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Top 10 Must Watch Chinese Dramas

Chinese Drama to watch

Over the past several years, Chinese drama has consistently outperformed in terms of narrative and entertainment, diving into various entertaining issues and keeping us fascinated. So, as Chinese tv shows are becoming so popular among multiple audiences – whether young or not, we are here with our top picks to help you get started with your next fun-filled drama. Below is the ranking of the top 10 Chinese dramas that have been capturing people’s attention the most. Continue reading to learn all about our handpicked best Chinese drama of all time.

Top 10 Binge-Worthy Chinese Drama Series To Watch

1. I Hear You – A romantic Chinese Drama

I hear You Chinese Drama to watchBei Er Duo, a teenage girl from a typical home, is the main character of this amazing top Chinese drama. She sees herself going to Japan to pursue her dream of becoming a talented voice actress. Although, like many parents, her mother expects her to find a wealthy husband and have a family while she’s still young.

However, she is sick of going on blind dates again and again. Deep down, she was yearning to gather funds for her studies and to help her closest friend, Tang Li. To make this happen, she appears on a handful of reality television shows and meets Ye Shu Wei.

He belongs to an artistic family and is a composing and violin-making prodigy. Both unintentionally met their destiny as a great loving couple.

This best Chinese drama series displays a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love and is constantly infused with love.

2. As Long As You Love Me – A latest Chinese Drama

As Long As You Love Me Chinese Drama

With the stunning storyline of this new Chinese drama, this show is a hit! After being apart due to misunderstandings brought on by someone’s evil conduct, the long-lost love of two friends from childhood who grew up together is reunited. Zhou Yan Zhao, the lone heir of the Shanghai family, told his girlfriend Zhou Xiao meng that he would be there for her birthday.

Unfortunately, multiple unfortunate incidents prevented him from going. How will they two finally meet and overcome the bad days, will they start looking for the root of their problems? With the betrayal and misunderstandings of a lovely relationship, this best Chinese drama all time watch is the whole package one needs to see.

3. Here to Heart – A Romantic Chinese Drama

Here to Heart chinese drama

Here to Heart, also referred to as “The Warm Chord,” is a Chinese drama-like series that features romance and melodrama. The book titled “The Warm Chord” by the well-known author An Ning served as its inspiration. Wen Nuan, portrayed by Janine Chang, is a career-focused lady who is determined and motivated.

She has a well-paying career in England, which she ultimately leaves. She chooses to collaborate with CEO Zhan Nanxian. Wen Nuan applies to be his executive assistant in the hopes of rekindling the love they previously had.

Will she be able to win back her love seven years after a horrific incident caused their separation? Watch this heart-throbbing best Chinese drama to discover what lies ahead!

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4. Accidentally in Love – Best Chinese Drama to watch on Netflix

accidentally in love drama

Adding to the never-ending long list, Accidentally in Love is yet another charming yet enthralling Chinese rom-com. It is a musical rom-com based on the idea that hatred might lead to love.

The setting for the plot is Yuncheng. The female lead, Chen Qing Qing, barely avoids an arranged marriage and flees from her wealthy and affluent grandmother. She assumes many personas to conceal her identity. The male character, Situ Feng, is a well-known musician who does not have a good relationship with his father.

Find out how their destiny collides and how fate works out for them in your next best Chinese drama – Accidentally in Love!

5. Ode To Joy – an Original best Chinese Drama Show 

ode to joy chinese drama

The name of the apartment building in this Chinese series, “Ode to Joy,” is owned by five contemporary ladies who reside on the 22nd floor in a city called Shanghai. Despite having quite diverse personalities, upbringings, and occupations, they had a strong connection. Their relationship gradually faded to that of friends and, ultimately, neighbors. But as they work through their issues together, their bond becomes stronger.

The second season of this top Chinese drama has been released. This is the finest series displaying women’s empowerment in this competitive world.


6. All Is Well – Top-rated Best C-Drama To Watch

All Is Well chinese drama

This best Chinese drama of all time narrates the story of the Su family and how, following the sad passing of their mother, the three children were left in charge of caring for their old father. The show’s plot, however, has a twist: when the three of them were children, their parents mistreated them. As a result, three of them had severe disagreements with both their parents and one another. This unfortunate incident makes their daily lives—both personal and academic—dreadful.

This one definitely deserves to be a part of the top 10 Chinese dramas to watch as it teaches us the value of education in a child’s life and the importance of maintaining harmony in relationships.

7. The Princess Weiyoung – Best Chinese Historical Drama

The Princess Weiyoung - Best Chinese Historical DramaPrincess Feng had a near-death experience in this medieval Chinese fantasy drama series Princess Wei Young. She takes on the guise of Li Weiyoung, her rescuer’s persona, to take her revenge. She is furious to take revenge on the people who placed the kingdom in danger. This show is an essential one when it comes to must-watch Chinese dramas in 2022. This series is Inspired by the “Poisonous Daughter,” a book by Qin Jiang.

Watch the princess’s journey to success using her knowledge, abilities, and understanding of justice.

8. The Romance Of Tiger And Rose – Best Romantic Chinese Drama

Romance Of Tiger And Rose - Best Romantic Chinese Drama

Although a scriptwriter, Chen Xiaoqian is not well-liked by her peers, who constantly criticize her. Sooner or later, she finds herself inside her own script. She must plan forward using the knowledge from her script if she wants to survive.

If you like adventures, you must see this best Chinese drama filled with thriller suspense. Its opening theme music, “Moon Night,” is charming.

9. Goodbye My Princess – Best Chinese Melodrama

Goodbye My Princess chinese dramaThe Chinese series “Goodbye my Princess,” which belongs to the historical-romance fiction genre, is based on the book Eastern Palace by Fei Wo Si Cun. As the ninth Princess of Western Liang marries the Crown Prince, the struggle for the glorious thrones rages on. As a result of this political union between the two nations, it includes the intern-clan power struggle.

How can the two maintain their romance in the face of political unrest? Discover their adventure by watching this  Chinese drama right now!

10. My Girlfriend is an Alien – Top Best Chinese Drama

My Girlfriend is an Alien chinese dramaAn alien girl who gets lost on earth is a romantic comedy with thriller episodes. A true dreamland and fantasy story where a rich entrepreneur will meet a beautiful plant girl. Will they fall in love? will she stay on earth forever?

Well watch this best Chinese drama and find out th complete story and a season 2 of My Girlfriend is an Alien to come.

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Now, if you’re hunting for an excellent Chinese drama to watch, these C dramas mentioned above are definitely your saviors! Many of them are available to watch on the popular streaming service Netflix. With so many options, these dramas are tremendously addictive. These are all worthwhile shows that won’t let you down. They’re all well-written and feature attractive & talented actors, so don’t forget to check them all out!

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