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Fests are the magical things that make you forget everything and enjoy your time at college with your friends. There’s always great music, awesome food, star-studded concerts, colorful sights, and a lot more to enjoy as the camaraderie with friends builds and good moments turn into memories you shall reminiscence forever.


Hopping from one fest to another over the weekends filled with cool February nights and beautiful March mornings, you enjoy the perks of being a college student sans the looming exams’ tension. Standing in queues to get in, asking your acquaintances for free passes to their college fests, smuggling a 100 to the guard to let you in, getting home late ready to face your mom’s wrath, laughing your asses off with friends, doing the Mexican wave at a DJ night, dressing up only to sweat it away, clicking countless pictures, trying new delicacies, and much more is part and parcel of the fest season.

each fest season! each!
each fest season! each!

Nothing can beat that concert you attended of your favorite band at a fest for free and dancing to those enigmatic tunes with your buddies. Especially, when you’re a fuccha and friendships are still forming, these days often lay the foundation of friendships that shall last long.

when your favorite artist asks you to sing along, oh the feels... <3
when your favorite artist asks you to sing along, oh the feels… <3

And for the gifted ones, it’s the best time to showcase your talent in different competitions such as Battle of Bands, Dance competition, Quizzes, Theater, and more are held at the fests with amazing prizes to be won, both cash and kind.

theatre play

Some of the best fests, not only in Delhi University but across country, are IIT Mumbai Mood Indigo, SRCC’s Crossroads, Amity Youth Fest, LSR Tarang, DTU fest, Mecca hosted by Hindu College, Sri Venkateshwara’s Nexus and some others.

With Farhaan Akhtar rumored to be coming at crossroads, Armaan Malik performing at Amity Youth Fest, Shahrukh Khan coming to Hansraj College, the fest season has begun witrh a bang and is bound to be a rollercoaster that shall only take you up.

Upcoming fests that have us pumped up are

  • Mecca, Hindu College: The Annual Cultural Fest of Hindu comes to you this month from 25th-28th It is usually filled with lots of fun filled activities, competitions, and great performers and hopefully this year shall be equally grand.
The enchanting lights at Mecca, Hindu College
The enchanting lights at Mecca, Hindu College
  • Crossroads, SRCC:if word of mouth is to be believed it is the largest cultural fest of DU that sees a footfall of over 10,000 people a day. With Farhan Akhtar rumored to be performing, the hype is spreading like fire.
  • Renaissance, Kirori Mal College: The fest is scheduled to be held from February 23-25. And with free entry and lots of events such as treasure hunts, quizzes, etc it is always a hit among the fest-goers.
Renaissance, Annual Cultural Festival hosted by Kirori Mal Colleg
Renaissance, Annual Cultural Festival hosted by Kirori Mal College
  • Nexus, Sri Venkateswara College: Famous for The Battle of Bands and One Act Theatre events the fest is always a host to great talent and huge crowds. Let us see what this year holdsNexus, Venky fest


  • Reverie, Gargi College: Though underrated, this one is always a delight to attend. In the past, Gragi has hosted amazing fests with performers like Raghu Dixit, Kailash Kher and Mohit Chauhan for star nights.

Gargi presents Reverie
Gargi presents Reverie
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