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Top 5 Headphones Under Rs.1000

We all want good sounding, quality headphones for a great music listening experience and if you are a total freak like me you would probably be very picky in selecting headphones that sound good. Now, some of you might want the same good quality sound in a tight budget. So, we bring you a list of the top 5 pair of headphones that you can buy under Rs.1000.

1. Philips SHL3000

philips shl 3000

These headphones are no doubt one of the most recommend headphones in this price range. Philips carries a good brand image when it comes to audio devices, and the Philips SHL3000 are no exception to it. These pair of headphones provide a good amount of bass, and a powerful punchy sound which would probably match the listening experience of the sub Rs.2000 headphones. Not only do they sound great but they are super comfy at the same time allowing you to use them for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

Price – Rs.999/- Rs. 675/-
BUY NOW – Amazon.in

2. Sennheiser HD180


Sennheiser has been a well renowned brand name in the audio system industry, although the brand might sound costly but the Sennheiser HD 180 offers all the goodness of Sennheiser at an affordable price tag. The headphones sound crisp and clean, the sound is well balanced so the bass heads better go with Philips because these aren’t very bass heavy pair of headphones. The overall design is good and comfortable with soft ear cushions for long listening sessions.

Price – Rs.990/- Rs. 890/-
BUY NOW – Amazon.in

3. Panasonic HX-250

Panasonic HX 250

The Panasonic Hx-250 come equipped with a 32mm driver unit, the headphones project a sound that combines crisp, bright highs with deep, powerful lows for an immersive experience. The frequency Response of 9 – 25000 Hz adds great audio experience. The wires that come along with the headphones are Flat Tangle Free Cables. The flat folding ear cups are there for ease of carrying them around in your backpack.

Panasonic RP-HX250 (without mic)
Price – Rs.895/- Rs. 760/-
BUY NOW – Amazon.in

Panasonic RP-HX250M (with mic)
Price – Rs.950/- Rs. 795/-
BUY NOW – Amazon.in

4. Sony MDR-ZX110

Sony MDR ZX110

The Sony MDR-ZX110 look good and carry forward the typical aesthetic that makes Sony a popular headphone option. The MDR ZX110 offers a good immersive, full sound that excels in its handling of bass. The sound might not match it’s competition when it comes to clarity and but it’s decent. These are not over the ear headphones like the others on this list so prolonged usage may not be as comfortable but the soft cushions make up for it and the lightweight adds to the comfort. The headphones are compact and the foldable ear cups make them easy for travel.

Sony MDR-ZX110 (White)
Price – Rs.1390/- Rs. 584/-
BUY NOW – Amazon.in

Sony MDR-ZX110 (Black)
Price – Rs.1390/- Rs. 838/-
BUY NOW – Amazon.in

5. Philips SHP1900

Philips SHP1900

These were my go to pair of headphones for quite a lot of time and I still have them. At the first glance the Philips SHP1900 look very bulky. In reality they are very lightweight and comfortable with an adjustable headband. They aren’t meant for travel due to the big size, they are supposed to be use at your desk and in your home only. The quality of sound is good and it provides a good amount of noise cancellation with decent bass.

Philips SHP1900 (Black)
Price – Rs.700/- Rs. 460/-
BUY NOW – Amazon.in

These were our top 5 preferences of headphones priced under Rs. 1000 and we hope that these would fulfil your music listening requirements at the right price and don’t forget to avail the extra cashback when you buy via Paisawapas.

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