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Tips To Dress Smart For Success- MEN

Impressions are vital to professional success. For what the human eye sees defines what it perceives. Thus, dressing smart to work is exceptionally important. If ‘WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK?’ is a question that haunts you each morning as you stare into your closet, this article is for you. Many a times we confuse professional wear for boring and stick to the monotonous shades of blues, blacks and grays. One simply needs creativity and limited sartorial knowledge to uncover the plethora of options to wear to work.

office wear for men office wear for men office wear for men

People often make the mistake of assuming that monochromatic dressing is the only way to dress for office. Most, if not all, men are guilty of this prejudice.


You have a large range of options when it comes to office wear shirts. Be it the cloth, the pattern or the colors.

Shirt types for Men
Shirt types for Men

Different acceptable Shirt Materials are Satin,Silk, Cotton, Linen, Blended, or Polyester. The choice depends on your comfort and the kind of look you wish to sport. Cotton Blended and Satin/Linen shirts make for a smart look but require proper ironing so as to reduce creasing. One must always experiment to figure out what he is comfortable to carry around and work freely in.

Checkered and Striped shirts are great for regular office days but keep the solids/single colored shirts specially for those important meetings and interviews that could land you the much awaited dream job/promotion.

As for the colors, go with those that go well with your skin. Make sure that the cloth is not lustrous or bling-y and the colors belong to the matte collection. Also, an important tip is to stick to lighter shades.


Ties are an important part of office wear ensemble for they speak about the person. Many of us wouldn’t know but there exist more than 70 kinds of knots itself, only a few of which are deemed professional.

Side Note: Head onto this video playlist for those who’d like to learn Different ways to tie a Tie Knot.

Some of the professionally accepted knots are the Full Windsor Knot, Half Windsor Knot, Pratty, St. Andrews Knot, etc.


They are some of the most commonly sported knots. Foremost, its important to understand that not each style will suit you. You must try each one and arrive at one that suits your face and body structure the best. Also, the kind of knot you choose is dependent upon the kind of collar the shirt has, the material of tie, along with your body characteristics.

Remember: Take the time to learn a knot well-suited to your build. Practice makes a man perfect.

Choosing the Correct Tie is equally important. Some common tips when selecting are,

  • If you have a strong, angular face you look better in striped ties. Dotted and paisley printed ties go well with a round or baby face. Solid colors can be worn by everyone.
  • Match the shirt, the suit and the tie to your skin before buying.
  • If you have a slim build, check out some skinny ties, as they add to your style quotient.
  • Generally, your tie should be darker than the dress shirt you are wearing. They need not be from the same color family. Experimenting is good as long as the results look good.

The Suit

In contradiction to my previous claims, Suits are best in Neutral Shades. But this doesn’t mean all good suits need to be black, as they say there are 50 shades of gray itself. The neutral Colors includes all the somber, matte shades of Brown, Gray, Blue and Black.

office wear for men

Some tips for a fashionable yet professional Suit are:

  • The Suit Jacket should be well fitted to your frame. Extra large shoulder frames swallow you and extra tight jackets look uncomfortable. Thus, its important to alter the Jacket as per requirement to look sharp. Thus, The number one thing you should make sure looks well when you are trying a suit on, are the shoulders. If they do not match your shoulders well and stay bulky or are too tight, you need to change the jacket.
  • Trousers should be well fitted and the right length. They should end right about your ankles.
  • If you are wearing a jacket that has two or more buttons, you need to always unfasten the lowest button
  • When you sit down, you should always open your jacket and when you stand up, you should always fasten it again, leaving, of course, the lowest button unbuttoned

Shoes, Socks, The Belt and Other Accessories

Men-wearing-socks-008 554201f169ec4

As inconsequential these three things might seem in size, they make an important part of the attire. The Right socks, shoes and belt can make a large difference in one’s appearance. Some tips to perfect the art of wearing the right match are:

  • Your shoes should be the same color as your belt.
  • Your socks, on the other hand, should match the color of your trousers.
  • Polish those shoes each day.
  • Keep the white socks for gym. They aren’t the right socks for work environment.
  • The shoe size should be apt and comfortable
  • The belt buckle cannot be indiscriminately large or attention seeking
  • No Ankle Socks. Wear proper socks that rise beyond your ankle.
  • Briefcases have now been replaced by sleeker, less boxy bags. Shop well keeping in mind the space requirements.
  • Glasses can add to your style quotient if chosen correctly. For office, avoid extra large and/or funky prints. Though to add a spice to your look, opt for bright colored (preferably single color) frames. Also, make sure the frame suits your jawline cut and overall face structure while being comfortable to wear.
  • Always wear a wristwatch. Time is precious, my friend.

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To get ahead in the business world, one must always be on top of his game when it comes to his appearance. From head to toe, you must always be polished and look ready to close a million dollar deal! Your looks are a key factor that does not only reflect in others’ opinions of you, but it also impacts the way in which you see yourself, and therefore, your attitude. So LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD.


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