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Money Saving Tips for College Students

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College is a pretty rough time when it comes to a student’s pocket. Bills spill out a thousand bucks and our wallet hides the last 50. Be it a weekly trip to a fancy restaurant or once in a few months’ group outings, we are always in a loop of constant bankruptcy. Where there are many, many ways in which you can spend your money, there are only a few ones that ensure your savings. So, how do we do it? How do we guarantee our money savings and have fun doing what we want to do by going easy on our pockets? Questions are many, but the answers are few.

So, here comes the big question! How do we save our money? I hope that you will find all your answers here.

1.Organize before you put a price.

Planning and organizing your monthly expenses is very important. This might sound a bit dull but this is what has to be done. You must plan your month’s expenses beforehand and prioritize them. Make a list of all those things that are must for your survival. This way, you might also end up saving some for yourself.

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2.Keep you money at different places.

This is one of the best techniques to save your precious money. You can divide your savings and put them into different wallets or drawers and just forget about it. This way you will think twice before you take it out and spend it on stupid stuff. And, with this, you also get the joy of finding the money you didn’t even remember saving.

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3.Try that Dhaba for a change.

Yes, those lavishing big restaurant chains are freaking mouthwatering and awesome. But, let’s face it guys. We are young, we are broke (well, most of the times), and we have a lifetime to try those great dishes that we always drool over by only the names of them. For a change, try out to those famous college side DHABAs or the CHAAT KI DUKAN where you can devour your souls with some ridiculously inexpensive and tasty Indian and Chinese dishes.

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4.Get your hands on some roadside shopping.

Yes, I know. Those super cool top brands have sexy-as-hell collection this fall; but the prices? Whoah! That’s definitely going to suck out every last penny in our pocket. So, this year, why not try that roadside shopping?! Wonder around the local Delhi’s famous roadside market and pick out the fashion that best suits you. It costs less and you can always try out different styles by blending in your unique dressing trends.

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5.Always hangout with the gang.

In college, the only thing that keeps us going in the year-long trauma is friends. It’s always fun to hang out with the whole gang and make some ever-lasting cherishing memories. However, when you hangout with the whole group and organize an outing, it actually costs a lot less when everybody contributes. So, this way you enjoy more by spending less.

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6.Become your known Masterchef.

When you live at PG, it can become a little tiresome to cook your own meal, but it is a big money saver. This way, you get a healthy home-cooked meal and save money. Don’t waste your money on unhealthy snacks and outdoor coffee shops. Make you own coffee and snacks whilst enjoying the very best taste of your own cooking. If you are staying at a hostel, don’t choose for the most expensive meal plan. Choose the reasonable one and save the rest for your other needs.

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7.Take a Part time job.

You are growing and starting to learn to be an independent person. Take the responsibility of your own expenses. Earn off your talents and qualifications. Take a part time job and take charge of yourself.

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 8.Grab the student’s discounts.

There are many outlets and events that give out student discounts. This is the time when you flash out you college ID’s with pride and get a hold on those special student discounts and save your wallets from draining out.

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9.Divide your income.

You can divide your money into two parts (70:30). Save the 30%, deposit it in a bank or hide it down the little piggy bank. Use this money in the case of extreme emergencies only! Take the rest 70% and use them for your monthly expenses.

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These simple tricks can help you save money and manage your expenses.



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