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Top 10 Mattress Brands in India 2024 – Price List

Top 10 Mattress Brands in India | Price & Product Comparisons

Sleep is everything to a human being so when it comes to buying mattresses, we all think about only one thing which is comfort. There are several best bed mattress brands available in the Indian market, but still to buy the best from the top list is truly a task. Well to solve all your mattress-related questions and to make your choices clear, we have listed the top 10 mattress brands in India and their prices.

In this article, you can find the answers related to the best mattress for your bed. Quality, features, what are the top brands offering and how are each brand unique, learn in detail.

Table of Contents: Best Bed/Mattress Brands

Top Mattress Brands in India Price List for 2024:

Si. No

Mattress Brands in India

Starting Prices


Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress

Rs. 14,399/-


SleepyCat Mattresses

Starting with Rs. 10,000/-


Duroflex Mattresses

Starting with Rs. 7,359/-


Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Rs. 13,999/-


Kurlon Mattresses

Starting with Rs.699/-


The Sleep Company Smart GRID Luxe Mattress

Rs. 8,399/-


Sleepwell Mattress

Rs. 11,555/-


Wakefit Mattress

Rs. 12,299/-


Peps Bonnell Spring Mattress

Rs. 8,499/-


Springtek Orthopedic Foam Mattress

Rs. 10,199/-

Note: The prices in the list may differ based on the size of the mattress and offers. The above-mentioned mattress price list is general/single category size mattress prices. Explore and learn before purchasing.

Types of Mattresses

When you want to buy a product it’s important to know about its features and the advantages you can get from it. Similarly, when you are set to buy the best sleep bed look for the one that can benefit you in price and comfort.

Mattresses come in various types you can learn about them in the following and can get an idea to buy one.

  1. Spring Mattress – The spring mattress is one of the leading and most popular mattresses. Because it contains the most comfortable material and is made with a different coil mechanism. It is made with coil/springs like Bonnell Spring or Open coils that provide better support with uniformly connected springs.
  2. Foam Mattress – The foam mattress is the trending and most popular form of mattress in India. It contains different categories or types within itself. They are memory foam, gel-infused foam, latex foam, and polyfoam or PU foam.
  3. Hybrid Mattress – The hybrid mattresses are made with more than two materials. In general, it contains major two layers the bottom one acts as the supporting layer, and the upper layer is covered with foam, which makes it comfortable to sleep on.

Things to Consider While Buying a Mattress

  • Type of Mattress: Before purchasing any mattress for your bed always choose to go through the types of mattresses. As it is essential for a better sleep cycle. Look for comfortable foam material for your spine, and go through different coil mechanisms infused to the mattresses.
  • Mattress Materials: Always check/ask for the materials that have been used for mattress manufacturing by the companies. It’s important as few people might be allergic and sensitive to certain materials. Try choosing hypoallergenic and non-toxic options.
  • Durability: When buying a bed mattress it’s always important to check on the warranty and how much durable the product is. There are well-known mattress companies in India, that offer trial periods on mattress purchases. So, check the materials and durability of the mattress as a priority.
  • Firm & Thick: Different people have different choices to choose from. But make sure the mattress you buy is well-balanced when it comes to firmness. Medium firm and not too thick and stubborn is a good way to choose the mattress.
  • Reviews: There are top and valued good mattress brands that talk about how each of their products is unique. But experience is what speaks better so always check reviews and go through the one you choose according to your bed models.
  • Budget: Mattress is an investment for health. We always need a good mattress to sleep well. At the same time is important to sort accordingly when it comes to mattress price. single to double-mattress prices vary so invest wisely.

List of 10 Best Mattress Brands in India

1. Sunday Ortho Mattress

Sunday Mattress is the No.1 Orthopaedic bed Mattress brand known to produce comfortable orthopedic beds in India at affordable prices. Their products are more focused on natural materials than just low prices. If you are looking for great orthopedic support and raw materials in the mattress, we highly recommend Sunday Mattress. They can only be purchased on their website They ship across the country and offer the fastest delivery. The mattresses come in 18 standard sizes, and they also do custom sizes.

Made From: Latex

Benefits of Sunday Orthopedic Bed Mattress

  • Unlike other online brands, the mattress is not compressed.
  • Has a 30% longer life, and the best Orthopedic support among all the brands.
  • Natural materials used, such as Natural Latex and Organic cotton fabric, for maximum comfort in summer.
  • If you do not like the product, you can return the product and get a 100% cash refund.
  • Available in Custom Sizes, the best bed mattress with high-level comfort.

2. The Sleep Company Smart GRID Luxe Mattress

The Sleep Company | best mattress brands in india


This sleep mattress is one of a kind it is manufactured with Japanese sleep technology. And it is India’s first inbuilt technology mattress. The foam in the mattress is firm and soft, it also contains motion isolation, gives cool airflow, and is highly durable. With these qualities, it makes the chart of the top best bed mattress brands in India 2024. You can also get up to 45% OFF by applying The sleep company coupons available at PaisaWapas.

  • scientifically approved and recommended by Experts, Doctors, and Scientists at the All India Health Association (AIHA).
  • Available in all custom sizes with a 100-night free trial, easy returns, No-cost EMI, and a 10-year warranty.

Made From: Smart GRID technology, memory foam

Benefits of Sleep Company Smart Grid Mattress

  • High-density support and comfort layer foam.
  • Grid layers with even firmness.
  • High flexibility
  • Super soft, crafted layers, and cloud comfort bed mattress.
  • Temperature regulation and sleep tracking can improve sleep quality and comfort.

3. Kurlon – No.1 Mattress brand in India

Kurlon Mattresses

Kurlon Mattress is the No.1 mattress brand in India. You can find the mattresses of kurlon on the leading online mattress stores & websites and shopping platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, myntra, etc. The brand Kurlon has completed 60 years as the best mattress brand in India. It is known to offer the best and most comfortable sleeping mattresses for babies to adults, with a variety of bed mattress collections.

The brand kurlon also offers pillows and blankets. With these many things to offer the kurlon ranks among the top mattress brands in India. You can also visit the Kurlon mattress store near you and explore bed mattresses from king-size to single-bed mattresses today.

Made From: Coir, latex, Bonnell springs, memory foam

Benefits of the Kurlon Mattress

  • Flexible mattress rate
  • High resilience foam
  • Compressed edition bed mattress in a bag
  • Waterproof mercerized mattress

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4. SleepyCat Mattress:

SleepyCat Mattress


The leading and one of the best mattress seller brands in India is SleepyCat. They offer mattresses in four combinations Original, Ultima, Hybrid, and Kids mattresses. You can shop them from their official online mattress website and can even find them on the leading E-commerce websites as well. Like Flipkart and Amazon.

Made From: High-density foam, memory foam

Benefits of Sleepycat Mattress

  • Removable Mattress cover
  • A Vacuumed Mattress with a rollable feature
  • Good material with a cotton blend
  • Soft and medium-firm mattresses

5. Duroflex Mattress:

Duroflex Mattress | best mattress brand

Duroflex mattresses are one of the best mattress brands in India. They are known for their quality and effective deals on mattresses. You can find all kinds of beds and mattresses in any size that you want. Duroflex is top of the consumer mattress brand needs in India.

The mattresses of Duroflex India come in all shapes and sizes. You can invest them without any due. And they offer some best-rated foam mattresses.

Made From: High-resilience foam, latex

Benefits of Duroflex Mattress

  • You can Customize the mattress according to the needed size
  • Comes with comfort and support layers
  • Contains memory foam scientifically approved
  • Soft, firm, and provides a great level of comfort

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6. Nilkamal Sleep:

Nilkamal Sleep Mattress

The Nilkamal mattresses are available in all types of comfortable foam mattresses from memory to orthopedic. They have branches in the top cities of India, you can visit their nearby mattress store and experience them before buying. There is an entire size guide offered by them where you can customize your mattress according to the required bed size.

Made From: coir, spring & foam

Benefits of Nilkamal Sleep Mattresses

  • Doctor Dreams Mattress Provides a size guide to entirely customize your mattress size.
  • The best level of comfort and free delivery of your product across India
  • 100-night free trial with 10 years of warranty
  • Bedding combos, Mattresses, Pillows, and more categories to explore and choose the essentials.

7. Sleepwell Mattress:

Sleepwell Mattress Price - Overview

The mattress from Sleepwell is a luxury with orthopedic technology. It contains next-gen foam and rights the checkbox of comfort and also ranks itself in the list of top mattress brands in India. Single mattress, Double bed mattress for normal room, Queen size for the bedroom or the guestroom, and King-size mattress for the master bedroom. You also customize your mattress according to the required bed size. You can enter your bed dimensions and buy the mattress online or go to a nearby Sleepwell mattress shop to get it done.

Made From: Memory foam, Bonnell springs & high-density foam

Benefits of Sleepwell Mattress

  • Use the Sleepwell mattress selector tool online and choose your bed.
  • Compare your favorite two mattresses and decide to buy them.
  • High-quality foam to give superior comfort and spine alignment.
  • Good thickness to mattress giving comfort sleep.

8.  Wakefit Mattress:

Wakefit Mattress company

The Wakefit mattresses are premium quality cover material. Most of the mattresses are made with memory foam, 7-pressure zone foam, and high resilience foam. And they also provide a removable zipped external cover that can be washed. You can get this Wakefit bed mattress in different sizes and can customize it according to your home bed size. Wakefit Offers free shipping, free Installation, and the best quality mattress. What can be better – shop from Wakefit and get the best sleep experience and stay fit.

Made From: latex sheet, High Resilience Foam & Memory Foam.

Benefits offered by Wakefit

  • Find My Mattress – Wakefit helps you find your mattress with this feature on their online store by filling question form to find the right mattress.
  • Go through the Mattress Guide to find the best for you.
  • 7 pressure zone layer mattress for best comfort sleep.
  • Custom-size mattresses – can select the right dimensions.

9. Peps Mattress:

Peps Mattress brand

The Peps mattresses contain high-quality PU foam and Bonnell springs. There are reversible mattresses that can be used on both sides. The fabric of single, and double bed mattresses is super soft and gives a high degree of back support. Their spring bed mattresses are set to provide long-lasting comfort and remain strong and flexible.

Made From: Bonnell springs, bio-cotton, high-density foam, and eco-latex

Benefits Offered by Peps Mattress

  • Mattress is known for its rough and high-quality spine support
  • Highly comfortable and flexible spring mattresses
  • Price starting at an affordable range
  • Construction supports one-third of the body’s weight.

10. Springtek Mattress:

Springtek bed | best Mattress

When it comes to Kids their well being, making them consume nutritious food and good sleep matters a lot. The Springtek orthopedic foam mattress is offered by firstcry India’s leading fashion and home shopping website for newborns. You can find comfortable health spa orthopedic mattresses in informative sizes for your newborns, toddlers, and yourself. The mattresses contain super-soft foam and responsive memory foam that adjusts to your body heat.

Made From: natural latex and organic cotton

Benefits of Spring Mattress

  • 11 years of limited warranty on the mattress by Springtek
  • All the mattresses are designed by experts
  • 101-night risk-free trials
  • Latex, memory foam, bonnel spring, and more to give comfortable sleep

Mattress Brands That Offer 100 Nights Free Trials & No Cost EMI:

Mattress Companies

Trial & Return Period Time

EMI Option

Sunday Ortho Mattress 100 nights trial offer Available
Duroflex 10 days return period Available
Kurlon 12 hours for cancellation Not Available
Sleep Company 100 nights trial Available
Sleepwell Mattress No return or exchange Available
Sleepycat 100 nights free trial Available
Wakefit 100 days trial Available
Peps 7 days return period from order date Not Available
Nilkamal Sleep 100 nights free trial Available
Springtek 101-night trial Available

Price Comparison of Top 3 Mattresses in India:

Sunday Ortho Latex 4 Mattress

Sleep Company Smart Othro Pro Mattress

Wakefit XpertGRID Mattress

Mattress price: ₹14,499/-

Mattress price: ₹25,833/-

Mattress price: ₹15,090/-

Pros: High Resiliency foam for spine alignment. Breathable materials with 100% organic cotton top cover. Contains a three-zone design to give comfortable sleep. Soft foam helps in the relief of shoulder and neck pain.

Pros: Ortho Pro is scientifically tested to improve back pain problems within weeks. Patented Japanese technology design for better sleep support. Recommended by All India Health Association (AIHA). Gives 5-zone orthopedic support

Pros: Premium quality fabric is used in making mattresses. With high air channels, the mattress is breathable and gives cool sleep. High resilience foam and soft mattress feel with cooling technology

Cons: Few people might not find the mattress price budget-friendly. Users took time to get used to the mattress.

Cons: High on budget. Few might have thought the mattress was too firm for their back.

Cons: Limited features

Note: The above-mentioned prices vary according to the site of purchase. To know the exact value of a mattress visit the sites of individual brands. Do, price research before buying to save extra.


1. Which Type of Mattress is Good for Spine Alignment?

According to experts’ recommendations medium and firm mattresses will help muscles to recover and support the spine. 

2. What is the Average Price of Sleepwell Mattress in India?

The starting price of the Sleepwell mattress starts at Rs.4,500/-. You find dual and air mattresses from Sleepwell at an affordable range.

3. Which Type of Mattress is Good for Kids?

A medium-firm mattress that isn’t too foamy is a good mattress for toddlers & kids.

4.  Why is the Sleep Company Smart Grid Mattress Unique?

The Sleep Company Smart Grid Lutex mattress is built with sleep technology. The high-density back support and crafted foam layers make it unique. And it’s highly recommended by doctors.

5. What is the benefit of Orthopedic Mattress?

An orthopedic mattress always evens out the weight put on the mattress. It will help pressure points to relax like the neck, back, and hips. It helps to reduce your back pain.

6. Which is the best mattress for back pain?

Mattress made from memory foam is best for pain relief because of the soft feature of the foam. Your body will feel relaxed, and the foam will help to loosen tense muscles, providing comfort.


Hope, your mattress search came to an end with the above-listed possibilities of purchase. Always remember to make the right investment and get the value of your money. So, those were the top mattresses in India for you to look into.

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