Top Best and Favorite Biscuit Brands in India

Top Best and Favorite Biscuit Brands in India

You must have eaten numerous amounts of biscuits till now, but do you know the meaning of the word “biscuit?” It is a French word derived from “bis,” meaning twice, and “coquere, coctus,” meaning to cook, cooked. This is indicative of their procedure of making some yummy biscuits. Biscuits were earlier manufactured in a two-fold process. This starts with baking them and then drying out them in a slow-dry oven. Gladly, you don’t have to start from scratch while you crave having some crunchy biscuits. The leading biscuit brands in India offer some great options in different varieties.

Indian biscuit industry is set to reach INR 52,771 crores by 2022. There are multiple companies and conglomerate groups that are manufacturing biscuits according to the Indian taste buds. Whether it is tea-time, coffee partner, or mid-meal cravings, Indians are in love with different biscuits.

With great options comes great confusion. Multiple biscuit brands in India make it difficult to choose the best company for your family. This fast-moving consumer good must stand high on taste and affordability while staying universal for kids, elders, and grownups. Let us help you with the top best and favorite Indian biscuit brands. So here you go:

Top Biscuit Brands in India

1. Parle Biscuits

Parle-G is a childhood memory of many Indians. Parle Products Private Limited owns this largest biscuit-selling brand. The company was established in 1929 and has maintained its quality standards since then.

All Parle biscuits are filled with the goodness of wheat and milk that is a must for growing children. Apart from Parle-G other famous biscuits from Parle includes Krack jack, Monaco, Nutri Crunch, Hide and Seek, etc.

It is in Indian markets for the last eight decades and is synonyms with the word “biscuit” in India.

2. Britannia Biscuits

Britannia industries are one of the favorite biscuit brands lists in India. It was established in 1892. It is one of the biggest food-related brands in India and is a manufacturer of some great biscuits. Tiger brand is their most popular and liked biscuits range.

Britannia biscuits are the top most selling biscuit brands of the century and earn more than 90% of business to the group. You can choose from their diverse range of Marie gold, Jim Jam, Bourbon, Nice Time, Little Hearts, Pure Magic, Milk Bikis, Nutri Choice, Good Day, Crackers, etc.

No grocery shop or retail chain is complete without a wide range of Britannia biscuits. The company offers multiple packing and special festival packing.

3. Sunfeast Biscuits

The much-known ITC entered the biscuit industry in 2003 with Sunfeast range. The Marie, glucose, and crème biscuits are the most popular brands of Sunfeast biscuits. The company never fails to impress with different flavors and ingredients combination.

Sunfeast biscuits stand at third in the top biscuit brands in India. Alia Bhatt, a famous Bollywood celebrity, is the brand ambassador of their Dark Fantasy chocolate biscuits range.

The company offers quality products, and wholesome biscuits range for entire Indian families. You can choose from their single packs or multiple packs. Sunfeast biscuits have a special place in all leading grocery chains, shops, and other retail outlets.

4. Priya Gold Biscuits

Priya Gold biscuits are one of the best biscuit brands in India. It is the product of Surya Food Agro that was established in 1992. It offers multiple biscuits like club crème, digestive, butter delite, cheese crackers, Marie lite, and snakker choco sandwich.

Priya Gold biscuits are available n more than 20 countries across the globe and are best-loved for their consistent taste and quality. The company offers quintessential biscuits in different ranges of sweet and salty.

There are multiple options in the single and multiple packs of Priya Gold biscuits. Kiara Advani, the leading Bollywood celebrity, is the brand ambassador of Priya Gold biscuits.

5. Patanjali Biscuits

Patanjali biscuits have become a household name with their “Swadeshi,” meaning indigenous brand manufacturing. Patanjali biscuits belong to the range of products from Swami Ramdev owned Patanjali Ayurved. The company started competing with the leading biscuit manufacturers based on their 100% wheat-made biscuits.

It is easy to buy Patanjali biscuits online from Patanjali retail stores and other shops across India. You can choose from their butter cookies, Doodh biscuits, chocolate biscuits, orange biscuits, and chocolate biscuits.

The notion of health and fitness is closely associated with all Patanjali Ayurved products. Indians trust them due to their high quality, easy digestion, and zero trans-fat content. 

6. Cremica Biscuits

Cremica biscuits are the brand biscuits of Cremica Food Industries Private Limited, which was founded in 1978. The company is well-known for its Marie classic, digestive corn flakes biscuits, oatmeal cookies, and different digestive biscuits.

The company uses premium ingredients for its biscuits and manufactures them in the state-of-the-art facilities present across India. Tea and coffee are incomplete with Cremica biscuits in India.

The company doesn’t only manufacture healthy biscuits but provides different other products like mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. All Cremica products have found their way in the leading eateries and are widely used in different restaurants.

7. Cadbury Oreo Biscuits

Children are in love with Cadbury Oreo biscuits. Oreo biscuits are sandwich biscuits that have chocolate cookies and a sweet crème filling. Not only kids, many adults like Cadbury Oreo biscuits due to their taste and excellent quality.

The company offers different types of biscuits in India like Oreo sandwich cookies, Oreo lunchbox cookies, and Oreo lemon cookies. It comes from the trusted Cadbury brand that is synonyms for taste and quality snacks. You can choose the single pack or multiple packs according to your requirements from the store near you.

8. McVitie’s Biscuits

McVitie’s biscuits are a top choice for people loving digestive biscuits. These biscuits are made up of wholesome fiber that makes them easy to digest and nutrition to the body. The company offers multiple ranges of biscuits in single packs, super-saver packs, and festival packs.

McVitie’s biscuit entered the Indian market in 2010 and since then is one of the famous biscuit brands in India. The famous McVitie biscuit was prepared in the year 1892 and has traveled across the continents. You can buy them from any shop or grocery store near you.

9. Anmol Biscuits

Anmol biscuits are the fourth largest biscuits brand in India, with more than 61 varieties of biscuits to choose from. It was started by Late Baijnath Choudhary, and the first unit was established in West Bengal in 1994. Since then, Anmol Industries is a key player in cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

Anmol Industries have won the “Making of developed India” award in 2019. The company has enrolled Bollywood celebrity, Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador.

Anmol biscuit is a household name in India and is available at all leading stores, retail chains, and shops.

10. Unibic Biscuits

Unibic was launched in 2004. It is the premium biscuit range ruler that includes all favorite flavors like butter, savory, health, and milk. All these flavors have multiple varieties of different biscuits to add more variants to a single flavor.

The taste and flavor of Unibic cookies are credited to their great flavor content than other biscuit manufacturers. Their choco-chip range has 21% chocolate, and the milk biscuits range has more than 9.4% milk content.

It is easy to get some great Unibic biscuits for your family from their online store or from the retail store near your place.

11. Dukes Biscuits

Dukes biscuits come from Ravi Foods Private Limited (RFPL), in the biscuit industry for the last 30 years. It has around 15 manufacturing facilities in India to prepare its cream, anytime biscuits, and cookies range.

It is one of the leading cream biscuit brands in India. It is easy to buy Duke’s biscuits from their online store or the store near you. 

12. Rose Biscuits

Rose biscuits are owned by Veeramani Biscuit Industries Limited (VBIL). It was launched in 1987 and currently offers glucose biscuits, cream biscuits, and Marie biscuits. The Hyderabad-based company offers different single packs, family packs, etc., to cater to a diverse audience.

It is easy to order Rose biscuits from their online website. The company further offers a variety of corn puffs, wafers, and cookies. Rose biscuits have a great hold in the Indian biscuit industry.

13. Haldiram Biscuits

Haldiram stands high in food manufacturing for the last eight decades. It is owned by a family that promises to deliver quality products across ages. Mr. Shivkisan Agrawal founded it in 1937 in Bikaner. Haldiram biscuits are manufactured at different facilities of the company spread across India.

The company offers single packs, family packs, and festival pack biscuits. They also own multiple restaurant chains. You can order any of Haldiram biscuits online or can buy from their retail outlets.

14. Nature Valley Biscuits

Nature Valley was established in the year 1973. Their biscuits are full of nutrition and come in different varieties. These are prepared using high-quality and wholesome ingredients. Nature Valley promises to give the perfect blend of energy and taste to all its customers.

The company refrains from including any preservatives or added flavoring agents to keep the biscuits healthy. Nature Valley biscuits further promise to achieve fully recyclable packaging by 2025.

Indians are in love with their all-natural flavors from pumpkin seeds, chocolate, honey, etc. The company further offers financial support to different farmers that are aggressive in supporting regenerative agriculture practices.

15. Pillsbury Biscuits

Pillsbury was a Minnesota-based company and was bought by General Mills in 2001. The Pillsbury Doughboy is their well-known brand ambassador with gaining the special attention of kids. Pillsbury was once claimed to own the world’s largest grain mill. It was launched in India in 1996.

Pillsbury biscuits offer different varieties like sweet biscuits with icing, more than 13 options in refrigerated biscuits, and more than eight frozen biscuits.

You can order any Pillsbury biscuits online or get them from your nearby store. The refrigerated and sandwiched biscuits are kids’ favorite. It is further easy to include Pillsbury biscuits in different side dishes.

16. Horlicks Biscuits

Horlicks biscuits come from the trusted brand of nutrition from James and William Horlick. Unilever had acquired the Indian Horlicks business in December 2018 for 3.8 billion US dollars.

Horlicks biscuits are rich in calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Horlicks claims it’s one biscuit packet equivalent to 2 cups of Horlicks drink. Thus, it is marketed as the dry form of consuming nutrition from Horlicks. It is kids’ favorite and adults’ favorite who don’t want to miss their daily nutrition dose.

It is easy to order Horlicks biscuits for your kids and family online from different grocery sellers. You can choose the different discount offers and multiple packs.

17. Frontier Biscuits

Frontier biscuits are premium eggless biscuits. It was founded in 1921 by Late Mr. Mangal Sain. After the partition of India and Pakistan, Mr. Munshi Ram Sethi, son of the founder, continued his father’s business in Delhi. All vegetarians’ families love Frontier biscuits due to their high-end quality and 100% eggless.

Frontier biscuits offer single packs, multiple packs, and occasion packs for all events. There is a lot to choose from dry fruit biscuits, cardamom biscuits, fruit and cashew biscuits, etc. Families love their flower biscuits, milk biscuits, etc.

It is easy to search the sellers of Frontier biscuits and their retail outlets at different locations in India. You can easily buy them and enjoy them.

Wrapping Up:

Biscuits made up of all-purpose flour, wheat flour, or any other flour are just right for your small party, get-together, or untimely hunger. Who can miss the nostalgic brands like Parle G and the new entries like Pillsbury? Ask the biscuit lovers who essentially agree that 2-4 biscuits a day keep the hunger away!

So what’s your favorite out of the list mentioned above? Are you a fan of cream biscuits or wafer biscuits? Indians love their biscuits, and different biscuit manufacturers in India very well tap the same. It is a crazy busy business with choices running in the family generations.

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