Why “E-Commerce” is “Easy-Commerce” for the customer

Remember the times when buying a fridge, television, washing machines or simple mobile phones were herculean tasks that would simply burn you out for the day for the amount of effort it took to walk up to the shop and make a decision. We today live in a day and age where everything is at the click of a single button, or maybe two. The customer is the king who ends up deciding what should survive and what should perish.
This column is in no way a treatise on how easy incorporating an e-commerce venture is (believe us, it is way more difficult than one imagines it to be). We are here to merely reflect on how e-commerce has changed the way we live today. Not only have we capitalized on the booming IT industry and used it to our advantage, we have been successful in streamlining our operations to achieve the one thing that everyone yearns for – convenience.
Every invention made till date has been made to increase convenience in our lives. Online retail stores like Flipkart Online Shopping, Amazon India, Snapdeal, Myntra Online Fashion Store, Jabong and others have undertaken relentless pursuits to come up with innovative ways to ensure that you, the customer, don’t have to shell out an extra penny or burn that extra calorie unless absolutely necessary. As always there are two side to  a coin and the other side of the coin has ventures undertaking an exciting yet anxiety-driven journey that requires tremendous patience and grit.
With never before seen corporate cat-fights taking place with Flipkart raising $1 Billion and Amazon invested $2 Billion in it’s Indian arm, the future of this sector has all the makings of a truly competitive environment. Ventures will rise, ventures will fall and only the strong willed will survive in pursuit of serving the one true God – the consumer, who in all this camaraderie is sitting on his sofa and watching as the drama unfolds, for whom we wait to come online, so that we can bombard him with weapons of convenience because that is what we do best..
Happy Independence day guys.
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