10 Best Apps to Book movie Tickets Online in India

10 Best Apps to Book movie Tickets Online in India

The cinema industry is carrying a bundle of creativity and amazing masterpieces to showcase to us in the form of movies. The cinema industry has built itself with huge talents and is entertaining us with some amazing stories and beautiful talents.

OTT platforms might be trending at this moment, which helps us to binge-watch through our phones and TV. But no matter how much technology would have improved the feel of watching your favorite hero’s movie in a theatre with all the crowd around never matches it.

Well, the same technology also helps to book movie tickets online. From standing in line to buying tickets and booking tickets online at our fingertips. Yes, the change has happened and will continue. So, which are the best apps to book movie tickets? Where can you find the cinema, you are looking for and the tickets? And which are the theatres near you how can you know it?  Let us find the answer to all these questions in this article.

Benefits of Using Apps to Book Movie Tickets Online

  • Easy payment

The top apps to book movie tickets online give customers better options for quick payment. Through this, you can just book your favorite show in minutes at your fingertips.

  • Chance to choose

When it comes to online booking, can choose the theatre near me to book a movie ticket. You can accordingly choose seats inside the theatre to watch the movie. Unlike standing in a queue to buy a ticket for a long time and getting seats where you’re not comfortable.

  • User-friendly

The top apps to book movie tickets online have user-friendly and responsive websites. That makes it easier to understand and quicker to use.

Ratings of Top Apps to Book Movie Tickets

Apps to Book Movie Tickets

Play Store Ratings

Apple Store Ratings

BookMyShow  ★4.1 ★4.8
PVR Cinemas ★4.3 ★4.6
INOX ★3.9 ★3.7
Cinepolis India ★2.5 ★2.9
Paytm Movies ★4.6 ★4.7
Ticketnew ★3.8 ★3.8
Justickets ★3.2 ★4.5

List of Top 10 Apps To Book Movie Tickets Online in India

1. BookMyShow – No.1 movie ticket booking app in India

BookMyShow - Best App to Book Movie Tickets Online

Bookmyshow Offers

The latest and trending ticket booking app is bookmyshow.com. You can find this application in the Play Store or can sign into their website using Google. In this app, you can book movie tickets, sports matches booking, and events.

Reviews and rankings for this application are great. They hold a record of selling more than 2 million movie tickets and they are the leading online movie ticket booking app in India.

2. PVR Cinemas – Top-rated movie ticket booking app online

PVR Cinemas - Best Apps to Movie Tickets

PVR cinemas offers

The popular PVR theatres and cinemas are known for their quality screening and surrounding environment. If you are someone looking for a favorite theatre then PVR can be a good choice.

Movie ticket booking for PVR cinemas can be done on their website. Choose the movie you won’t watch, see the movie rating, avail your choice of seat, and book your Movie tickets online in no time.


INOX - Best Apps to Movie Tickets

INOX is the most popular movie ticket booking app. For people who love high-quality audio and screening, INOX is the best choice. INOX is situated in complexes/malls and they are very particular. And you can find the best services and hygiene maintained in the theater and surroundings.

An INOX theatre always makes its customer needs to be fulfilled. They take customer reviews and complaints to take more action within a short period. So the next time you visit INOX always give feedback and

4. Cinepolis India – Best Cinema Booking App

 Cinepolis - Best Apps to Movie Tickets

The Cinepolis is a movie theatre chain from Mexico. The Cinepolis means the City of Cinema. Cinepolis is the biggest cinema theatre chain in the world. And it is tending to be the 2nd largest movie circuit.

You can book movie tickets using the Cinepolis India website or the apps mentioned in this article. You can find all the upcoming movies in cinepolis and book tickets of your choice.

5. Paytm Movies – Free App to Book Movie Tickets Online

Paytm Movies - Best Apps to Movie Tickets

Yes, you can book movie tickets using the Paytm app. In the app, you can notice the movie option is similar to recharge, and payment options. You can use the movies option in the Paytm app to book movie tickets in nearby theaters.

Paytm made this convincing update to attract customers and made it much easier with the payment method as well. When we compare it to other movie ticket booking apps. Also, avail of Paytm coupons from paisawapas and earn cashback for the movie tickets you book.

6. Ticketnew – Top Movie Ticket Booking App

Ticket New - Best Apps to Movie Tickets

This website/application contains various cinemas that are running at INOX, carnival, and many other multiplexes. You can choose your desired location and can book tickets online. You can log in using your email register yourself as the user and avail yourself of their benefits.


Get the exciting E-Giftcards and find the best deals and offers on movie tickets from paisawapas. Get gift cards from BookMyShow, PVR Cinemas, and many more. Grab the saver deal now!

7. Justtickets

Justickets - Best Apps to Movie Tickets

The Justtickets movie ticket booking website offers a quick way to book tickets online. Pick your movie choice and book tickets online. For any queries or clarity regarding booking, you can call justtickets customer care and verify your doubts.

8. MovieEcard

MovieEcard - Best Apps to Movie Tickets

It is a movie online ticketing application for mobile and a website. The specialty of this application is that it allows you to watch movies in a week with a special card i.e., from Monday to Thursday just for Rs.399.

You can get this offer and can set up any location across India and watch a movie. But the limitation is that you can watch only one movie per day.

9. Carnival Cinemas – Best Website to Book Movie Tickets Online

Carnival Cinemas - Best Apps to Movie Tickets

The famous cine multiplex chain in India. It has placed itself in 162 locations and has over 470 operational screenings all over India. Carnival is one of the top apps for booking movie tickets online. The website has a neat simple design and user-friendly features. You can understand the working easily and get access to your ticket booking in simple ways. And you can follow their newsletters for the latest updates and changes happening on the website.

10. Ticket4u – Easy Movie Tickets Booking App Online

Ticket4u - Best Apps to Movie Tickets

The ticket4u.com website is a good option to book online movie tickets near you for local & PVR movie theatre tickets. And they have customer-friendly nominal movie ticket charges.

Also, on this website, you can get cash-back rewards and get the latest movie updates through your registered mobile number. This website is also available in application format in the Play Store and Apple Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which are the top 3 Best Apps to book Movie Tickets Online?

The Top 3 apps to book movie tickets are, bookmyshow.com, PVR cinemas. in, and Paytm Movie.

  1. Which Movie ticket booking app coupons can you avail from Paisawapas?

BookMyShow Coupons & E-Gift Card, PVR Cinemas coupons & E-Gift Card, Paytm coupons & E-Gift Card.

  1. The No.1 best app to book movie tickets online?

Boomyshow.com is the best movie ticket app for booking online.


With the above-mentioned benefits and the top choice to book movie tickets online, it has become easier and choices are clear. You can find even better choices and can save money when you book online movie tickets by using movie coupons from Paisawapas.

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