Kolkata night riders as captain in 2008, and the following year introduced his retirement from all forms of cricket. Right now, he is in the Justice Mudgal Committee. 

Matches Played by Sourav Ganguly Till Now

Categories Test ODI LA FC 
Matches 113 311 437 254 
Top score 239 183 239 183 

If not the 2007 world cup, but the team lead by MS Dhoni achieve ICC World T20 in 2007 and 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. There are few 2007 world cup players whose IPL journey is still there, but on the other hand, some 2007 world cup players’ IPL journey ended.

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