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Top 10 PVC Pipe Manufacturing Companies in India

Construction involves everything from best quality to cement to installing proper sewage and water pipes for home or office space. Today we are going to discuss one such main asset used i.e., PVC pipes. The top 10 PVC pipe fittings manufacturing companies in India,  what they have to offer and why are they among the list of 10 best PVC pipe companies in India. let’s get started,

List of Top 10 Best PVC pipe brands in India

1. Ashirvad Pipes Pvt. Ltd – Best PVC Pipe brand in India

Ashirvad Pipes Pvt. Ltd | Top 10 PVC pipe manufacturers in India

Since 1975, Ashirvad Pipes has remained committed to upholding high standards of management and quality. Ashirvad Pipes, the industry pioneer in the production of PVC and CPVC funneling frames, is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has won numerous national awards.

Why Buy PVC Pipes from Ashirvad Pipes Pvt. Ltd?

  • Ashirvad Pipes Pvt LTD was the first to design industrial uPVC column pipes. That can be utilized to make underwater borehole pumps that can function at depths of 1,000 feet and beyond.
  • Over 2,000,000 efficient fittings have been connected to Ashirvad pipelines to date, all over the world. It is one of the best water pipe brands in India.
  • The company manufactures a full range of high-tech, premium-quality plastic channeling frameworks.
  • From domestic to rural use at its cutting-edge facility, it is stretched across more than 40 acres and has an annual production limit of 1,08,000 metric tonnes.
  • The assembling frameworks maintain the highest standard of quality available globally for a support-free existence.

Categories by Ashirvad Pipe Manufacturers

Pipes & Fittings for BuildingsAgricultural Pipes & FittingsPipes & Fittings for Infrastructural & Industrial Purposes
CPVC Pipes & FittingsHDPE PipesHDPE Piping System
uPVC Plumbing SystemuPVC column pipesuPVC Korrosafe Pipes & Fittings
Water & Drainage PipesCasing & UPVC Boring PipesElectrofusion fittings
Water TanksAgri Pipes & Fittings

2. Supreme Industries

Supreme pipes | Top 10 Best PVC pipe Manufactures in India

Supreme is a well-known pioneer in the plastics sector in India and has a wealth of expertise in offering creative and affordable piping solutions. The company wants to satisfy the growing needs of its clientele in the infrastructure, water, and waste management sectors.

Reasons to Consider Buying PVC Pipes from Supreme Industries

  • The company has developed a uniquely designed high-performance range of piping products.
  • This industry comes among the top 10 PVC pipe manufacturers in the world. Supreme’s wide range of piping products can be used in almost every application segment.
  • Practicality is ensured by the bespoke design of each product to meet the unique requirements of a particular application.
  • Only 18 kilometers separate Jalgaon city from Supreme’s megaproject in Gadegaon.

Categories by Supreme Pipe Manufacturers

Supreme Industries Pipes
Aqua Gold UPVC High-pressure Plumbing System
UPVC High Pressure ASTM Threaded Pipes
Lifeline CPVC Hot & Cold Water Pipes

3. Finolex Industries – India’s Best Pipes Manufacturing Company

Finolex Industries | Top 10 PVC pipe Manufacturers in India

Finolex PVC Pipes and Fittings are perfect for a wide range of usage in both agricultural and non-agrarian areas, including construction, mechanical, and lodging, because they are offered in a variety of diameters, pressure classes, and distances.

Applications of Finolex Industries

  • The company has been distributing PVC-U and CPVC Pipes and Fittings of unparalleled quality across the country through its more than 18000 nearby and off-the-beaten-path shop locations.
  • The main substance used to make pipelines is PVC. Ratnagiri is the location of a pitch-producing facility built by Finolex that spans more than 650 acres.
  • PVC finds uses in a variety of contexts, including pipe assembly, link protection, window profiles, solvent blocks of cement & Lubricants carpeting, rankle bundling, and so forth.
  • PVC, which naturally lends itself to flexibility, continually discovers new uses for it. Finolex borewell pipes’ price list ranges from Rs 300-700 per piece in different sizes.

Categories Offered by Finolex Pipe Manufacturers

Plumbing & Sanitation PipesAgriculture Pipes
CPVC Pipes & FittingsCasing pipes
Sewerage PipesColumn Pipes
ASTM Pipes & FittingsSolvent Cement & Lubricant
SWR Pipes

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4. Astral Pipes – Top PVC pipe manufacturers in India

Astral Pipes | Top 10 Best PVC manufacturers in India

To construct sewage and plumbing systems in India, Astral Pipes was established in 1996. Millions of households today have their basic needs met by the company, which also contributes to India’s expanding land organization by displaying the mark of unrivaled quality making it of the top plumbing pipe brands in India.

Why Astral Pipes?

  • With state-of-the-art production facilities across the country, Astral Pipes can satisfy the demands of various geologies and marketplaces and is the best PVC pipe brand in India.
  • There are automated systems for material handling and frame maintenance at the Company’s six assembly plants across the country.
  • Astral Production communication and oversight rely on a SCADA framework, and they have a QC section on staff to maintain tight control over the creation quality.

Categories Offered by Astra Pipe Company

Pipe by Astral
Plumbing Pipes & Fittings
Drainage Pipes
Agricultural Pipes & Fittings
Industrial Pipes
Fire Sprinklers Pipes & Fittings

5. Savera Pipes – Best PVC Pipe company in India

Savera Pipes

The leading manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of PVC Flexible Hose Pipes are Savera Pipes Pvt Ltd. These products include yard pipes, suction hose pipes, PVC duct pipes, lay-flat tubes and sanitary applications, and PVC wire-built pipes. This manufacturer comes under top pipe brands.

Pipes Offered by Savera Pipe Manufacturers

Savera Pipes
PVC Sleeve
UPVC Rigid Pipes
UPVC Plumbing Pipes
PVC Steel reinforced Hose Pipes

6. Dutron Pipes

Dutron Pipes | Top 10 Best PVC pipe manufacturers in India

It is considered to be one of India’s most renowned producers of plastic line frameworks Dutron Group. Beginning Dutron Group’s responsibilities as a separate plastic line manufacturing plant in Ahmedabad in 1962, they eventually produced the first examples of PVC manufacturer suction hoses in 1971 with assistance from Totaku Industries Inc., the largest producer of Kanaflex Suction Hose in Japan. It took some time, but with help from Totaku Industries Inc., it wasn’t difficult.

Dutron provides products made of plastics for a variety of funneling uses in a few industries, including High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride (CPVC), and Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC).

Categories Offered by Dutron Pipe Manufacturer

Dutron Pipes
Suction Hose
Braided Hose
Flat Hose
uPVC Pipes & Fittings
HDPE Pipes & Fittings
CPVC Pipes

7. Apollo Pipes

Apollo Pipes | Top 10 Best PVC Pipe Manufacturing Brands in India

The business, which has its headquarters in Delhi, is a world leader in the market for funneling and related goods sold under the APL Apollo name and is a leading manufacturer of PVC in India. The company values a strong reputation for high-quality products and a reliable allocation system.

Why Apollo Pipes?

  • Apollo Pipelines produce the highest-quality CPVC, PVC, and HDPE pipelines and fittings.
  • Apollo pipes are also the most flexible, with a direct product variety from 15mm to 400mm in width.

Result of ongoing efforts to manage the market with the best funneling arrangement it is the best water pipe brand in India. As it includes the fittings market’s fastest growth in APL and the current orders market for PVC fittings makers in North India. That’s why they are on the list of top 10 PVC pipe companies in India.

Product Category by Apollo Pipes

Apollo Pipes
CPVC Plumbing Pipes
uPVC Plumbing System
Column Pipes
Casing Pipes
HDPE Pipes & Coils

8. Kankai Pipes

Kankai Pipes | List of top 10 Best PVC pipe manufacturing companies in India

In the pipes manufacturers, “Kankai Pipes & Fittings Private Limited”, which was established in 2013, is becoming a rumored name. They devote a significant amount of effort to the manufacture and marketing of various kinds of Pipe and Fittings. They also have a solid financial foundation, which guarantees our company’s and the reformist movement’s quick growth.

Categories Offered by Kankai Pipes

Kankai Pipes
CPVC Pipes & Fittings
UPVC Plumbing Pipes
UPVC Column Pipes
UPVC Pressure Pipes
SWR Pipes & Fittings
Casing Pipes

9. Prince Pipes

Prince Pipes

To handle the problems of a developing India, Prince Pipes consistently focuses on expanding its item reach. Cost pipes were filed for consistent improvements in plumbing, water systems, and sewerage innovations to satisfy the nation’s steadily increasing water demands. From the smallest towns to the largest urban regions, Prince Pipes works tirelessly to get the world ready for a future in which everyone has access to clean water.

What makes Prince Pipes Unique in the market?

  • With the help of the Zero Defect Manufacturing interface, Prince focuses on low-effort, non-polluting water transportation in every region of the country.
  • Which makes it an environmentally friendly PVC pipe manufacturer in India 2023.
  • Every situation receives trouble-free sewage flow thanks to Prince Pipe’s subterranean seepage frameworks.

Product Category by Prince Pipes

Prince Pipes
Plumbing Pipes
Agriculture Pipes & Fittings
Industrial Pipes & Fittings

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10. Jain Pipes

Jain Pipes | Top 10 Best PVC Manufacturers in India

The leading producer of thermoplastic piping frames for all feasible applications, Jain Piping Division’s pipes vary in size from 3 mm to 1600 mm and are rated based on a number of critical considerations. The Piping Division separates the irrigation requirements of the ranchers from the needs of the country’s metropolitan and provincial framework.

Why Buy from Jain Pipes?

  •  It includes PE, PVC Pipes, and Fittings to meet the needs and they also have the best quality PVC pipe in India.
  • Another item that will be added to the above collection of foundational items is Jain CPVC plumbing pipelines and Fittings for Hot water applications.
  • With efficiency, economy, and long life, this plumbing pipe brand will efficiently transfer hot water.
  • The chlorine content of PVC pipes from Jain provides increased material resistance against chemical attacks.

Categories Offered by Jain Pipes

Jain Pipes
Plumbing & Drainage Systems
PVC & HDPE Piping Systems
Fittings & Accessories


1. Which are the Top 3 PVC pipe manufacturing companies in India?

Ashirvad Pipes, Supreme Industries, and Finolex are the top 3 PVC pipe brands in India.

2. What is the starting price of a Finolex CPVC pipe?

The average price of a Finolex CPVC pipe starts at INR 900/piece.

3. Which is the top plumbing pipe brand in India?

Finolex and Supreme Industries is one of the well-known plumbing pipe brands in India.

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