Apple iPhone SE Review : Top 5 Features

Yesterday, Apple made a few announcements and launched a few devices that were already into talk for a few months now. Apple has finally unveiled its latest phone alongside a new iPad Pro 9.7. It’s not the iPhone 7, but the iPhone SE. (That doesn’t mean that the iPhone 7 is too far away).Apple-iPhone-SE

This is a quick first impressions review of the new iPhone SE. The in-depth review will come soon once the phone is out. Till then here are the top 5 features that would attract people towards the new iPhone SE.


The iPhone SE isn’t Apple’s next flagship phone and it isn’t going to take the place of the iPhone 7.


Instead, it’s aimed at people who want a smaller substitute for the big iPhone without compromising the performance. It could be a good upgrade over the iPhone 5/5s if you prefer the same 4-inch display size of the previous iPhones.

Just like the iPhone 5S and 5, the SE sports a 4-inch display. That’s much smaller than the 4.7-inch screen on the iPhone 6S. So we can say Apple is trying to get back in the game of compact phones after Sony’s compact series.


It might mimic the iPhone 5S in design, but as I said it makes no compromises on the performance. This phone certainly does not have the insides of a near three-year-old phone.


On the back is the same camera that impressed us so much on the iPhone 6S. That’s a 12-megapixel sensor, complete with 4K video recording, dual tone LED flash and the ability to capture Live Photos. (Although they seem a little pointless to me…)


On the front there’s a FaceTime HD camera, and it uses the screen as a Retina flash.


Inside the iPhoneSE there’s an A9 processor, unspecified amount of RAM (we hope 2GB) and the M9 motion coprocessor for collecting all that movement data. Apple claims the tech means that the iPhone SE has double the CPU power and 3x the GPU performance of the iPhone 5S.

apple iphone se hardware specifications

The hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ feature is now onboard so you can easily use the voice assistant to set alarms, reminders, take notes and many more things when your hands are not free ar may be you are just too lazy to move. *ehm ehm Ok, Google*.


The final version of iOS 9.3 was unveiled alongside the iPhone SE.

iPhone se ios 9.3

The iOS 9.3 brings a few cool additions instead of just minor performance improvements. Night Shift is the standout feature in this new update, an automatic control that’ll remove blue colours from the display before you go to sleep. This is meant to help your slumber, and is very similar to an app called Flux.*ehm ehm Android N*.


Battery life has always been an issue with iPhones. iPhone 6S Plus aside, none of Apple’s devices are known for their strong stamina. You just find yourself looking for a charger before the end of the day. Yet, Apple claims the iPhone SE should easily outlast an iPhone 5S in terms of battery life.



When it’s launched next week it’ll cost you $399 for the 16GB or $499 for the 64GB version.


Stay tuned for our full in-depth review of the iPhone SE as well as the new iPad Pro 9.7 as they are launched in the market. Till then you can try our new chrome extension – HERE It would notify you as soon as the phone becomes available for purchase so that you can grab yourself some awesome deals and cashbacks.

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