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Pretty, Unique DIY Gifts Ideas

It’s Mother’s Day and you can’t think of a single gift for your SUPERWOMAN, your mom?It’s Father’s Dad and your Super Dad is worthy of a spectacular gift but you just can’t find it?

Your Boyfriend is suddenly older and thereby hotter and you need an equally hot gift for him but for the love of God just can’t get the perfect one?

Your Best friend is sad over not being a teen anymore as she turns 20 this year, and you need some lovely gift to cheer her up?

With an ever growing list of dates to remember, occasions to celebrate, birthdays to plan for, anniversaries to celebrate, you end up at a mind block when thinking of gift ideas or simply fall short of money to spend on all that your heart wants to gift.

This dilemma sounds familiar, right?

Well, worry not.

Frankly, nothing is better than a personalized gift that you make specifically for that one special person to show them how much they matter to you.A Do It Yourself or DIY Gift is the best summation of your love for them there could be. And what is the best way to make them feel special,other than making a gift yourself for no one knows them the way you do. For ideas and inspiration, check out my favorites that are super easy to make and do not take a toll on your wallet! I present to you my favorite Pretty, Unique DIY Gifts Ideas:

1.The Photo String wall hanging

Remember watching Wake Up Sid and fanning over Konkana’s decorations? Well, they’re very easy and cheap to make and are a great gift too. They’re equal parts awesome and equal parts sentimental, which make a great gift

Wake Up Sid Room Decor Inspirations
Wake Up Sid Room Decor Inspirations

Here’s one cool video to guide you: http://


2. A memory Box


There’s nothing more sentimental or sweet than a memory box. Also, when you plan to rekindle a friendship its a great ice breaker as you delve in reminiscing all the memories you found while making the box. Nothing is better than a gift on which you spent hours to perfect it. Also, it serves as a great gift for actual photos in physical form hardly exist these days and having a memory box is thus even more special.

Making a memory box is easy as pie, just look at this amazingly talented kid:

3.A Dream Catcher


An old ladies’ tale says that a dreamcatcher would filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind. Once the sun rises, all bad dreams just disappear. Be it a myth or not, dreamcatchers make pretty decorations and add that beautiful touch to one’s room. It makes a great housewarming gift. to learn the hows and whats, simply head onto this super helpful video :

4.Personalized Phone/Laptop Case


In the age of machine made stuff which is same for each and everyone, being unique is different. But small things like personalized, handmade laptop and phones cases can help one stand out in the crowd and not be swallowed by it. And if you know them well, you can always make that for them. For inspirations, check out:

5.Sand Jars


Not all gifts need to be practical, some can be beautiful too. This galaxy in a jar is the perfect piece of perfection for your star lover friend. So head onto the video and begin experimenting. You better perfect the art before gifting :D.


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