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Spectacular Spectacles

spectacular spectacles - add on to your personality
spectacular spectacles.


by – Abhishek Tripathi
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Thus, it started:


Theodore Roosevelt was an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the United States
Theodore Roosevelt, credits:

History goes back to 1200’s in Italy. Since then- Scholars, scientists, ‘madmen’, physically weak people have been wearing them until 1900’s Theodore Roosevelt made them popular after he was clicked in many photographs wearing specs.


Fits everyone:

Collage of a group of people wearing spectacles. Spectacles are easy to adjust and wear. From kids to adult and old age people, everyone can wear that.
fits to everyone, credit:

Myopic, hypermetropic, astigmatism and any other sort of eye defect, from polar to non-polar to sunglasses , photochromic and lens combined. You have all combinations possible today. Simply by varying geometry of the glass in controlled quantities. Well, that is not so simple. It took a whole bunch of scientists to figure that one out.


As a fashion:


stunning megan fox with spectacles and coffee running out from a cafe
Megan fox with spectacles. credits: pinterest

Not very long ago, perhaps the time I got glasses, nearly 7 years ago, spectacles were not very trendy or considered to be a ‘good’ sign of health. (In India). Since some time, I’d say, Quite sometime, they have become a fashion trend. With celebrities promoting ‘types and styles’ of glasses and frames, and increasing branding and online retailing, it has become a necessity – more than just fashion. Duck down your specs and stare from the top, classy – ain’t it?


Yes! Smarty!


Correlation between myopia and IQ level. Also spectacles can be add on to your personality
spectacles can add charm to your personality, credits:

Well, a strong correlation has been established between myopia and IQ. People with myopia were found to have more average IQ than people without. [1] Interesting, hmm? Say it or not, spectacles indeed have become much more than they were ever supposed to be.

Google glasses, looking towards the future.
Google glass- the third eye. credit:

With google glass becoming reality, there is no limit. Many science fiction movies show unprecedented uses of contact lenses and glasses: as scanners, when integrated with AI. Who knows?

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