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Top 10 Smart TV Brands in India 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Without question, one of our most widely used forms of entertainment is television. TV technology has advanced substantially from normal TV to smart TV and from black and white to color. People want to buy the best smart TV Brands in India 2024 with built-in technologies and features, but they are perplexed by the more than 50 different TV brands available.

Therefore, we are here to simplify this procedure for you. We have assembled a list of the top TV manufacturers offered in Indian marketplaces. To understand more about the TV companies and learn about the price list of the top 10 smart TV brands in India May 2024, read the article. Engage yourself to find the best TV brand for your home.

Price List of 10 Best Smart TV Brands in India May 2024

Top Smart TV Brands in India

Starting Prices in INR/-

Sony ₹24,150/-
LG ₹20,420/-
Panasonic ₹18,590/-
Samsung ₹18,770/-
Oneplus ₹16,810/-
Haier ₹20,420/-
Xiaomi ₹16,290/-
TCL ₹14,700/-
Sansui ₹15,230/-
BPL ₹13,990/-

List of Top 10 Smart TV Brands in India 2024

1. Sony – Top TV Brand in India

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

Sony TV Offers

One of the most well-known Smart TV brands in India, which is constantly improving its technology. For an immersive audio experience, Sony TVs include an OLED display with a screen vibrating sound. Additionally, this brand is without a doubt the greatest in terms of image quality because of the X-Reality Pro picture engine, which produces superb output on the VA screen.

  • Sony TVs’ price starts from Rs. 24,150/- to Rs. 5,49,100/-

Types of Smart TVs Offered by Sony:



Sony Mini LED TVs

Full Array LED TV

Google TV

2. LG – Best-Selling Smart TV Brand in India

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

LG TV Offers

LG is a well-known best-led TV brand in India, as it contains high-quality technology and affordable items. In India, OLED TVs were initially introduced by this company. Furthermore, LG uses IPS panels for greater color output and viewing angles when it comes to image quality.

And LG(Life’s Good) TVs are the only TV brand to integrate Dolby Vision for improved contrast. One of the greatest operating systems available that support a wide range of applications is LG’s Web OS.

  • LG Smart LED TVs are priced between Rs. 20,420/- and Rs. 2,76,660/-

Types of Smart & LED TVs by LG India:


Ultra Large TVs

Nano Cell

8K TVs


LG Smart TVs


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3. Panasonic – Best TV Brand in India 2024

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

Panasonic TV Offers

Panasonic is a name associated with high-quality goods. It boasts the most fashionable style, a fantastic display, and the finest sound quality that you could possibly find in any of the best TV brands. It boasts a cutting-edge HCX Pro CPU and an OLED display. The visual quality that Panasonic TVs provide is also rather good. Panasonic makes use of IPS panels, which provide light even at broader angles.

This is the best smart TV brand in the world also contains an improved version of Firefox OS dubbed My Home Screen and supports HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG. Last but not least, the nicest feature of this brand is the competitive pricing of the goods.

  • Panasonic Smart TV Price starts at Rs. 18,590/ – Rs. 1,32,590/-

TVs Offered by Panasonic India:





Android TV

Smart TV

4. Samsung – World’s Best Smart TV Brand

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

Samsung Tv Offers

One of India’s most prestigious brands, Samsung continues to introduce new technology daily. Your viewing experience is elevated by the QLED and curved screens found on Samsung’s best-led TV. Additionally, the HyperReal engine with VA panels produces fantastic images. Intriguingly, the TVs are supported by Tizen OS and feature HDR10 and HDR10+.

  • Samsung Smart TVs’ price falls between Rs. 18,770/- and Rs. 1,83,190/-

Types of TVs by Samsung India in 2024:


Neo QLED 8K & 4K TV


Crystal UHD

Ultra HD 4K


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5. OnePlus – Latest Best Smart TV Brand

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

OnePlus TV Offers

OnePlus is the best-led TV that has a sleek look. The QLED technology that powers these TVs gives you the most enticing graphics. Furthermore, they have excellent image quality provided by the Gamma color magic engine.

Additionally, Dolby Vision HDR gives the screen a remarkable contrast and makes it the colorfully best TV to buy in 2024.

  • OnePlus TVs are priced from Rs. 16,810/- to Rs. 52,550/-

Types of TVs Offered by OnePlus:


Smart TVs


6. Haier – Best LED TV Brand in India

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

Haier TV Offers

TVs made by the reputable company Haier are long-lasting and reasonably priced. Your TV-watching experience will be enhanced by the majority of TVs’ full HD, curved LED displays. Additionally, this brand contains a 4K display and a bezel-less design to improve the image quality. This is one of the best-led TV brands in India that runs mostly on the Android operating system.

  • Haier LED TVs are priced between Rs. 20,420/- to Rs. 80,920/-

7. Xiaomi – Latest Smart TV Brand in India 2024

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

Mi TV Offers

A well-known company called Mi makes high-quality best-led TV in India that is reasonably priced. The majority of this brand’s TVs are powered by Amlogic Cortex processors, giving you excellent viewing quality.

And it contains a 10-bit LED panel and Mi’s vibrant image engine delivers amazing color vibrancy and accuracy. Find the best mi tv showroom near you, to shop for the best TV at affordable discounted prices. This Branded TV has Dolby Audio technology and HDR10 compatibility.

  • Mi Smart TVs price is between Rs. 16,290/- to Rs. 1,35,570/-

Types of Smart TVs by Mi:



Redmi TV

Xiamoi TV

8. TCL – Best TV Brand in India

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

TCL TV Offers

TCL is a company known for producing some of the best-led TVs in India. Choose a TCL TV if you enjoy watching movies and want a theatre-like experience at home since it has an excellent display and unrivaled sound performance. Furthermore, the picture quality is enhanced by dynamic color technology. and it is one of the best Smart TVs to buy under ₹10000.

The TCL TVs also have Dolby Audio, which offers amplified and unrealistic sound. Hence, it is the best TV brand in India at an affordable price.

  • TCL TVs are priced from Rs. 14,700 and Rs. 99,830.

9. Sansui

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

Sansui TV Offers

A firm called Sansui produces many branded smart TVs in India with unique characteristics in a range of sizes. The majority of TVs come with curved displays, which will make watching exciting. Additionally, the 4K super HD display and IPS screens produce fantastic picture quality.

The TVs by Sansui also contain Linux OS and Dolby Vision, which support various apps. It is one of the best upcoming TV brands with a lot to offer to the user.

  • Sansui TVs are priced between Rs. 15,230/- and Rs. 48,450/-

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10. BPL TV

List of Top 10 Smart Tv Brands in India

BPL TV Offers

The most costly electric equipment in the home is often a BPL television. BPL creates high-quality televisions with a range of prices. And being one of the best television brands in India it has a lot more to offer than we think it could. Additionally, this brand’s latest best TV in India contains special features like Chromecast and pre-installed applications. There is a one-year warranty included with these TVs. This is the best TV brand in India that can be purchased at a cost-friendly budget.

  • The BPL television costs between Rs. 13,990 to Rs. 17,990.


  1. Which is the No.1 TV Brand in India?

The trending TV brand in India is Sony.

  1. Which are the Top 3 SmartTV Companies in India?

The Top 3 leading TV Brands in the Indian Market are, Sony, LG, and Samsung.

  1. Where can I find the latest offers on TV?

You can find the best offers on the trending e-commerce websites, or visit the TV showrooms near you and know about the latest offers in detail and purchase the best TV for your home.

  1. What is the difference between LED and smart TV?

You can convert any LED TV to a Smart TV using Streaming devices. Whereas Smart TVs have inbuilt functions similar to the latest Android TVs in the market. And when compared to normal TVs – Smart/Android TV has an enhanced user-friendly interface.

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