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Best Men Sandal Brands in India 2023

Best Men Sandal Brands in India

Not all men wear sandals as a fashion statement when they are out and about. Although they can, their main use in daily life is to move around various locations on various surfaces, such as pavement, gravel, and other rough ones that are incompatible with the traction and protection they offer. Speaking of sandals as footwear, you can walk or even run in them thanks to the one or two top straps that keep them in place. In this article let us learn about the list of top men’s sandal brands in 2023 that you can look into.

List of the Top Men’s Sandal Brands in India 2023

1. Woodland Sandals – Top Footwear Brand in India

Woodland Sandals | Best Men Sandal Brands in India Making durable and long-lasting footwear has always been a specialty of Woodland. One of India’s top ten sandal companies, according to sales. They make distinctive, robust, yet cozy sandals. The majority of the variations are water-resistant and made to withstand heavy use. Woodland promises great value at competitive pricing. This Canadian company came into existence in 1992 and presently has a sizable following in India.

2. Bata Sandals – Most Preferred Men Sandal Brand in India

Best Bata Men Sandals

Bata is a well-known footwear company in India and has something for every customer. They manufacture a wide range of sandals, flip flops, and floaters with the various requirements of various people in mind. Tomá Baa introduced the Czech company in 1894, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. For those seeking a blend of fashion and comfort, they also have a decent selection of leather sandals. These sturdy sandals made by Bata are available for purchase by people of all ages.

3. Sparx Sandals – Best Men’s Sandals to Buy From

Sparx SandalsThere is a significant selection of floaters and sandals there. Some of them are water-resistant and are particularly helpful when it rains. For all different age groups, these reasonably priced sandals are available in numerous patterns. The brand is owned by Relaxo, a sizable footwear manufacturer with its headquarters in India.

4.  Red Tape Sandals – Top Men Sandals Brand in India

Red Tape SandalsLong-lasting, stylish leather sandals are available from Red Tape. The most prevalent colors that are offered are tan, brown, and black. The sandals have a comfortable cushion and are constructed from real leather. On the exterior, they contain elaborate patterns and stitching as well. Red tape was established in 1996 and currently operates more than 200 stores throughout India.


5. Red Chief Men Sandals – Best Men Footwear Brand in India

Red Chief Men SandalsThe footwear company, Leeyan Global Pvt. Ltd., acquired the name in 1997. Numerous citizens of the nation adore its premium leather goods, which are well-known for them. And the brand is named Red Chief Men, one of the premium collections of leather footwear that will be available at a reasonable price. Also, learn about the best list of red chief men’s leather shoes and pick the best to add to your shoe collection.

6. Puma Sandals for Men – Best Footwear Destination to buy Men Sandals

Puma SandalsPuma sandals are stylish and appear sporty with a range of outfits. Rudolf Dassler established this German company in 1948, and it offers a huge selection of athletic apparel, shoes, and equipment. The sandals from this company are the most sought-after since they are available in a variety of designs, colors, and styles.

7. Wildcraft Sandals – Best Men Sandals Brands in India

Wildcraft SandalsAmong the biggest outdoor brands in India is Wildcraft. It is renowned for creating many different styles of shoes that offer comfort even when engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and trekking. Additionally, the company makes stylish sandals that are pleasant to wear anyplace and are sturdy, long lasting, low in weight, and durable. The headquarters of Wildcraft is in Bangalore, founded by Gaurav Dublish and Siddharth Sood in 1998.

How do you pick the best Men Sandals from top Brands?

Online men’s sandals brands shopping might be a little challenging, but we’re here to make it easier for you today. Depending on your needs and budget, a decent pair of men’s sandals brand can be purchased in India for anywhere between Rs 299 to Rs 2,999 or more. Before compiling the list of top sandals brands, the following considerations must be taken into account.

1. Material

The sandals’ material is a major factor in determining whether or not they will fit you. The most comfortable fabrics for guys include leather, synthetics, and textiles. While canvas and PU are options, materials may not be as comfortable and may even chafe when worn for extended periods of time.

2. Support & Comfort

Comfort should be the main priority when it comes to choosing sandals. Their smooth lining, supporting arch, cushioned heels, and cushioned footbeds add to their comfort. The best sandals brand priority is to give consumer support and comfort.

3. Style

In order to make this list as diverse as possible, we made care to include both fashionable items and timeless pieces. Always make sure the clothing you choose reflects your personality. Branded sandals for men are always in style.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Men’s Sandals

1. Which company makes the top men’s sandals?

Bata’s men’s sandals top the list of best men’s sandal brands in India. Bata is proud to offer a sizable selection of sandals in a range of styles, dimensions, patterns, and hues. The sandals’ soles are cozy, and they fit the feet perfectly.  One of the main reasons Bata has risen to the top of India’s top 10 sandal brands is its dependability.

2. What kind of sandals for men are fashionable right now?

Right now, sports sandals are fashionable and popular. They are strong and comfy, and they have a distinctive appearance.

3. What kind of sandal is the most comfortable?

Among the many types of branded sandals available, sliders are the most comfortable. You can effortlessly slide your feet into and out of these open-toed, backless shoes.

Wrap up

To style various clothes without sacrificing comfort, every man should have a great pair of sandals in his collection. Based on the material, style, and comfort of the sandals, we have listed some of the best men’s sandal manufacturers in India in this article. While the brands featured in this article—Woodland, Puma, Red Tape, and others—are some of our personal favorites, it’s important to select a pair that fits you the best.

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