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13 Best Helmet Brands in India

If you are a biker, you know how important it is to have a helmet. But, the wrong helmet can make your riding experience disastrous and it is not safe at all. What you need to do is to find the best bike helmet in India that will make you feel comfortable and affordable too. We are presenting the best brands of helmets in India that manufacture high-quality products for many years. You can depend on any of these brands as they are in the industry for a long time and satisfy the customers too. Here are some of the best brands you can follow to buy the best helmets. Read on to know more-

List of Top 13 Best Helmet Brands in India

1. Vega – Best Helmet Brand to Buy

Vega helmets

Vega began its journey in 1982 in India and soon it became one of the major brands of helmets in India. Till now, it is ruling the industry and providing the best-quality helmet to riders. This brand focuses on quality as well as designs to offer you wonderful helmets. This brand uses carbon fiber technology and is also made of scratch-resistant materials to increase the longevity of the product.

Types of Helmets and Their Price Offered by Vega Helmets

CategoriesStarting Price in INR/-
Vega Full Face HelmetsRs. 990/-
Open Face HelmetsRs. 1000/-
Junior’s HelmetsRs. 1000/-
Women’s HelmetsRs. 998/-

2. Steelbird – Top Best Helmet Brand in India 

Steelbird helmets

Not only in India, but Steelbird is one of the most important brands of helmets throughout Asia also. They have a rich history of serving people for 45 years and still remain one of the best brands of helmets. One of the best features of this brand is to meet the changing trend of the world and serve the customers as per their needs.

Types & Average Price Offered by Steelbird Helmet Brand

CategoriesStarting Price in INR
Full Face HelmetsRs. 3800/-
Steelbird Open Face HelmetsRs. 3500/-
Flip-up Helmets by SteelbirdRs. 1700/-
Flip-off HelmetsRs. 1700/-
Motorcross HelmetsRs. Rs.1500/-

3. Studds – top Indian Helmet Brand in India

Studds helmets

To name the best Indian helmet brands, Studds will be the one. It started its operation in 1973 and presently, the company manufactures more than 14 million helmets yearly. If you are looking a budget-friendly and branded helmets in India, Studds is the name you should keep in mind always. The thermostatic material on the outer shell increases the longevity and durability of the product.

Categories & Average Price Offered by Studds Helmets

CategoriesMRP Price in INR
Off-road Full face HelmetRs. 1800/-
Studds Full face HelmetsRs. 1000/-
Open Face Helmets by StuddsRs. 1000/-
Flip up Full Face HelmetsRs. 1300/-

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4. Axor – Best Helmet Brand for Bik

Axor helmets

While talking about the best Indian helmet brands, Axor will be on the list. It produces high-quality helmets by maintaining their style and texture of it. Each helmet is made of ABS material that provides high protection to the users. Also, the dual EPS lining absorbs impact energy and the helmets come with chin straps to avoid rolling. If you buy helmets from Axor, you can find varieties of patterns and designs.

Types & Average Price Offered by AXOR Helmets

CategoriesStarting MRP in INR
AXOR bicycle HelmetsRs. 2800/-
Open Face Helmets Rs. 2600/-
Full Face Helmets Rs. 2800/-
AXOR Retro Helmets Rs. 2600/-

5. Royal Enfield – Top Best Helmet Brand in India

Royal Enfield helmets

This is another best helmet brands in India that manufacture top-quality helmets that present a perfect amalgamation of style and safety. Along with different types of helmets, they also produce lots of headgear to make riding safe and stylish. The Royal Enfield helmets come with micrometric locks that make them easy to operate. Washing the helmet is simple due to internal materials.

Royal Enfield Helmets Price List

CategoriesMRP in INR
RE Open Face HelmetsRs. 2100/-
Full Face HelmetsRs. 2000/-
MLG HelmetsRs. 2700/-
Modular Face HelmetsRs. 3900/-

6. SMK Helmets

SMK Helmets

If you are looking for the best bike helmet in India, you can always go for helmets from SMK brands. This brand manufactures helmets, especially for adventure riders and urban people; therefore, the products are of a high standard and offer maximum safety. The helmets also provide an in-helmet sunshade, pin-lock visors, comfortable padding, lockable air vents, and an aerodynamic shape. If you use them carefully, such helmets can serve you for around three years.

Categories & Average Price Offered by SMK Helmets

 Full Face HelmetsRs. 3000/-
 Modular HelmetsRs. 3000/-
 Off-road HelmetsRs. 4000/-
 Open Face HelmetsRs. 3500/-

7. HJC – Best Bike Helmet Brand

HJC Helmets

While talking about the best bike helmets, this Indian helmet brand has to be mentioned. It is serving Indian bikers for four decades and offers an exclusive range of helmets for motorcycles and bicycles. Not only that, but they also offer car racing equipment of various designs. If you are looking for unique products, you can always go for HJC.

CategoriesStarting Price
 Bicycle HelmetsRs. 5000/- 
Motorcycle Helmets Rs. 10,000/- 

8. Aerostar Helmets

Aerostar Helmets

Aerostar Helmets are manufactured by the SAI Global Group Manufactures since 2007. With a 40 million USD yearly turnover, this brand has become one of the fastest-growing helmet manufacturers in India. They design different types of helmets, like full-face, flip-up, open-face, half-face, and so on. The helmets of this brand are particularly for men and these are available at quite a low price. Besides helmets, they also produce several kinds of motorbike accessories.

 Open Face HelmetsRs. 850/-
 Full Face HelmetsRs. 899/-
Flip up Helmets Rs. 1300/-
Off-road HelmetsRs. 3400/-
Junior HelmetsRs. 999/-

9. Fastrack – Best Style Helmet Brand in India

Fastrack Helmets

For style and quality, you can always depend on the helmets of Fastrack. They offer products for men at a reasonable price. The outer shell is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Polystyrene EPS that increase the longevity and durability of the product while the cotton interior is soft and comfortable and also washable. With the growing popularity of this brand, this type of helmet will be a favorite of all bikers in the coming time.

10. GoMechanic Helmets

Gomechanic Helmet

GoMechanic is another upcoming and popular brand of helmets and car accessories in India. This is the brand that manufactures smart devices for cars and bikes. Such helmets come with scratch-resistant visors to make the products look good. The interior of the helmets is made of such materials that can absorb moisture rapidly. There are also micrometric buckles in the helmets that help the helmets to make the chin strap comfortable.

GoMechanic is a one-stop destination you can go through several helmet brands under one roof and order online. The starting price of helmets offered by GoMechanic is Rs.650/-.

11. Yamaha – Best Helmet Brand in India

Yamaha Helmet

In the automobile industry, Yamaha is a prominent name since 1985. They also manufacture the best bike helmets you can buy to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. If you want to buy the best helmets, made of polystyrene, you can pick the products of Yamaha.

 Yamaha Full Face HelmetRs. 1000/-
 Half Face HelmetRs. 1000/-
 Jet Type Helmet by YamahaRs. 2000/-
Off Road HelmetRs. 1900/-

12. Aura Helmets

Aura Helmets

To buy a highly proficient helmet, you can trust Aura Helmets now. They manufacture half-face and full-face helmets of different designs. Also, the inner lining of the helmets makes them comfortable to wear. These ISI-certified helmets are affordable too.

 Half face Helmets Rs. 800/-
 Full Face HelmetsRs. 999/- 
 Flip Off HelmetsRs. 1200/- 

13. Habsolite Helmets 

Habsolite Helmets 

If you want the vintage style of helmets, Habsolite is the brand you can trust on. The ergonomically designed helmets are affordable and appropriate for biking, cycling, and skating. This brand is famous for half-face helmets that are available in various designs.

 Full Face HelmetRs. 899/-
 Open Face HelmetRs. 640/-
 Safety HelmetRs. 199/-

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So, these are the best helmet brands in India that can provide you the top-quality and stylish helmets to maintain your safety. While buying, you can compare the qualities and price and then go for it. Make sure you buy helmets that are comfortable while riding and also look wonderful.

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