Things to Carry While Travelling

Whenever you are going on a vacation there is a lot of things to do or things to carry while travelling abroad or domestic, so before packing your bags just make a check list of things that you want to carry. Here, I am suggesting you some important items that you might need while travelling. I can divide these things into following categories-

Travel Documents:

You need to carry following documents which can reduce your unwanted problems, so that you can enjoy your holidays without worries.
At least 2 print out of your tour itinerary.
At least 2 photo ids of travelling persons.
Credit/debit card copy of both sides (don’t forget to erase CVV number).
Original & printout of your passport (also keep a copy on your mail id- recommended).
Copy of your air e-tickets (in case of air travel).
Copy of your train e-tickets (in case of journey by train).
Maps & direction.
Trip confirmation & membership cards e.g. Club Mahindra or any other.

Basic Kit:

You should carry following items for your daily uses.
Mobile phone.
Power bank (if possible).
GPS / Compass.
Wrist watch.
Water Bottles.
Flash light/ Torch.
Diary & pen (also note your emergency contacts).
Backpack with at least 2-3 small locks.
Spectacles with cover & cleaning kit.
Plastic carry bags.
Small scissor Safety pins.
Mosquito net.
Camera, charger, battery, camera case, memory card.
USB cable, extra battery, extra memory card for camera- if available.


Snacks, chewing gums, biscuits, fruits, chocolates, dry fruits, mouth freshener etc.


Always remember that if you are going to a trip there would be a lot of journey to travel, so don’t forget to carry your headphones / earphones / i-pod / Book / or whatever you like while travelling.


Sanitizer – for washing your hands.
Tooth brush.
Tooth paste.
Deodorants- to avoid smelling & keep yourself refresh.
Lip balm- to avoid dryness of your lips.
Moisturizing lotion- to avoid dryness of your skin.
Shampoo & hair oil.
Makeup Kit.
Makeup Remover.
Shaving Kit.
Face wash.
Swiss Army Knife. Tissue paper (recommended) Comb & mirror.


Where ever you go money matters the most, don’t forget to carry enough cash- which you should keep in 2-3 different places. Also remember to take print out of your debit/credit card- in case you miss your wallet it could be handy to use, keep a copy on your email too.


Sleepwear & inner-wear.
Dresses according to trip duration.
Jacket / Raincoat / Swimsuit / Gloves according to trip.
Hats / Belts / Ties.
Slippers / Flip flops / Trekking Shoes / Sports Shoes / Formal Shoes as per your tour plan.


Your health is one of the prime factors which can be effected by climate change, so be sure to carry medicines that you might need while traveling because without being fit you can’t fully enjoy your trip. Whenever you are going to a trip do some researches for that destination like: climate, temperature, weather, food etc. After researching these points keep some generally used medicos for: fever, cold, vomiting, gas, antibiotic, pain killers, antiseptic creams, and your current regular medicines (if any).

So where ever you are going to spend a holidays don’t forget to take a print out of this packing list. Hope this might be of use to you the next time you are travelling!

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