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Make your Raksha Bandhan Memorable than ever

One of the truest, sweetest and spiciest relationships that exit in this world is between a brother and a sister. Siblings are the ones who share your blood and all your cute, crazy and scary stories. They make you want to pull their hair off their heads and in the very next moment laugh with each other for no apparent reason. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most joyous and auspicious festivals which celebrates the special bond that a brother and sister share. However, on this day, after completing all the rituals there is nothing really left to do on the rest of the day. I say, let’s do something to strengthen your precious bond and make a day out of it. A day that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Therefore, for this special occasion I have brought some amazing and innovative ideas to make this Raksha Bandhan much more memorable than ever.


Why should girls have all the fun?

Every year, our brothers scratch their heads to find a perfect gift for us. But why always him? This Raksha Bandhan, surprise your awesome brothers by planning something different. Personalise your sweet treats to your brother. Add a little something and make an innovative gift basket with his favorite sweets and chocolates. If you feel extra generous, you can buy his favorite tech gadget or the watch that he has been craving for a long time. Don’t miss out to capture the moment of his joy.


Think out of the box, Dear Brother!

Don’t be pretty obvious with the gifts, dear brothers. Put in some extra thoughts. Get your sisters what they really want; be it a dress they had their eyes laid on, or the pair of shoes she’s been stalking since forever or a trip to some theme park. Girls are really easy to please. Chocolates, teddy bears, shagun ka lifafa are just the monotonous gifts that every other brother gives. Be a hero and gift her something she really deserves.



Recreate your favorite memories

Childhood memories are the gems that are preserved under the warmth of the bonds that we share with our siblings. Drop down the sibling rivalry for the day and recreate some photographic memories with your sister/brother. Relive the joys of your innocent childhood and create some new ones.


Visit your Old-Memories Palace

Engage in some chit-chat with some ice creams or a pizza. Play those old-school video games that you used to play when you were little. Go out for skating or bicycling together. Take a long walk in the park. Complement each other for a change, maybe!


Watch cartoons together

Do you remember the time when life was a little bit simpler and only had to worry about next inventions of Dexter in his laboratory. Well, we cannot bring back the time. But we can surely watch those best-cartoon-shows-ever again and have a great time enjoying them all over again.


Plan a Fun Day-Out

Plan a whole day out. Do something adventurous. Go camping or trekking and spend some peaceful and amazing time. You can visit an amusement or a water park too. Or go for shopping instead. Try out different restaurants and street foods that you guys have been drooling over for a long time. Visit your hometown together and relive your childhood.



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