Top 8 Tips To Improve Work From Home Productivity: Now get motivated

Top 11 Tips To Improve Work From Home Productivity

Working from home in India comes with its own set of challenges. From access to fast WiFi to efficient smartphone support and a lack of other essential tools make it a tough job to work from home. So the factors vary from a niche’s requirements to others’, but the number of challenges remains the same. We all need some handy tools and tips to improve work from home productivity.

According to Buffer, here are the top problems we face while working remotely:

working from home problems

Wondering how to work from home? Here are 10 tips to improve productivity while working from home in India:

1) Come up with a designated work from home desk

The foremost step in pepping up your work from home productivity is to set up a designated workstation.

This helps you slide into workflow easily and in maintaining work discipline while at home.

Coming up with a workstation is something that adds to your professional demeanour and adds to the productivity substantially.

2) Maintain your remote workspace hygiene – Declutter

Just setting up a designated work from home desk wouldn’t cover the lengths of productivity. You now have to keep it hygienic enough to maintain healthy work habits.

Decluttering is the key to attaining this, simply get rid of all the non-work related articles from around your workstation.

And having this done, you are now keeping away from the most of distraction that can hamper your productivity.

3) Wake up to a workday attire – Change out of your pyjamas

Waking up to your laptop in the couch you slept last night wearing the same Pyjamas you wear at home isn’t going to help. Instead, wake up earlier than you intend to. Change into your workplace attire and get going on the work for the day.

When working from home in India, the challenge is not getting to work, but getting to work with the same temperament is. So dress up the way you do for your workplace and keep the workflow same as usual.

4) Allocate strict working from home hours

The biggest of challenges in improving your work from home productivity in India is allocating work hours. So the next step in maintaining productivity is to strictly set apart work hours with specific breaks in between.

Say you work in an 8-hour shift, then allocate 3 hours, 3 hours and 2 hours with breathers of 10-15 minutes in between.

Allocating work hours would help you make sure that the work at hand is being delivered regularly, productively and always quality centric.

5) Set Ground Rules With People Around

Setting ground rules with people around is the next step in the ladder.

Making sure that you are not constantly distracted by the family members can fetch you a good amount of work from home productivity.

Simply ask them to maintain the same temperament towards your work as of when you are at a workplace.

This will help your transition into a productive working from home option on a longer run.

6) Make an actionable remote working plan & don’t procrastinate

Coming up with a list of things to be done and ensuring all of which is done is imperative to improve your work from home productivity.

Also, make sure that you complete every of the task allocated for a day. Leaving out one of 10 things you had planned for the day is only going to pile up unattended work by the end of the month.

So don’t resort to procrastination, but take up what needs to be done wholeheartedly. Even when you’ve completed the allocated tasks today, you should start prepping up what’s left in the pipeline for tomorrow. Just do not compromise on the work hours allocated by you anyhow.

7) Don’t let your friends drop by while you’re working

It’s just another day at home, and who knows if I am logged in or not, well, it doesn’t work that way. When you are on a work from home schedule, you need to adhere to its prerequisites.

And inviting friends over during your work hours is a huge distraction from your usual workday regime. Like normal workdays, restrict your social time to after-office hours.

Having clear cut segmentation of your daily work from home regime really helps. So, plan your meeting with friends for the week-offs and non-working hours.

8) Take breathers not vacations

It is often observed that we take more than what can be defined as a break while working from home. In order to really juice out productivity, one must ensure that the breaks are plenty but time-bound as well.

Taking undue breaks and breathers won’t help you induce work from home productivity, it will only make you lazy at everything. So, while planning your work sprints for a 9 hour work day, count in 3 breathers of 15-20 mins each. Don’t over-do these or overindulge in getting out for breaks more than these.

Posted by Srishti