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{February 2024} Best Dishwasher Brands in India

Best Dishwasher Brands in India

Best Dishwasher Brands in India – The updated list of best dishwasher brands in India as per rating and review is given here. Your kitchen needs more modern gadgets to make your tasks easier, like a dishwasher in India. Gone were the days when people washed their utensils by hand. The leading and best dishwasher brands in India are important to cross-check before investing your money in this machine.  We are living in a cutting-edge era where modern devices are worthy of every single task in the kitchen. A dishwasher machine is the so-called required gadget for your kitchen that you can’t avoid to make the food place modern. Are you looking to buy the best dishwasher in India? Your search ends here, buddy.

I am going to do a full-fledged review of the 10 best dishwasher brands in India that you must know. Many of the readers are also finding the best dishwasher in India in 2022 because they want to buy online only those products that are trendy in the current year. Your dishwasher buying guide is here, and you can check the information that is useful for you to buy an online dishwasher in India.

What is a Dishwasher Machine?

A dishwasher machine is a utensil cleaning or washer machine process. This machine will clean and dry all big to small utensils at once while setting a timer. The whole process is working on the support of the motor in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher Price in India-Things to Know:

Price varies as per the model or brand. The range of dishwashers starts from INR 20,000. Dishwasher price in India depends on the brand, model, capacity, features, and weight. We are going to add the price information as well, along with the features of top dishwasher brands in India below.

1). Bosch (India’s Best Dishwasher Brand)

This brand does not need any introduction. We all know about the premium quality of Bosch products. This brand can secure the first position because of its highest rating on Amazon and Flipkart. When you are thinking of spending your money only on the “best dishwasher in India,” then Bosch is only for you. However, you must have a good budget to spend on this brand because this dishwasher price is pretty much higher than other brands.

Bosch Dishwasher Price:

Rs. 40,000/-

Key Features:

1). The weight of the machine is 43.5 KG, and the capacity is 12 places.

2). It is a fully electronic utensil washing machine with a water consumption of 10 L.

3). The energy consumption capability of the machine is 0.8 kW/hr.

3). This brand offers 2 years wide warranty and 10 years warranty against rust-through on inner tb.

Energy Consumption:

2). Voltas (Premium Dishwasher Brands in India):

Let’s talk about the second most popular dishwasher in India, Voltas. It is budget-friendly and comes in a compact size. A small family can purchase this machine because the machine fits in a small place as well. Like other machines, it does not cover so much extra space.

Voltas Beko Dishwasher Price-

Rs. 21,990

Key Features

1). Due to its compact size and weight (only 25.5 KG), it is a perfect utensil washing machine for small Indian houses.

2). A fully integrated machine and water consumption capacity are 8 liters.

3) An inbuilt heater and adjustable shelf are the plus points.

4). When it comes to knowing about the warranty point of view, then we can say that the brand offers 5 5-year motor warranty.

5). LED display in the machine saves time and electricity both during the washing process.

3). IFB (Best Dishwasher Machine in India): 

The checklist of best dishwasher brands in India is incomplete without mentioning the name of IFB. This brand offers different models in the range of dishwasher machines in India. There are two different models of the brand, which come with 15-place and 12-place setting features.

IFB Dishwasher Price-

Rs. 47,831.


1). This machine is designed with a 70-degree wash program.

2). The machine came with two different models, including 15 and 12-place features.

3). The device is working on the principle of an eco-wash program.

4). 12 places setting machine came with a 99 KG weight.

4). Samsung Dishwasher:

One more affordable dishwasher price brand is Samsung. This brand not only deals in these machines but is also popular for electronic gadgets. You can trust this brand because it is leading the electronic equipment industry.

Samsung Dishwasher Price:

Rs. 26990/.


1). The machine is ideal for the 5 to 6 members of the family.

2) An automatic utensil washing machine came with a compact size and 13-place settings.

3). 4 wash programs are working in the machine.

4). The brand offers a 2-year warranty to customers.

5). Faber (Dishwasher Brands in India) 

The name Faber also came on the list of top dishwasher brands in India. The 12-place setting model offers extensive features to the customers. There are two variants of this brand. Effective cleaning is the main task of the machine and it does not sound very high. At a very low sound, this machine can wash all utensils.

Faber Dishwasher Price-



1). This machine came with a classic finish.

2). The capacity of the machine is 12 place setting with a 20 KG weight.

3) A lightweight dishwasher machine in India.

4). The water consumption capacity of the model is 10 to 17 liters.

6). KAFF (Affordable Dishwasher Brands in India):

The next brand is KAFF. It is a utensil cleaning machine with the DW Centra 60 model. A medium family can buy this machine. A dishwasher with an automatic cleaning feature is efficient for saving detergent, electricity, and water. This machine is ideal for small Indian kitchens. From small to large, every type of utensil can be cleaned in this machine.

KAFF Dishwasher Price:

Rs. 37,194/-


1). The capacity of the machine is 12 place settings.

2). The weight of the machine is 39 KG, and it is a compact dishwasher brand in India.

3). It is a fully electronic device, and the noise level is 55 DB.

4). This brand offers a 1-year warranty.

7). Hafele (Best Dishwasher Brands in India): 

One more brand on the list of best dishwashers in India is Hafele. It is a 12-place setting machine. It is the best dishwasher brand in the affordable range. The interior of this brand is amazing and classic and easily cleans big and small utensils.

Hafele Dishwasher Price:

Rs. 50,990/-


1). The weight of the washing machine is 40.5 KG.

2). It is a fully integrated washing machine.

3). The water consumption of the machine is 11 liters.

4). This brand offers 1 year

8). Godrej ( Top Dishwasher Brands in India): 

When it comes to knowing about the top 10 brands of dishwashers in India, then you can’t miss the brand Godrej. This dishwasher is ideal for four to five members’ families. If you are looking for a portable and easy-to-use device, then you can invest in the Godrej brand.

Godrej Dishwasher Price

Rs. 25,990/-


1). This machine can clean utensils within 84 minutes and can do the task in a single wash.

2). People who are looking to buy a noise-efficient dishwasher in India must check out this brand.

3). The water capacity of the model is 9 liters.

4). Crysta Light UV technology is the best thing in this model.

5). The product works on the 12-place setting.

9). Midea Dishwasher:

If your family has 5 to 6 members, then you can buy this dishwasher online in India because it is the ideal choice for a medium-sized family. What is the best thing about this model? There are two spray arms and an additional LED display in the model.

Midea Dishwasher Price-

Rs. 25,990


1). The model works on the 70 °C intensive wash program to clean utensils.

2). Due to the flexible washing system, it can clean small to big utensils as per your requirement.

3). It is a stainless-steel material dishwasher in India.

4). The capacity of the machine is 13 place setting with 39 KG weight.

10). LG (Dishwasher Brands India): 

Last but not least, the leading brand in the market is the LG dishwasher. This dishwasher came with the 14-place setting functionality. If you are thinking of investing in a product that can easily handle big utensils cleaning easily, then you can go with this brand.

LG Dishwasher Price-

Rs. 52,500


1). It is a fully integrated dishwasher that works with the 44 DB noise levels.

2). The weight of the machine is 49 KG.

3). LG offers a 2-year warranty.

The Bottom Line:

Finally, it’s all about the 10 best dishwasher brands in India that you need to know. If you are not able to decide on the right brand according to your budget and requirements, then this checklist is so helpful. Don’t wait; just make your kitchen modern to do all tasks easily.

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