Top 6 Comedy Shows to Watch on Netflix 2022

OTT platforms have become houses of entertainment on everyone’s phone/laptop. People are now more into shows than movies. Series/seasons have been trending and the audience has become crazy fans. Similar, to this, is the topic that we are going to know about. The following are the top 6 comedy shows to watch on Netflix.

List of Top 6 Comedy Shows to Watch on Netflix 2022

1. Friends (1994 – Best ever comedy show on Netflix)

An oldie that is never old in the heart of fans. funny story that revolves around six friends who live in Manhattan. They are a bunch of troublesome adults who want to grow in life buy yet always end up in trouble. It’s a beautiful fun binge-worthy show on Netflix everyone should watch.

It’s a show of 10 seasons, with 20-24 episodes in each season. It is a lit series for you to grab your popcorn and laugh your heart out. And it is one of the most popular, best comedy shows on Netflix.

2. The Office ( Popular Comedy Show on Netflix)

If you are a person who loves your office environment and your office is filled with crazy characters then this show is for you. The story revolves around a bunch of office troops a crazy and fun boss. This adventure starts in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The basic genera of this show are cringe/workplace comedy. The show is filled with 9 seasons and 20-25 episodes in each season. Die-hard laughter is a must if you watch this amazing and best comedy show on Netflix.

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3. Two and a Half Men ( 2003 Best Comedy Show)

This comedy show revolves around a pack of family members, who get too involved in our lead characters’ lives. That makes it funnier and a little irritating for him to tolerate. As the genre, itself highlights it is the sitcom.

This comedy show was started in the year 2003. It’s a show of 12seasons having 15-18 episodes in each season. Two and a Half men are on the list of top comedy shows on Netflix.

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4. Astronomy Club (2019 Sketch Comedy Show)

The Astronomy Club is a sketch comedy show that you can find on Netflix. This show is an original series taken up by Netflix. It’s an IMDb show with a 6.9 rating, one of the best in-demand comedy shows on Netflix.

The astronomy club comedy series is a one-season showdown. They are containing roughly 6-7 episodes. 87% of people who watched the show liked it. Then even you get to watch it only on Netflix popular, the best comedy show.

5. Dead to Me (2019 – TragicComedy)

Dead to me is a tragicomedy. The story revolves around the ladies who meet at a support group, and they tend to become friends. Then they would share the facts of life in a funny way. You know when friends are around even a serious thing would end up in a funny way.

Dead to me is a series of two seasons with 10episodes in each season. It’s a must-watch show, and especially ladies will love the tragicomedy without any doubt. So, that was the 5th top comedy show on Netflix a must-watch.

6. Good Girls (2018 – Comedy Drama)

The story happens between two sisters and a boy who wants to take control of their lives by managing a grocery store. This comedy-drama is the best teenage comedy show you must watch on Netflix.

This show is a comedy series on Netflix that is of 4seasons. Each season covers 10-12 episodes. This show is on the list of top comedy shows on Netflix. Because people are craving it more and they want there to be another season. But there will not be Good Girls season5.

If you have not watched it yet now is your time to get going and watch it on the trending OTT platform Netflix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Top Comedy shows to watch on Netflix in 2022

The Must watch comedy shows on Netflix in 2022 are,

  • Never Have I Ever
  • Jane The Virgin
  • Community
  • How I met Your Mother

2. Trending shows on Netflix Right Now

  • Stranger Things
  • Godse
  • Resident Evil
  • Peaky Blinders

3. Latest Movie Releases on Netflix

  • Jaadugar
  • Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous
  • RRR
  • Gangubai Kathiawadi
  • Bhool Bhulaaiya

4. Upcoming Shows/Movies on Netflix

  • Lock & Key
  • The Walking Dead
  • Godzilla vs Kong
  • BloodShot


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