Squid Game Reality series by Netflix

Netflix Launching Squid Game-Based Reality Series

Yes, you have heard it completely right. Netflix’s Biggest show ever is set to become the biggest reality series.

On the 15th of May Netflix announced they will be launching the squid game reality series through their social media accounts. They released a reel on Instagram with the caption saying “THERE’s GOING TO BE A SQUID GAME BASED REALITY SERIES AND THIS IS YOUR GREEN LIGHT TO APPLY”.

So, the question now is will there be a squid game for real? If there will be what is the procedure to apply? And how much is the winning prize? Let us know in detail through this article.

How to apply for Squid Game Reality Show?

Below Listed are the rules and procedures to follow for the application,

  • The Applicant should be 21years and above
  • A one-minute video of the applicant talking about themselves and their reason to compete
  • A headshot (passport size photo), and a full-length Photograph

Note: You can’t be working on Netflix and also shouldn’t be related to someone who is working in it. If you are then you are not eligible to apply.

About Squid Game

The squid game is a fiction-based story, a South Korean drama launched by Netflix on 17th September 2021. The story of Squid Game revolves around money where hundreds of people get the invitation to the game to win a large prize. But the twist is that it is money and death you win it or you die.

The story become a hit series after it got released on the OTT platform. And people loved the action and the wavelength carried throughout the story. The series is of 9 complete episodes a perfect weekend binge-watch.

The show basically was based on childhood games that would be played by adults for money. If lost they lose their lives that was the entire concept in total.

Squid Game Reality Show- Teaser
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the Winning prize of the Squid Game Reality series?

The winning prize of the squid game reality series is said to be $4.56 million. For the real-life participants.

2. The number of players to participate in the Squid Game Reality series launched by Netflix?

There will only be 456 players who can attend the game. Which we will be chosen by the Netflix team.

3. Release date of Squid Game Reality series?

The estimated release date of the Squid game reality show is in 2023 might be in the month of June.

4. Will there be Squid Game Season2?

Well, the creator Hwang Dong-hyuk is teasing about season 2 of the squid game. But the great news is Netflix confirms there will be a Squid game 2.

Final Words

Overall, the teaser has left us with so much of questions and suspense. But it will be a show to watch and enjoy. And there will not be any kind of harm done to people who will be participating in it, it will be a safe play game and enjoyable one.

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