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What does your Handwriting says about your Personality?


Every person is unique and so is his handwriting. Studies suggest that more than 5,000 personality traits can be observed within a few strokes of a pen.  The scientific study of handwriting is known as Graphology. It is used by many psychologists to study the nature of a person and analyze their current situation. It is also used by forensic experts to analyze the suspects. However, many scientists may insist that graphology isn’t as much reliable as it has very limited accuracy.

For proper and reliable evaluation of the handwriting, it is best if you collect a number of samples on an unlined paper written a few hours apart. The handwriting of a person tends to change with the mood and circumstances. There are about 300 features that could be used to identify possible personality traits of a person. Here are some basic ones that might interest you.


Large letters mean the person is out-going , extroverted and confident. Small letters mean the person is reclusive, introverted, meticulous or thrifty. Average letters mean the person is well adjusted and adaptable.


When writing on unlined paper, people tend not to write in a perfect straight line. Put a ruler down straight across the paper, and compare it to the angle of the sentences.

Upward writing is said to show optimism and a happy mood. Downward writing may be a sign of discouragement or fatigue. Wavy writing that moves up and down could mean an unstable or uncertain person, or an unskilled writer.

Spacing between words

People who leave large spacing between the words enjoy their freedom and don’t like to be crowded, while people who leave small spacing between words do not like to be alone and can be intrusive.

Spaces between letters

People who clam the letters close together tend to be introverts and self-conscious. If they drag the letters out then they might be generous and independent.

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People who place heavy pressure on the pen while writing which causes darker, thicker handwriting are good with commitment and take things seriously. If the pressure is extensively heavy then the person tend to be more uptight and react quickly to the criticism.

Light pressure shows sensitivity to atmosphere and empathy to people, but can also, if the pressure is uneven, show lack of vitality. Average pressure means a relatively calm but anchored person. They might have good perception or memory skills.

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Slant of strokes

If there is no slant in the strokes of the letters then it means that the person is logical and practical and never let the emotions get the best of you. However, if the letters are slanted to the right, it means that a person is open to new experiences and enjoys meeting new people whereas left slanting means that the person tends to keep to himself and may be expressing rebellion.

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Shape of letters

If the shape of your letters is round, it indicates that you are creative and artistic. If the letters are pointed, it means that you are more aggressive, intense, intelligent and curious. If the letters are connected then it means that you are logical and systematic and make decisions carefully.

Writing the letter ‘I’ while referring to oneself greater than the other capital letters, it means he is arrogant and have a high opinion of himself.

Loops –

Closed for L (meaning the upstroke overlaps the down-stroke): You are restricting yourself in some way.

Full for L: You are spontaneous and relaxed and find it easy to express yourself.

Closed for E:  You tend to be skeptical and are unswayed by emotional arguments.

Full for E: You have an open mind and enjoy trying new things.

Shape of ‘s’-

Round: You are a people-pleaser and seek compromise. You avoid confrontation.

Pointy: You are intellectually probing and like to study new things. The higher and pointier the peaks, the more ambitious you are.

Open at the bottom: You might not be following your heart. For example, you always wanted to be an artist, but you have a career in finance.

Dotting of ‘i’-

 Right over ‘i’: It shows that you are organized and emphatic in what you say or do.

To the left of ‘i’: It shows that you tend to be procrastinator.

Circle the dot: It indicates that you are childlike.

High above ‘i’: It shows you have great imagination.

Slashing the ‘i’: It shows that the person is overly self-critical, don’t have lot of patience for inadequacy and don’t learn from their mistakes.

Crossing of ‘t’-

Long crosses: Shows you are determined, enthusiastic and stubborn. You find it difficult to let things go.

Short crosses:  shows you are lazy and lack determination.

Crossing at top: Shows you have good self-esteem and ambitious.

Crossing in the middle: Shows you are confident.

Shape of ‘o’-

Closed ‘o’: Shows you are private and introvert.

Open ‘o’: Shows you are social and talkative.

Page margins

The sides of the page each have a meaning. The left side margin shows the roots and beginnings/family. The right side shows other people and the future. The top is goals and ambitions. The foot of the page shows energy, instincts and practicality. Therefore margins are very informative.

If the writer has a wide left margin, the interest is in moving on. If it is narrow, caution and wanting to avoid being pushed before they are ready is indicated. Narrow right margin shows impatience and eagerness to get out there and on with things. Wide right margin shows that there may be some fear of the unknown.

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If you write quickly then it indicates that you are impatient and dislike delays or time wasters. On the other hand if you write slowly, then it shows that you are organized, methodical and self reliant.


If your signature isn’t legible that indicates that you are very private, hard to read and understand. If your signature is legible then you are confident and comfortable in your own skin.

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What are waiting for? Go and check it out by yourself. If you have any queries or suggestions, drop it down in the comment section.


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