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Have you been waiting for a long time to upgrade your mobile phone? Now stop waiting and grab the mobile exchange offer on Flipkart. Yes, Flipkart mobile exchange offers let you exchange your old mobile phones for new ones. So, if you are looking to buy a new phone, you can exchange your old phone at a great price and get up to Rs 25,000 off on your new phone. Check out the best phone exchange offers on Flipkart. Click below to Exchange Offer Mobile Flipkart now and save more. Check out the best Flipkart exchange offers below-

Isn’t it a great deal? It is the best mobile exchange offer in India.

Now, you can avail of the mobile exchange offers on Flipkart on almost all top brands of smartphones, including Samsung, Motorola, iPhone, Xiaomi, and many more. Moreover, you can get an additional discount by paying through your credit/debit and master cards.

Depending on the condition of your phone, you can enjoy the maximum benefit of the Flipkart mobile exchange offers. Let’s check together how you can avail these unbeatable exchange offers. These are the best exchange offers on mobile Flipkart. 

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Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offers | Big Saving Days Are Here


Did you know that you can now grab your favorite smartphones at unbeatable prices? Hurry Up! Get the best mobile exchange offers and buy a brand-new phone from Flipkart. You can also get an additional 10% discount if you use the Axis credit/debit card to pay the bill. Get these great Flipkart offers on mobile and start shopping now.

Apart from this, you can also win exciting cashback offers on payments with any partner bank and also on your Paytm wallet. In short, you can purchase any new smartphone by exchanging your used mobile smartphones. Want to know if you can get a mobile exchange offer on Flipkart?

Check out the best exchange offers on mobile Flipkart. 

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Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offers | Mobile Exchange Offers on Flipkart

How to Purchase a New Smartphone with a Mobile Exchange Offer on Flipkart?

If you want to buy smartly, then follow these simple steps for Flipkart mobile exchange offer-

  • Visit Flipkart and choose any smartphone that you want to purchase.
  • Now on the product page, click on ‘But with Exchange’
  • Choose any brand that you wish to exchange.
  • After choosing the model to change, enter the IMEI number of your phone to proceed with the exchange; the exchange value will be shown on your mobile screen.
  • Enter the current condition of your phone.
  • Click on the exchange and you will get the best exchange value for your phone.
  • Buy a new smartphone with a mobile exchange offer on Flipkart.
  • Best exchange offer on mobile Flipkart
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Best Mobile Exchange Offers in India on Flipkart 


Well, mobile exchange offers on Flipkart are not the only deal that you can grab. Now buyers can also get additional discounts on new smartphones. Flipkart is offering an extra Rs 17,000 off in exchange for the Realme 9. Moreover, there is an extra Rs 5000 off on the exchange of the Realme series.

For example, if you wish to buy a brand new Realme 9, and the exchange value of your old smartphone is Rs 17,000 OFF, you will get an additional Rs 5000/- discount on the exchange. Likewise, if you wish to purchase the Realme C31 for up to 7,750 OFF, you will also get an additional Rs 5000 off with exchange value. Get the best Flipkart exchange offer and grab your Flipkart Coupons for Mobiles.

You can also get an additional discount if you pay through a credit card or debit card to stop this. So, here is a great opportunity for you to exchange your smartphone and buy a new phone from the mobile exchange offer on Flipkart.

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Flipkart Mobile India – Latest Flipkart Mobile Offers

In addition to the Flipkart mobile exchange offer, you can save some extra amount with various bank offers. Yes, a lot of bank partners such as ICICI, Axis, and many more. If you make a payment through an Axis Bank Credit Card and ICICI Bank Credit Card during Big Billion Days on Flipkart, you get an additional 10% off.

Furthermore, you also get the chance to win cashback with Bank and Paytm Wallet during the Flipkart mobile exchange.

  • Get a 10% discount on paying through Axis credit cards on orders above Rs 5000 and above.
  • Get an additional discount on ICICI credit cards on orders above Rs 5000.
  • Get an instant cashback offer into Paytm Wallet for up to Rs 125 on a minimum order value of Rs 1250. Please note that the offer is valid once per Paytm Wallet.
  • Get an extra RS 5000 off on paying Axis credit cards / ICICI credit cards through the order of above Rs 100000 and above
  • 5% additional cashback offer on paying through the Flipkart Axis bank Credit card
  • Also, get Flipkart exchange offers mobile this easily.

Enjoy all the exciting deals and mobile exchange offers on Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sales and get your brand new smartphone in the lowest possible process. Don’t hold back your excitement to buy your new smartphone due to a shortage of money and get the deal done with mobile exchange offers on Flipkart.

Still, want more of Flipkart mobile offers? Check out these exciting Flipkart Coins and Offers for your next purchase.

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Awesome Benefits of Mobile Exchange Offers on Flipkart

With mobile exchange offers on Flipkart, you can get the best-selling value of your old smartphone. So yes, if you want to exchange your phone or just want to upgrade one, get the deals done through Flipkart to enjoy the extra savings.

A sheer number of people also complain that they cannot enjoy exchange due to the phone condition. Fortunately, you can enjoy Flipkart offers on mobile phones without worrying about the phone’s condition. Scratches, dents, broken screens, or any other damage – get the best Flipkart mobile exchange offer and get a new smartphone today.

Even though your old smartphone has dents and scratches, you still get the best maximum value with mobile exchange offers on Flipkart. However, the exchange is set according to the model and condition of the phone. So, to enjoy the maximum benefit, you can get an additional discount when you pay through an SBI credit card.

So check out these amazing Flipkart Mobile Offers and Deals and start shopping now.

FAQ on extra exchange offers on mobile:

  • What is the Value of the Old Smartphone Evaluated at Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offer?

The value of the old smartphone will be decided according to the smartphone’s condition and the model number of the smartphone. If it is working and in accurate condition, you will be able to enjoy up to a Rs 30,000 discount on the new phone.

  • What if my Smartphone is not in Working Condition?

If your smartphone is not in working condition, you cannot enjoy the mobile exchange offer on Flipkart. So before proceeding, make sure to check that at least your phone is in working condition.

  • Do I Need to Give My Charger During the Flipkart Exchange?

No, you don’t need to give the charger when you exchange your old smartphone. Moreover, you can keep your accessories with you and exchange your smartphone only on mobile exchange offers on Flipkart.

  • Do I Get a Discount if I Pay With a Credit Card?

Yes, you will get an additional 10% discount if you pay through an Axis credit card/ ICICI credit card.

Now that you know all the details about the Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offer, grab your Flipkart Coupons now and start shopping.

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