10 Best Indian Food Bloggers That You Should Follow Instantly in 2021

Indian Food Bloggers have evolved in their growth of Social Media existence. Nowadays everyone follows at least one Food Blogger to relish their taste buds with mouthwatering food stories, posts, and now reels as well. The past year has made them push their limits from being a food blogger to food entrepreneur and in the pandemic lockdown to finding their passion for cooking. Food Blogging in India was not so mainstream until a few people stood up for their zeal so enthusiastically that it became a trend. Here is a list of the best few Indian Food Bloggers that you must follow in 2021:-

Aniket Gulabani (Belly Over Mind)

‘Belly Over Mind’ is a one-stop place where everyone from a chef to an amateur food cook loves exploring and learning new dishes. Aniket aspires to bring recipes that inspire other people about their own love for food. His website has India’s top-rated food blogs consisting of recipes from every corner of the kitchen with easy to cook meals for millennials. The Mumbai based blogger makes sure that the ingredients used in his cuisine are easily available at home.


Instagram Page:- @Aniketgulabani

Archana Doshi (Archana’s Kitchen)

Earlier a software engineer by profession Archana proves that when passion becomes profession there is no room for mediocrity. After a huge success of her blogging website, she stepped up her game by introducing an App in the Food Blogging industry consisting her easy to cook recipes, tricks for better cooking, and reviews of different cuisine around the world. If you need DIY ideas for solving your cooking problems her Youtube Channel ‘Archana’s Kitchen’ is just the right place for you.

Youtube Channel:-

Instagram Page:- @archanaskitchen

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Anushruthi (Divine Taste)

Anushruthi depicts exactly all the skills you need to be a successful Food Blogger by being a photographer, reviewer, recipe creator, and nutritionist all at the same time. Her preference for the fancy high-end recipe is clearly shown in the blog name ‘Divine Taste’. The Mumbai blogger has taken a step ahead to introduce the genre of vegan food under the category “Satvik Foods” on her blog. 



Deeba Rajpal (Passionate About Baking)

If you have a sweet tooth there is nowhere better than ‘Passionate About Baking’ that could calm your cravings. Deeba emphasises on curating new recipes by only using the seasonal ingredients easily available in the market. She is a passionate chef for whom baking is therapeutic allowing her to manifest her creativity to its best. The photographs on her blog are so tempting and hard to resist. Well, there is nobody better than her for dessert lovers. 



Sailaja Gudivada (Sailus Food)

Sailaja blogs reflect the love for her place of origin as she specializes in Andhra cuisine. Her food recipes are very simple to follow at home and her visual representation of the delicacies are very hard to resist.  She is an avid food blogger, passionate foodie, and organic garner. The blogger grows her own ingredients and requests her followers to do the same avoiding all means of chemical products for living a healthy life. ‘Sailu’s Food’ is an amalgamation of taste and health.


Instagram Page:- @sailusfood

Kavitha Ramaswamy (Foodomania)

For all the vegetarians out there who are struggling every day to find delicious recipes to relish their taste buds, ‘Foodmania’ is the only vegan blog in India. She has a variety of vegan recipes listed from snacks, dessert, main dish, bread, breakfast, side dish, juices to many others. Not to worry her blog is not just about Indian Vegan dishes she has explored a wide variety of cuisine on her website. 


Instagram Page:- @foodomania

Aadarsh Munjal (The Big Bhukkad)

‘The Big Bhukkad’ is a correct name for him as he is India’s best millenial Food Blogger. Adarsh is all about food which can be seen through his travelling to different places frequently just for the sake of finding new dishes. He hasn’t left anything untouched from street food to cafes to restaurants to chef specials at 5-star high-end places. His liberal passion for cooking is also another thing to admire about him.


Instagram Page:-

Nidhi Kandari (Papi Paet)

Nidhi is an avid traveller and a food connoisseur who travels across the world to find new cuisines every day. Her Instagram page is one place to find honest reviews, live cooking, and new eateries. As good, she is at her appreciation for food our own ‘Papi Paet’ is a motivator who never misses out on giving a shoutout to newbies in the Indian Food Industry. She is among the top bloggers in India whom you should definitely follow.

Instagram Page:- @papipaet


Karthik Gandhi (Gastro Hogger)

Are you Biryani lover? If you are following ‘Gastro Hogger’ would be the best gift for you in 2021. This Hyderabadi blogger and his love for biryani definitely run in his blood. Karthik reviews the most amazing places to eat, best recipes for biryani, and authentic tips to make your biryani tastier. His love for the Hyderabadi cuisine is the absolute goals.

Instagram Page:- @gastrohogger

Anubhav Sapra (Delhi Food Walks)

Anubhav started his ‘Delhi Food Walks’ in 2011 where he explores the rich food culture of Delhi. In his food walks, he explores the local recipes which satiate every palate to your soul. We all know Delhi is heaven for food lovers as you can easily find all the cuisines from around the world in this capital city. And, Anubhav’s love for food hasn’t left any place untouched in addition added hidden gems to the list of other food enthusiasts.

Instagram Page:- @delhifoodwalks

Now, you know whom to follow to find the best food places in town. Right?

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