Amazon Prime Day Sale Offers July 26th - July 27th, 2021 Amazon Prime Day Sale Offers July 26th - July 27th, 2021

Amazon Prime Day Sale will be live on 23rd and 24th of July 2022. Amazon Prime Day offers will be exclusive to registered prime members. Prime members can grab the best Prime Day offers on clothing, electronics, mobiles, accessories, and more during this special day. Get cashback rewards on every purchase during Amazon Prime Day Sale. Shop for exclusive blockbuster Prime Day offers from top stores during this sale period. Also, get offers on your HDFC bank & Amazon pay balance.

Prime Day, Amazon’s annual shopping carnival for its Prime members, is days away. And this year, it runs for two days, 23rd and 24th of July, and the online retailer will be offering massive discounts on smartphones, laptops, cameras, game consoles and accessories. If you are eyeing a new iPhone 11 or Sony PlayStation 4, be sure to wait until 23rd and 24th of July, 2022.

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  • PRIME DAY | Upto 80% Off on IT Accessories + 10% Off with SBI Cards

    Starting at Rs.199

    PRIME DAY | Upto 80% Off on IT Accessories + 10% Off with SBI Cards

  • PRIME DAY | Upto 80% Off on Headphones & Speakers + 10% Off with SBI Cards

    Starting at Rs.199

    PRIME DAY | Upto 80% Off on Headphones & Speakers + 10% Off with SBI Cards

The Most Awaited Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022

Amazon Prime Day Sale

If you are new to the world of online shopping, it is time to make yourself accustomed to the Amazon Prime Sale 2022. Every year, the e-commerce giant Amazon hosts the largest sale during mid-summers. It is exclusively for the prime members and offers massive discounts on a range of products. From home appliances to electronics, from fashion to gaming consoles, you can get hefty discounts across all categories.

Amazon is the most significant e-commerce player in the market and sure knows how to keep its customers happy. It is one of the most-awaited sale events by Indian shoppers because it has numerous offers for new launches and regular products. It is a treat for shoppers across ages as it has products for men, women, and children. 

The Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022 is scheduled for two days, the 23rd and 24th of July, and assures the lowest prices on thousands of products. All you need is an Amazon Prime Membership. So, if you haven’t taken an Amazon Prime Membership yet, get that now so that you do not miss on bumper discounts.

The sale has jaw-dropping offers on every product you want to shop for. Excited? Definitely, yes. To add to your excitement, we have curated a list of benefits of shopping during the Amazon Prime Sale.  Read on to know about the best deals, discounts, and cashback offered during this prime sale.

Key highlights of this year's Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022-

  • This is the 6th edition of the prime sale that promises to be bigger and better than ever

  • Mind-boggling discounts that can go up to 85% off this year

  • Exclusive offers, deals, early bird access & premieres right from 12 midnight 

  • Additional 10% cashback on using your Amazon Pay Balance

  • Play exciting games and stand a chance to win exclusive free trips and holidays

  • Exclusive tie-ups with leading banks for additional discounts

So, get ready to save your hard-earned money with raining discounts at the Amazon Prime Sale. Make sure you tell Google, Alexa, and Siri to notify you about the amazon prime day sale 2022.

Here is Everything To Know About Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day Sale


Sale Start Date

23rd July 2022 (12:00 am)

Sale End Date

24th July 2022 (11:59 pm)

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Exciting discounts and offers at Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Amazon Prime Day sale is awaited with much enthusiasm by Indian shoppers because it offers a great collection of products at discounted prices. Most consumers delay their shopping to avail amazing discounts during the prime sale. 

Because by the time people want to buy the products will be out of stock or the sale would have ended. 

But don't you miss the prime day sale, get ready for the best sales by amazon. If you miss it then you would have to wait all year for this best opportunity. Don’t miss the chance to grab on to the trending fashion brands, latest electronic gadgets, and more. Join the bandwagon and choose from the category to get hold of lucrative deals during the sale.

 Following are the deals offered during the amazon prime day sale, check them out and grab the best deals.

1) Amazon Prime Day Sale Offer on Mobile Phones

Prime Day Sale

The 48-hour Amazon Prime Sale brings to you impressive deals on mobile phones. You can look forward to shopping your hearts out because the sale has a range of brands and products to choose from. Shop from brands like Apple, Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Moto, and others, and get up to 40% discount on the latest models. Amazon Mobile offers to grab for 

These brands have an enhanced look and host premium features- both of which are perfect reasons to buy a new phone. Get premium smartphones under Rs. 15000 on prime sale and enjoy great savings. You can also get mobile accessories like chargers, batteries, earphones, and others at the lowest prices to complement your new smartphone. And ohh…you can also enjoy features like same-day dispatch, free delivery, etc. So, get hold of your new smartphone at unbelievable prices and flaunt them with joy.

Latest offers on Smartphones, Upto 30-40% on Smartphones this Prime Day Sale 2022 is going huge. Here is the list of offers in the mobile category of Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Amazon Prime Day Mobile Offers

Amazon Prime Day SaleOffer

Starting Price

Tenco Pop LTE 

23% Off

INR 6,899/-

One Plus Nord

20% Off

INR 19,999/-


18% Off

INR 6,999/-

Samsung Galaxy 

19% Off

INR 10,499/-


29% Off

INR 14,990

2) Prime Day Sale Offer on Laptops, Tablets, and Gaming Consoles

Amazon Prime Day Offers

With the world moving to the digital sphere, laptops and tablets have become the need of the hour. If you have been waiting to buy the best laptops at discounted prices, now is your chance. With discounts up to Rs. 35000 on laptops and up to Rs. 5000 on tablets, you can buy the best products for a steal during the Amazon Prime Sale. Choose from the best brands, including Lenovo, HP, Asus, Apple, etc., pick the best fit for your requirement and wishlist the product till the prime day sale is live.

Along with work requirements, you also need a little relaxation in your life. And that is why Amazon brings renowned gaming console brands at a discount of up to 30%. So, add these to your cart and make your purchase—a perfect way to maintain your work-life balance.

3) Amazon Day Sale Offer on Cameras 2022

On a hunt for a new camera? Lucky for you, the upcoming Amazon sale has the best deals on cameras. Choose from an extensive collection of brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Fuji and get a minimum discount of Rs. 5000. Further, you can also buy your favourite camera accessories like tripods, lenses, lens cleaner, mics, etc., at extremely low prices.

4) 2022 Prime Day Sale Offer on TVs

One of the major highlights of the prime day sale is the huge discounts on TVs. From smart TVs to LED to QLED TV, get exclusive price cuts on leading brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Sony, Philips, and many more- all at discounts up to 50%.

Additionally, you can save some extra money by using an HDFC bank card or opt for a no-cost EMI option. After knowing about this exciting deal, you surely cannot miss getting your Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Day Sale Discount

Amazon Prime Day Offer

Starting Price

Google TVs

Upto 30% Off

INR 29,990/-


Upto 20% Off

INR 39,999/-


15-30%% Off

INR 28,999/-

Sony 4K

Upto 20% Off 

INR 39,998/-

5) Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022 Offer on Home Appliances

Prime Day Sale 2022

Whether you wish to update your home or revamp it, Amazon can take care of everything. So, this is your time to reap the benefits of being a prime member and get discounts like never before. Get access to all kinds of home and kitchen appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. By taking the offers on Home appliances on the Amazon Prime Day sale.

Choose from top-notch brands and get mind-blowing discounts. Purchase ACs with up to 45% off, microwaves up to 50% off, save enormously on washing machines with up to Rs. 10000 off, refrigerators with up to Rs. 35000 off, and dishwashers at flat Rs. 10000 off. Moreover, all electronic products come with an assured warranty and easy return policies. So, whether it is a new TV set or a new washing machine, you can buy everything easily without hurting your pocket.

Amazon Prime Day Home Appliances Discount

Prime Day Sale Offer

Starting Price

RO Water Purifier

25% Off 

INR 9,999/-

Vacuum Cleaner 

15% Off

INR 4,400/-

Whirlpool Refrigerators 

15- 25% Off

INR 18,490/-

Samsung Regrigirators

15-25% Off

INR 18,490/-


Upto 50% Off

INR 15,000/-

Cookware & Tools

40-50% Off

INR 599/-

Tools & ToolKits

Upto 20% Off

INR 199/-

6) Amazon Prime Sale Offer on Apparel, Fashion and Accessories

The Amazon Prime Day sale offers amazing deals and discounts on fashion and accessories. With Prime Day, discover and shop the latest clothing online for men, women, and kids. Choose from reputed brands like Only, Vero Moda, Puma, Nike, etc., and get mind-boggling discounts up to 80%. For all the shopaholics out there, isn’t this a steal deal?

Well, that’s not it; because Amazon hosts a plethora of accessories, including footwear, watches, bags, jewellery, and others, for all the fashion lovers. Shop from an impressive collection with raining discounts of more than 70% in each category. So, revamp your look and shop everything from head to toe.

7) Amazon Prime Day Sale Offers on Smartwatches, Earpods, and Speakers

Smart watches headphones, and speakers are the most in-demand electronics in real-time. If you are thinking to buy them, then now is the chance don't miss it. You can find the best deals and offers on electronic gadgets during the amazon prime day sale 2022.

Up to 60% off in each category of gadgets. Great saver deals and offers are on your way, don't miss the opportunity. Grab the deal now! Never too late to spoil yourself with some treats. And enjoy the amazon prime day sale!

Prime Day Electronic Discount

Prime Day Sale Offer 

Starting Price

Bluetooth Speakers 

60% off  

INR 799/-

Wireless earpods 

50-60% Off 

INR 499/-


Upto 60% off

INR 519/-

Basic Earphones

50-70% off

INR 259/-

AMOLED SmartWatches

40-60% off

INR 1799/-

8) Offer on Everyday Essentials in Prime Sale 2022

Prime day sale offers great deals on everyday essential products like soaps, shampoos, washing powders, cosmetics, toiletries, pet care, groceries, etc. These are products that you use daily and hence require in a bulk quantity. But what’s stopping you from getting these at unmatched prices? Well, Don't wait no more grab the deals on Prime Day sale 2022. And buy every home day essential as the prime day sale is offering the best money-saving essentials.

Get discounts ranging from 20% to 60% on these categories, and be rest assured to make some great savings during the sale. So, start adding these products to your cart right away, and do not miss out on the limited chance to shop them at hefty discounts. Prime Sale day is loaded with offers and lots to Buy.

9) Amazon Prime Day Offer on Books and Entertainment & Music

If you are an avid reader or a gaming freak, you have been waiting for this section. The Amazon Prime Sale 2022 has some unbelievable discounts in this category. Yes, they could never leave you out. Get up to 60% off on books and 70% off on games and toys, and enjoy great savings.

In the entertainment category amazon never fails to impress its customers. Prime membership offers soothing music to listen to from amazon music makes the prime day sale much more fun to shop. If you are a prime member then hurry up to catch those deals and discounts on prime video, music, and amazon kindle. Buy your favorite wishlisted books and stack your bookshelf during the amazon prime day sale 2022 on July 23rd and 24th.

So, fulfill both your nerdy and playful requirements together with some fantastic discounts during the prime sale.

10) Prime Day 2022 Sale Offer on Domestic Flights

Amazon has recently rolled out its flight booking service, and you will be surprised by the awesome offers. Purchase a domestic flight ticket through Amazon Prime Day and get assured cashback of up to Rs. 2000.

In the entertainment category amazon never fails to impress its customers. Prime membership offers soothing music to listen to from amazon music makes the prime day sale much more fun to shop. If you are a prime member then hurry up to catch those deals and discounts on prime video, music, and amazon kindle. Buy your favorite wishlisted books and stack your bookshelf during the amazon prime day sale 2022 on 23rd and 24th of July.

So, if you have been waiting for the ticket prices to fall so that you could plan your next vacation, now is the time.  Avail them in the 2022 Prime Day Sale with no further adieu. Get direct cashback in your Amazon Pay wallet, and use that money for further shopping. A win-win offer, right?

11) Sale on Prime Day Offers Discounts on Amazon devices

The prime sale is the best time to save on Amazon devices. Whether you are looking for electronics, smart home devices, clothing, kindle, furniture, or household essentials- this is your time to loot all the in-house Amazon products.

With up to 65% off on devices like Echo Dot, fire sticks, smart bulbs, etc., you can improve your lifestyle without spending exorbitantly. So, wait no more get the prime membership and shop for your favorite gadgets in the 2022 Prime Day Sale.

Now that you know about these jaw-dropping offers, you surely can’t wait for the sale to arrive. So, get started by wishlisting your products and get amazing discount deals to satiate your shopping needs.

Additional 10% Savings During the Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022

While these offers are easily affordable, who would not want to know about additional savings? Apart from these incredible offers, the Prime Day Sale gives you the opportunity to save 10% on the goods you buy. Buy products using bank cards, Debit/ Credit, some extra money using bank cards, cashback coupons, no-cost EMIs, etc.

1) Exclusive Amazon coupons

Get extra discounts with Amazon promotional coupons and prime exclusive coupons. Grab these coupons and add them while shopping during the sale to save your hard-earned money. These coupons are applicable to a variety of products and are sure to give you awesome savings.

Grab your Amazon Coupons

2) Cashback on HDFC cards

Amazon Prime has a special tie-up with HDFC bank where you can avail smart cashback while shopping. You can get up to Rs. 1500 cashback on paying through HDFC credit cards, and save more than your peers. Further, you can also opt for no-cost EMI and pay via instalments. Either way, you are going to save some extra money with this super-cool collaboration. Get amazon Bank Offers on Prime Day Sale 2022.

3) Amazon Pay Wallets

If you are looking to get a whopping 10% cashback on your shopping, you just need to update your Amazon Pay balance, and you are all set. With every Rs. 1000 paid through Amazon Pay, you can receive up to Rs. 200 cashback. You can then use this cashback for more shopping. Excited already? Then, hurry up and start saving more.

Benefits of Getting an Amazon Prime Membership

Prime Membership

Being a prime member holds various benefits and is totally worth your time and money.

1) Faster delivery

Imagine that you order something today and get the delivery by the next day? What could be better than this? With a prime membership, you are entitled to a faster delivery. This can save your time, and you can also do easy last-minute shopping. Your products are shipped within two hours of placing the order, and the delivery happens in one day. So, whether you are running out of your groceries or looking for a new dress for date night, get the benefit of this ultra-fast delivery with an Amazon Prime membership and save your time.

2) Free shipping

Amazon Prime gives you access to free shipping. Yes, that’s right. Regardless of what your total cart amount is, you can still get free and fast shipping. Choose from a wide range of products, save on your delivery charges and get the products delivered to your doorstep.

3) Diverse shopping collection and discounts

One of the most important benefits of being a prime member is getting to shop from a diverse collection. Some of the products are exclusively available to prime members. Moreover, you can also get amazing discounts and offers on shopping through Amazon prime membership. Choose from a range of categories and products, decide your pick and save more than others. Splurge more, and save more- there is no better combination.

4) Early access to offers

The Amazon Prime Membership offers exclusive early-bird previews to all its members. You get additional discounts than regular customers and also get to see the preview before them- ohh, that’s amazing. You can book your products in advance without any fear of the product running out of stock because Amazon prefers its prime members over others.

5) Unlimited entertainment

Along with offers on shopping, Amazon Prime offers unlimited access to all the shows on the Prime app. Whether you are looking for a quick office break or a weekend binge series, Amazon Prime has a huge collection of shows and sitcoms suiting your needs. Enjoy unlimited movies, music, books, and a full dose of entertainment to relax yourself after a hectic day.


Sounds too-good-to-be-true? Well, try it for yourself. The process of signing up on Amazon Prime is super simple. Download the app or open the website on your browser, create your account, and choose ‘Amazon Prime.’ You can get a free 30-day trial before subscribing to the membership. After the trial period is over, you will be charged Rs. 999 per annum. And voila, you are done. So, become an Amazon Prime member now and do not miss out on these exciting deals and offers.

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