Top 7 Apps To Watch Anime For Free

A list of the 7 best apps to watch anime for free and new show updates on a regular basis. Here are the websites to watch anime free you should visit, which range from animated shorts with commentary to suspenseful thrillers that will have you on the edge of your seat. So let’s get started with the best free anime apps.

List of Top 7 Best Apps To Watch Anime For Free

Well, there are several anime streaming apps both paid and free versions. But, in this let’s see the best mobile friend anime apps that are suitable for both iOS and Android users.


Free Apps to Watch Anime

Play Store Ratings

Apple Store Ratings

Crunchyroll 4.6★ 4.7★
Funimation 3.9★ 3.8★
AnimeLab 4.4★ 4.6★
AnimeFox subbed and dub 4.0★
Mubi 4.7★ 4.7★
Tubi 4.8★ 4.7★
YouTube 4.2★ 4.7★

1. Crunchyroll – Best App to Watch Anime shows on Mobile

Crunchyroll best app to watch anime for free

The finest anime streaming app is probably Crunchyroll; this compact yet extensive app has all the anime you could ever need. This app for anime is widely preferred by a large number of people, and thus, it organizes an award function on its platform, which selects the year’s top anime since it is so popular among the fans. This app won’t disappoint you with its fantastic selection of anime, from the oldest to the most recent.

As far as UI is concerned, this app is incredibly smooth. Additionally, you may make a watchlist and view episodes offline on this best free anime app for Android. The main drawback is that this watch anime free mobile app isn’t accessible in all countries; thus, you may need to get it via a third-party app.

2. Funimation – Top Best Free App to Watch Anime Online

Funimation App to Watch Anime For Free

Another top shot in this exclusive best app to watch anime for the free list is Funimation, where you can watch a diverse range of anime collections without paying a penny. If you prefer anime in English to subtitled anime, this anime app may be the ideal choice for you since it includes an extensive collection of English dub anime.

So, if you’re on the lookout for the best free anime app for Android, rest easy as you just got one. However, the free anime online app is indeed only accessible in a few limited nations, and there is no precise date for when it will be made available globally.

The app’s user experience is adequate, but it falls short of expectations given that it has over 10 million users.

3. AnimeLab – New Anime Shows to watch for Free Online

AnimeLab | best App to watch anime for free

The third one in our trendy list of best apps to watch anime for free is AnimeLab. Famous for the apps to download anime for free, AnimeLab offers a refined user interface and a sizable selection of anime that should be sufficient to satisfy your anime needs. The nicest thing about this watch anime free online app is that you can watch and download anime for free on it; however, the viewing quality is limited to 480p. You can screencast anime on your TV without any problems if you download it offline.

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4. AnimeFox Subbed & Dub- Best Online App to watch Anime for Free

AnimeFox Subbed & Dub- Best Online App to watch Anime for free

Another best app for anime where you can watch and download anime is AnimeFox. While it is true that this is not the finest free app to watch anime, it does offer certain advantages. With this best free anime app for Android, you may enjoy first-rate shows without spending a dime. However, these benefits come with a drawback: the anime app constantly displays advertisements, which may frustrate you.

5. Mubi – Watch Anime for free 

Mubi app to watch anime for free

Mubi started off as a social network for movie lovers in 2007. The service went up in 2010, and you can now stream a selection of old movies and animations. Numerous anime movies are available now, including some of the most well-known Studio Ghibli productions.

The movies on this anime movies app are always new and thrilling. Depending on your internet connection, Mubi lets you watch some best popular anime series in English videos in HD resolution.

Users may also contribute ideas and work together on Mubi by rating, following, and reviewing anime series available on the website. If you choose to watch an anime show offline, don’t worry. Both Android and iOS users may benefit from Mubi’s offline features.OTT

6. Tubi – Free App to Watch Anime on Android

Tubi Free Anime app

Among the other lucrative free apps to watch anime, Tubi is just another app with exceptional features. This best app for anime offers every show for free but with lots of advertisements in between. But, with a premium membership, you may view new episodes without any adverts, using this best app to watch anime free online.

This anime streaming app collects free anime, and multiple cartoon shows from several streaming sites and offers them on a single, user-friendly interface. You may browse through the many channels Tubi gathers shows from, search for particular shows, or add shows to a watchlist.

7. YouTube – Top Best App to Watch Anime Shows for free

Anime Shows on Youtube for free

You may not think of searching on YouTube as one of the websites to watch anime free of cost. There are many anime episodes on this video streaming service, and it’s easy to locate episodes of well-known shows like Naruto, Castlevania, Berserk, and more.

The benefits are that you don’t necessarily need to sign up for anything and that you may watch for free, even though locating the episodes in chronological order may be a little more challenging than on a streaming service. To watch anime free online, the number of entire anime series available on YouTube might surprise you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is watching anime on these apps legal?

Yes, all these apps provide legal access to some of the most prominent anime shows. So, quickly browse through all the best apps to watch anime for free mentioned in the list above, and use these apps to watch your most beloved shows for free.

2. Are all the free anime apps available on the internet legal?

Well, it depends on how lawful the app is. Several apps hold the right to broadcast anime. They are legal apps. Hundreds of websites, however, do not have the right to broadcast anime content. There are apps that post the material to their server after downloading it from other legal websites.

3. Which is more fun to watch? Subbed or dubbed anime?

It’s totally up to what you like. Due to the original feelings of the characters being captured, which are sometimes absent in the dubbed versions, many viewers prefer the subtitled version. Additionally, not all anime come in English dubbed versions. As a result, your only choice is the subtitled version.

4. Which anime series is recommended for a beginner?

Some of the most beloved anime series a beginner should start with are Dragon Ball, Castlevania, Pokemon, Naruto, Oshikuru, Haikyu, Overlord, and One Piece.

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Final Words

With these best apps to watch anime for free, you can locate the greatest anime stuff to watch for free. Any kind of binge show you’re searching for should be available for free viewing on one of the top anime streaming services mentioned above. These are also your top apps to download anime without straining your wallet. Several of these watch anime-free mobile apps are an excellent option for anime fans to start binge-watching some of their favorite shows.

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