10+ Best Pen Brands in India – Ball, Gel, Ink, Fountain & More

11 Best Pen Brands in India 2023

Best Pen Brands in India – A stylish, elegant, sleek and good quality pen matters a lot for the good handwriting goals. Hence, taking a look on the best pen brands in India has become mandatory to invest your money in the worthy brand. Along with the pen quality, design of pen matters a lot. Even, nowadays pens are also used for gifting purpose as well. These are the most demanding and best-quality pen brands in India. The pen is the all-time companion of students and professionals. You can’t imagine your single working day without your pen. Hence, choosing the right pen for regular use is crucial for you. Many students want to use the best quality pen to make the writing grip and flow during the exam with the right approach. Therefore, this review of the best pen brands in the world helps you a lot.

Types of Pen That You Need to Know: 

First of all, while looking for the top 10 pen brands in India you need to check the major types of pens available in the market. Here is the list for the overview.

#1. Ball Pen

#2. Gel Pen

#3. Ink Pen

#4. Fountain Pen

#5. 3D Pen

#6. Highlighter Pen

#7. Brush Pen

#8. Sketch Pen

11). Hayman:

One of the luxury pen brands in India is Hayman. It is a modern brand that offers wide designs and a range of pens. You can use the writing equipment as Hayman because this pen works on the fine writing goals. Finding the premium pen brands in India means your search now ends at Hayman.

Why choose this brand?

#1. The major categories of the pen in which Hayman deals are ball pens, fountain pens, and ball pens.

#2. If you want to gift a luxury and premium pen to someone then you can consider the 18K gold plating pen Hayman.

#3. Designs of Hayman pens are known for their uniqueness and perfection.

#4. These pens work for the longer use of students.

10). Cross:

Some students are finding luxury pen brands in India from other countries. T. Cross is the top most American company that deals in various goods and this company was started in 18846. Cross pens in India are known as the luxury ball pen and gel pen brands. No doubt, Indian students love to explore the premium range of pen brands to make their writing more eye-catchy.

Why choose this brand?

#1. Cross pens are among the top pen brands in India.

#2. Durability is the plus point of this brand.

#3. Extensive designs and types are available in this brand including ball, gel, and fountain pens.


Looking for suitable ball pen brands in India then don’t miss the range of Bentley pens. This brand adds premium quality features and performance to its pens. Modern pens mean you must buy online Bentley pens for long-lasting use.

Why choose this brand?

#1. The designs are amazing of Bentley pen.

#2. Known as the luxury and gifting pen brand in India.

#3. Adaptable.

8). Parker:

The next brand that came on the list of the 11 best pen brands in India is Parker. No need to introduce this brand to the students because the name of this brand is highly popular in the market. It is one of the leading pen manufacturers in India. Most Indians spell this brand as the luxury pen brand for gifting purposes.

Why choose this brand?

#1. The technical components of this brand are robust.

#2. You will get an anti-leak system in the parker pen brand.

#3. Both ballpoint pens and fountain pens are available in this brand.

7). Pilot:

The next brand in this list of 11 pen brands in India that secures the 7th position is Parker. Parker pens are the most affordable pen. Parker is a Japanese company that started working in the writing industry in 1918. Now, this company offers various types of pens such as ball, gel, ink, brush, sketch, and highlighter pens. Now, this brand is almost 100 years old and known for the top-notch quality pen brands in India.

Why choose this brand? 

#1. This brand is focusing on the three-dimple tip technology for making pens.

#2. Students who are searching best ball pen brands in India must consider Pilot ball pens.

#3. Parker pen range is affordable for students.

#4. Students can follow the fast writing goals by considering the parker pens.

6). Reynolds

No doubt that Reynold still leads the Indian pen market due to the extensive range of designs, types, best quality, and cost-effecting pricing. This. The brand is working in the industry since 1945 and that’s why now become the most credible and trusted pen brand in India. Reynold pens concepts began in New York by introducing the iconic writing pen 045 models. You can write smoothly with the advanced fluid ink technology of Reynold ball, gel, and ink pens.

Why choose this brand?

#1. It is the top pen brand in India

#2. Known for its excellent durability.

#3. Waterproof technology is the key principle.

#4. You can find a wide range of pens in the Reynold brand including gel, dot, sketch, and refillable pens.

5). Pentonic:

Pentonic pens are known as the best ball pen brands in India because of their excellent designs and quality. Therefore, if you are looking for suitable and affordable ball pen brands in the world, then this Indian company offers a suitable range for you. Pentonic pen is not a new brand in the market but this company is working since 1976 and it is an Indian pen brand company.

Why choose this brand?

#1. Pentonic offers stylish designs pen to students in an affordable range.

#2. Use of B3 style refills in the ballpoint pen.

#3. Pentonic is known as the Linc Pens as well.

4). Cello: 


The next most popular ink pen brands in the market are Cello. It is the major stationary brand in India that deals in various products. You can explore the pen range such as roller pens, fountain pens, ink pens, and permanent markers.

Why choose this brand? 

#1. Cello is a long-lasting ink pen.

#.2. Price of Cello pens is affordable.

#3. You can explore different ink colours.  

3). Uniball:

You can achieve the fine writing experience by investing your time and money in the Uniball pens. Products of this brand are fine. The ink of the Uniball pens is fine quality based material and due to this feature, it is a highly pigmented pen.

Why choose this brand? 

#1. Uniball is among the top ball pen brands in India.

#2. You can get a smooth writing experience.

#3. Clear writing possibilities.

#4. Affordable and lightweight pens

2). Luxor: 

Luxor is among the most expensive pen brands in India and right now serves 120 nations. This company also offers other stationery products in the market. When you are finding the ultimate drawing pen brands in the market, then go for the option of Luxor pens.

Why choose this brand? 

#1. Long-lasting pens

#2. Affordable ball pen brands in India.

#3. Explore the unique range of pen designs.

#4. Waterproof ink technology.

1). Waterman: 

It is one of the leading gel pen brands in India and is known for its modern design and amazing appearance. It is among the historical pen brands in India. People who are finding unique pen designs with luxurious features can choose the waterman pens because the writing instrument offers a premium quality design.

Why choose this brand? 

#1. The designs are impressive Waterman pens.

#2. These are the finest ink pens in the range of ballpoint and fountain pens.

#3. The use of metallic material is the plus point in the waterman pen brand.

The Bottom Line: 

No matter you are looking for fountain pen brands or ball pen brands in India? This checklist of 11 best pen brands in India is helpful for you and with this, you can ensure the best pen in your bag for your writing goals. The role of pens in the writing impression is crucial and you can’t ignore the fact that a quality and premium pen helps you a lot for smooth and fine quality writing. Thus, from the above list, you can choose the right pen brand for yourself.

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