Tax On Cryptocurrency in India

Tax On Cryptocurrency in India

The budget for the financial year 2022-23 has raised many doubts and concerns of Crypto investors in India. Since India does not have any specific law regulating Crypto investments, the investors were concerned about their investments.

However, after the Budget session, it is amply clear that the government is not planning to ban Cryptocurrency, rather has imposed a tax of 30% on it. In this blog, we will be discussing the following points:

  • Cryptocurrency Taxation India
  • Tax on Cryptocurrency gains in India
  • Gst on Cryptocurrency in India

A Background of Cryptocurrency Taxation in India

There was speculation among a lot of investors as to whether Cryptocurrency will be banned by the central bank or will there be any adverse effects of investing in it.

The Budget session made it clear that the digital currency will not be banned but at the same time imposed hefty taxation on cryptocurrency India. Before this budget session, the Central Bank sought to ban all sorts of private cryptocurrencies in India. Now the tax on crypto in India is fixed at 30%.

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Crypto Tax in India

Apart from income tax on cryptocurrency India, the Government also announced to issue its digital currency in the year 2022-23 using the blockchain technology.

Taxation of cryptocurrency in India will be charged @30%. Crypto Tax India will be charged on the transfer of such digital currency. Income Tax on Cryptocurrency India will be taxed at 30% along with an additional 1% tax deduction at source during such transfers.

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Further, it has been clarified that tax on crypto trading in India will be distinct from taxes imposed on capital gains from other sources like stocks and funds. The taxability of cryptocurrency in India will be such that one who has invested in crypto earlier and incurred a loss, then he won’t be able to settle the losses or offset the losses against any other source of income.

Cryptocurrency income tax India will be charged on gifts as well. Tax on Crypto Gains India has created havoc among investors because of the hefty percentage of tax that will be charged.

GST on Crypto – Another Aspect of Income Tax on Cryptocurrency in India

India crypto tax will be charged @30% but the authorities did not clarify whether the GST will be applicable on the transfer of such digital currency or not.

However, the announcement might be interpreted as a setback for prospective buyers trying to diversify and make additional investments in cryptos to their financial portfolio.

Hence, the tax for cryptocurrency in India has been fixed at 30%, and all the relevant points associated with it have been mentioned in the article above.

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