Top 10 Hollywood Thriller Movies You Got To Watch 2023 March

Top Hollywood Thriller Movies

2022 is a spectacular year for movie lovers. This year, there is a tonne of new movies you got to put on your watchlist and we’ve gathered them all here for you! It’s challenging to keep up with all of the fantastic new thriller movies available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services. So, to help you a bit and unburden you a little, here is a list of our top 10 thriller movies Hollywood has for you in the year 2022.

Top Hollywood Thriller Movies – 10 Best-Rated

1. Men Thriller Movies Best Ones To Watch

A24 fans, get ready! The most recent horror movie produced by your independent friend’s favorite company is Men. This film, starring Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear, was written and directed by Alex Garland, who also worked on the films Ex Machina and Annihilation.

If you’re looking for the best thriller movies to watch, Men narrates the story of a young widow who travels alone soon after her husband seems to have committed suicide, and the ensuing psychological instability is understandable.

2. Beast – Top Thriller Hollywood Movies

Beast Hollywood Movie

A heart-pounding new film from the superb list of best suspense thriller movies, the movie is about a rogue lion trying to prove that the savannah has only one top predator attacking a man and his two teenage children. In order to visit a game reserve operated by an old family friend and wildlife scientist named Martin Battles, Dr. Nate Daniels, a single father of two daughters, brings them to South Africa, where he originally met his wife. But when a lion starts hunting them, what began as a therapeutic stroll rapidly turns into a horrific struggle for survival. The lion in question is a vicious poacher’s survivor who now sees everyone as his enemy.

3. Memory – Best Suspense Thriller Movies

Memory Hollywood MovieThis movie is a must when it comes to the top suspense thriller movies Hollywood has awarded you with. The plot goes as Skilled assassin Alex becomes a target after turning down a job for a dangerous criminal group. FBI officers and Mexican intelligence are involved in the investigation into the corpse trail, which takes them closer to Alex. Alex has the capacity to maintain one step ahead as the FBI and the criminal organization pursue him. But every decision he takes is complicated by his severe memory loss. Every action Alex does must be scrutinized, including the extent to which he may be trusted.

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4. The Gray Man – Top Suspense Thriller Movies

Ryan Gosling portrays Six (real name Courtland Gentry) in The Gray Man, the newest suspense movie from The Russo Brothers. Six is a CIA agent who uses his specific abilities to take out any bad men they consider to be a danger. At the beginning of the movie, Gentry received a jail term for killing his domineering father. One day, Six receives a visit from CIA Director Donald Fitzroy, who offers Six freedom.

Freedom, at least in the sense that Fitzroy tells Gentry that his job as a black operations spy for the CIA will enable him to live a life outside of a jail cell. The CIA teaches Gentry to be the murderer they want him to be once he agrees, perhaps because he is sick of the prison food and the large, tattooed guys. Later, Gentry adopts the persona of Six, an individual from the “Gray Man” unit.

A life with the CIA is unfortunately not a guarantee of freedom. Six could have to go back to jail at the conclusion of the movie in addition to being under the agency’s supervision.

5. Watcher – Top Suspense Movie

The movie, which has a slow-burn structure, tries to depict Julia’s (well-portrayed by Maika Monroe) psychology as she battles paranoia and the sense of being pursued by someone. Acing the title of one of the most watched good thriller movies in 2022, the movie also explores how she and everyone around her, including her lover, are gaslighted. The loneliness that comes with living abroad and being unfamiliar with the language and culture just makes it worse. Maika’s neighbor Irina, the only connection she can establish, is also dead, which makes her feel even more alone and apprehensive. Due to this, the conclusion, which works as a fantastic example of trope subversion, also acts as a mechanism by which Maika rediscovers her courage and liberates herself from the psychological malaise that has dogged her since the beginning of the movie.


6. The Batman – Best Hollywood Thriller Movies

The Batman Hollywood Movie

The R-emo Patz era was fantastic. The three-hour-long portrayal of Gotham City by director Matt Reeves, which debuted in March of this year, is sufficiently grim and repulsive. Batman can undoubtedly be named as part of the top Hollywood thriller movies to binge-watch on. The movie stars Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as a figure I won’t divulge, and Colin Farrell as The Penguin, in addition to Paul Dano as Catwoman and Colin Farrell as The Penguin.

7. Bullet Train – Top Thriller Suspense Movies

A chaotic, never-ending roller coaster trip across contemporary Japan begins with the movie. After too many unsuccessful missions, Ladybug is a hapless assassin determined to carry out the mission quietly. His destiny could have other ideas, however. The most rapid train in the world puts Ladybug on a collision course. That contains dangerous foes from all across the globe.

Now, who can miss this when talking about top thriller Hollywood movies in 2022?

8. Crimes of The Future – in Top 10 Thriller Movies to Watch

As the human body adapts to a synthetic environment, new alterations and mutations occur. Renowned performance artist Saul Tenser often shows how his organs change in experimental performances with his partner Caprice. Timlin, an investigator from the National Organ Registry, tirelessly pursues their movements and uncovers a covert group. They wanted to use Saul’s reputation to shed light on the next phase of human evolution.

9. Ambulance – Best Thriller Movies to Watch

Veteran Will Sharp, who needs money, seeks his adopted brother Danny for help in this action thriller directed by Michael Bay. Instead, professional criminal Danny promises him a sizable reward. But their heist is unsuccessful. A police officer who has been wounded and an EMT is inside the ambulance. When the desperate brothers take control of it. Will and Danny have to evade a citywide law enforcement response, keep their captives alive, and somehow manage to avoid murdering each other. Will they escape what will happen? what are the odds? watch the movie now.

10. Windfall – Best Hollywood Suspense Movies

A must-watch best Hollywood suspense movie. The movie is a thriller that focuses on a rich couple who arrive at their vacation home to find it being pillaged. The break-in at a pretentious software billionaire’s unoccupied holiday. Where the home goes south when his wife and his last-minute travel companion show up. A must watch

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Which of these 2022 Hollywood thriller movies have you watched? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you think we’ve missed one that definitely should be on this list. Then don’t hesitate to drop the name below!


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