14 Best Horror Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime India 2023 March

Horror movies on Amazon Prime

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, a unique world of entertainment will open up in front of you. In this wonderful world of entertainment, you will find some exceptional horror movies that will make your entire body tingle from head to toe. There are quite a few scary yet entertaining and best horror movies on amazon India right now, and today we are going to tell you about 14 of them.

List of Top 14 Must-watch Horror Movies on Amazon Prime India 

Since Amazon Prime is a platform where numerous entertainment programs are aired, choosing your favorite show is quite a difficult task. Additionally only if you search for horror movies, you will see many options.

Among so many options, it is very difficult to find the most engaging and well-reviewed movie by the audience. To help you in this task, today’s article will tell you about the 15 best horror movies on amazon that you can easily watch using Amazon Prime subscription.

1. It Follows – Top Best Horror Show on Amazon Prime

It Follows | Horror movie on Amazon PrimeChoosing the best and most popular horror movies on prime is a tough task as many movies are streamed from the Amazon Prime India platform. However, there is no doubt that this movie is at the top in terms of critical reviews and audience popularity.

The movie revolves around a strange curse. The evil person starts following all kinds of miracles and supernatural things and starts destroying many people. Such a strange and devastating situation created the plot of this event. If you sit down to watch this horror movie, you will remember the deadly exciting horror movies of the eighties.

Amazing cinematography, background music, and the presence of talented actors undoubtedly make this movie very interesting. So every horror movie lover who has Amazon Prime subscription must watch and enjoy one of the best horror movies on amazon.

2. Orphan – Top-rated Horror Movie in Amazon Prime India

Orphan | Must Watch Best Horror movie on Amazon Prime IndiaThis movie is currently at the peak of popularity among all horror movies on Amazon Prime India. This movie shows how an orphan rescues a pair of mysterious stories. A nine-year-old girl is the main character of this movie. His various discoveries and emotional situations are the basis of the whole story. One of the horror movies on amazon prime is currently streaming for Amazon Prime subscribers from this platform.

3. Malignant – Best Horror movie to Watch on Amazon Prime

Malignant | Best Horror movie to watch on Amazon Prime India

Yes, dear readers, from the name of one of the most recommended horror movies amazon prime seems to be a medical issue but the plot is somewhat different. In fact, the word malignant means a problem that is unlikely to be solved. Set in a thrilling and mysterious setting, this movie features a main character who can’t overcome his past life.

Even he is incapable of establishing much contact with the real world. Moreover, he sees various supernatural things. All this makes the story an interesting backdrop for horror movie lovers.

4. 13B – Thrilling Horror movie must-watch on Amazon Prime India

13b movieAmazon Prime India subscribers are sure to watch the best horror movies on amazon prime, but most of them are overseas movies. The only Indian horror movie to make it to this list in terms of audience popularity is 13B. Talented actor R Madhavan played the lead role. The main character starts living in an apartment in flat 13B with his family and various horror situations begin there. As the story progresses, it is known that the mystery of several previous deaths is hidden in this flat. The full movie is very thrilling and mysterious, so you will like it.

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5. Annabelle Comes Home – Top-rated Best Horror Movie on Amazon Prime India

Annabelle Comes Home - Top-rated Best Horror Movie on Amazon Prime IndiaOne of the best horror movies on Amazon prime is definitely considered a great crowd-pleaser and as per the critics’ reviews, it can impress the fans of great entertaining horror thriller movies. Annabelle Comes Home with the spooky season is hype for sure for an entire year.

6. Annabelle: Creation – Top Best Horror Movie on Amazon Prime

Annabelle: Creation - Top Best Horror Movie on Amazon PrimeMany viewers are very scared of horror situations but their favorite show is horror movies. The name of the movie is not at all unfamiliar to all these people as it has been the subject of various criticisms and praises for a long time. This is the first movie in this series where a new context is created and different horror activities and thrilling situations are created.

7. The Conjuring 3 – Best rated Horror Movie on Prime India

The Conjuring 3 - Best rated Horror Movie on Prime IndiaThere is no doubt that all the horror films on amazon prime in this series are very interesting and loved by the audience’s friends. We are sure that all the versions from Conjuring 1 to Conjuring 3 are at the peak of popularity. A great feeling and mysterious experience watching this movie. So our appeal to every viewer is a must not miss because you can watch it for free on your favorite Amazon Prime platform.


8. The Conjuring 2 – Top Horror Show on Amazon Prime 

The Conjuring 2Without mentioning this movie, the discussion about the best horror movies on amazon remains incomplete. If you have an Amazon Prime India subscription then you are definitely a lucky one as you don’t have to search for this great movie anywhere else. Many people are very excited to watch this movie and try to download it from different platforms. But for you, Amazon Prime has brought it to your fingertips.

There is no space to talk about its story as everyone is eagerly seated to watch it. According to a survey, it is considered the best horror movie ever made by critics and has already grossed over three hundred and twenty million dollars. You will be mesmerized by the great thrilling action sequences along with exclusive star performances. It can be said that this is a prequel to the previous movie- The Conjuring 3.

9. Hereditary – Top-rated Scariest Horror movie on Amazon Prime Video

Hereditary - Top-rated Scariest Horror movie on Amazon Prime VideoThe name of this horror movie suggests that it is going to be set against a generational issue. Yes, dear readers, the context of this story is the Graham family and the various death-related issues that go on within it. One of the most watched top horror movies on amazon prime will gradually become very mysterious for the audience from the beginning as various strange things will happen. According to viewers, it is one of the best horror movies available on Amazon Prime India.

10. Before I Wake 

This is definitely one of the horror movies that Amazon Prime subscribers have enjoyed the most. This movie is a fantasy horror with an imaginary setting. The main character of this movie undergoes various psychiatric changes after the death of his son. But soon all these illusions passed him and he woke up. This is how the entire story revolves in such amazing amazon prime movies horror.

11. Berlin Syndrome 

Berlin Syndrome 

The context of one of the best horror movies on amazon is definitely very interesting. The story revolves around the life of a young photographer who meets a teacher. But this teacher keeps him locked up in a Berlin apartment. Several strange torture situations are shown in this movie. But it can be said for sure that the premise of this movie is so compelling that it won’t let you go without watching it completely. So you can easily watch it from Amazon Prime.

12. IT Chapter Two – top-rated Horror movie to watch on Amazon Prime

IT Chapter Two It is definitely a very enjoyable horror movie which is marked as the sequel of the 2017 mega-blockbuster horror movie. The exclusive star presence along with the brilliant direction in this movie will surely attract you. If you are an Amazon Prime India subscriber then watch one of the best amazon prime horror movies immediately.

13. Stonehearst Asylum 

Stonehearst Asylum As the name of the story suggests, the movie revolves around an asylum. It shows a man undergoing psychiatric training at an Asylum. Along with the life of the Asylum, various suspenseful situations have been beautifully depicted which will keep you in your seat and make you watch the whole movie. We won’t tell you more, watch these best horror movies on amazon prime India yourself and get an exciting experience.

14. Candyman 2021 

Candyman 2021It is a remake of a famous horror movie from 1992, Candyman is a character around whom the story of this movie revolves. This man has a psychological disorder that kills him if someone says his name five times in a mirror in front of him. Set against the backdrop of this fascinating story, one of the best horror movies on amazon prime is a must-watch if you are an Amazon Prime India subscriber.

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Amazon Prime India is definitely a platform that airs its shows keeping in mind all kinds of audiences. There are many more horror movies that you can watch on Amazon prime India. So get an Amazon Prime India subscription today and enjoy your favorite shows. and don’t forget to tell us which was your favorite from the mentioned top 14 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime India.


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