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Easy Tricks To Remove Holi Colors

Holi is a festival of colors and great food and the fun isn’t complete without loads of gulal, water balloons, and water guns; but wait, aren’t you forgetting something? Yes, you guessed it right. Those nasty colors won’t get off your skin that easily and not to mention that this is going to ruin your masti.


Today, I’ve brought some easy tricks that will help you prevent and remove all those stubborn colors that stick to your skin and deepen the colors of Holi in your heart.


They say prevention is better than cure, and they say it right.

  1. Wear long, comfortable clothes and cover your body as much as possible.
  2. Apply at least two layer of oil to your hair n body which will prevent post Holi efforts.
    oil  nail polish
  3. Apply petroleum jelly to your nostrils to avoid breathing the dry colors.
  4. Apply nail paint to protect your nails from those nasty stains. Admit it, they doesn’t come off easily.


Precautions aren’t everything to get rid of those obnoxious colors. The after holi treatment is just as important.

  1. Always use cold water to rinse off extra color to rinse your hair. When all the extra color is washed off, apply egg yolk or paste of fenugreek (methi) mixed with curd and olive oil to your scalp, leave it for 30-40 minutes and then wash your hair using a mild shampoo.mix
  2. Do not scrub the color off with soap. Opt for a mild cleanser and follow it up with a lot of moisturizing cream. If you feel any skin irritation during the process of taking off the colors, then take two tablespoons of calamine powder and mix it with a few drops of honey and rosewater to make a paste. Apply this on your face and once it has dried up, wash off with water and apply a moisturizer. You can also take off the color with a mixture of besan and milk.soap
  3. Also, you can rub lemon wedges on the areas of your face with color stains. Acetic acid in lemon will lighten the stains, and it will become easier for them to remove. Soak some mango powder in water, and scrub it on your face to get rid of stubborn colors.
  4. To remove color from your body use honey mixed with a mashed tomato or papaya acts as a perfect scrub when applied with Multani Mitti. You can also use curd, gram flour (besan) , turmeric (haldi), olive oil and lemon to make a paste and then apply that on colored parts of your body. Not only it removes colors off your body but also revives you skin from with and gives a natural and healthy glow.towel
  5. Use nail polish remover to remove stains from your nails because you know how common those pink nails are.

So, when the next time Holi colors stick on your face, use these home remedies to remove them in an easy and all natural way…

Happy Holi!

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