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A Complete Tata Sky Recharge Offers Guide 2022

Tata Sky Recharge Offers– Recharging your entertainment dose account is an important task for you and especially when you want to save cost on this. Tata sky recharge offers or tata play offers are varied as per the region, language, and customer requirement. Therefore, browse the tata sky recharge offers to acknowledge your favorite channels on TV. Tata sky recharge is very easy due to the error-less UI and UX experience of the portal. It is the official website to recharge tata sky. Hence, just browse the plans, offers, and all those things that you want for your daily dose of entertainment. Looking for more offers on “my tata sky” means you reach the right destination. This blog helps you to know more about the “tata sky recharge plan”. Hence, choose your plan for tata sky recharge by looking at the tata play offers. 

Key Highlights of Tata Sky Plans 2022-

Tata Sky Plans & Packs Total Channels Validity Tata Sky Recharge Price
Tata Sky Hindi Basic 74 Channels 1 Month ₹190.57
Tata Sky Tamil Basic 61 Channels 1 Month ₹132.14
Tata Sky Marathi Hindi Basic 72 Channels 1 Month ₹194.11
Tata Sky Hindi Super Pack 75 Channels 1 Month ₹200.54
Tata Sky Telugu Basic 57 Channels 1 Month ₹155.5
Tata Sky Hindi Basic HD 75 Channels 1 Month ₹308.92
Tata Sky Kannada Basic 49 Channels 1 Month ₹135.69
Tata Sky FTA Complimentary 149 Channels 1 Month Free
Tata Sky Telugu Basic HD 58 Channels 1 Month ₹262.2
Tata Sky Bengali Hindi Basic 72 Channels 1 Month ₹196.47

New Name of Tata Sky-

Many people even don’t know about the new and official name of tata sky. The name of tata sky has been replaced by “Tata Play” now. That means you can also look at the tata play recharge offers rather than tata sky recharge offers on the web. 


Tata Sky Recharge-

A user never wants to break the entertainment experience. To get hassle-free entertainment in your television you must keep up to date with your tata sky recharge. Hence, make sure that your account is activated with an efficient balance because the zero balance tata sky account will be deactivated after some time.


Tata Sky Customer Care Number

Customers have so many queries related to accounts, technical issues, recharge plans, etc. Hence, Tata Sky also offers a seamless customer service experience to the audience. You can get in touch with the Tata Sky team in these given ways-

  • Tata Sky Customer Service Number
  • Tata Sky Website Chat Bots 
  • Tata Sky Email Support Service

Two major helplines to get in touch with tata sky customer care numbers are given here. You can call on these helpline numbers anytime anywhere to get smart assistance. 

  • 1860 208 6633
  • 1860 500 6633


Tata Sky Login

UI and UX experience of is so much impressive. It is the official website of tata sky recharge. When you are not familiar with the tata sky login perspective then you need to keep some points in your mind-

#1. is the official tata sky login portal

#2. Click on “my account”

#3. You will be redirected to the “my tata sky login”

#4. Enter your subscriber ID or mobile number

#5. Unregistered customers are required to do registration first

#6. Click on continue

#7 That sits!

It is an easy process that users need to follow for completing the tata sky account login. Tata sky EVD login is different from the login for tata sky users. 


My Tata Sky-

Many people are thinking that tata play login and “my tata sky “both are different terms. When we talk about reality then we can say that “my tata sky” or “my tata play” reference to the login of the tata sky account. There is no difference between these two terms. 


Tata Sky New Connection-

Users can easily get the new connection of tata play by exploring the major options. Here are the things to know about tata play’s new connection that you need to know.

1). Users can get the online new connection of tata sky by online order. You have to pay online for this by using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI, Wallet, or Cash on Delivery.

2). Tata sky new connection number is 074117 74117. Customers can give a missed call on this number or other number for tata sky’s new connection is 9293192931.

3). How to find an authorized tata sky partner in my area? When you are looking to know more about this question then we can say that you can find the list of authorized tata play partners by sending an SMS dl (space) (pin code)” to 56633. For example, SMS dl 400025 to 56633.

4). Customers can also avail the offers and deals by ordering online tata sky new connection 2022. 

How to Upgrade My Tata Sky Set-Up Box? 

Users can also upgrade the tata play set-up box as per the latest technology. It is possible through the tata sky customer service number or from the tata sky authorized partner near me. You need to mention your subscriber ID if you want to upgrade your tata sky setup box. 


Tata Sky Remote:

Remote is the main tool for exploring channels on TV. Without a remote, you can’t imagine your daily entertainment. Hence, know more about the tata play remote because this remote is different from the traditional remote. Tata sky remote price for SD, HD, and 4K boxes is INR 200 and for PVR, HD PVR boxes and +HD is INR 375. You can order tata sky remote online by visiting on the website of 

Tata sky remote online order helpline is No.1800 208 6633, 1860 120 6633 & 1860 500 6633. You can all on these numbers and give your account information to receive your remote of tata sky at home. 


Tata Sky Binge Recharge Offers 2022-

Pack Name  Pack Features Price
News Kids TV Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Kids

SD Channel Count 26

Rs. 389
Odia Regional TV Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Entertainment, Movies

SD Channel Count 8

Rs. 389
Bengali TV Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Entertainment, Kids, Movies, Sports

SD Channel Count 41

Rs. 409
Malayalam Regional TV Netflix Basic Comb Best Of News, Entertainment, Movies

SD Channel Count 11

Rs. 419
News Kids TV HD Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Kids

HD Channel Count 2

SD Channel Count 24`

Rs. 399
Malayalam Regional TV HD Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Entertainment, Movies

HD Channel Count 3

SD Channel Count 8

Rs. 439
Tamil Regional TV Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Entertainment, Movies

SD Channel Count 26

Rs. 459
Kannada Regional TV Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Entertainment, Movies

SD Channel Count 13

Rs. 459
News Kids Sports TV Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Kids, Sports

SD Channel Count 34

Rs. 469
Telugu Regional TV Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Entertainment, Movies

SD Channel Count 19

Rs. 469
Kannada Regional TV HD Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Entertainment, Movies

HD Channel Count 4

SD Channel Count 9

Rs. 479
Odia Regional TV Binge Combo Best Of Entertainment, Movies, News

SD Channel Count 8

Rs. 499
Tamil Regional TV HD Netflix Basic Combo Best Of News, Entertainment, Movies

HD Channel Count 7

SD Channel Count 20

Rs. 509


Click Here to View Complete Tata Play Bing Pack List 


Tatasky Recharge Offers

Tatasky is the leading company to buy a new connection setup box in India. It is not a new startup but a well-settled, reputed, and trusted satellite service provider in our country. Due to the 24 hours tata sky customer support services, most of the customers choose this company for the new connection of set up box. 

When you are looking for the tatasky recharge offers and plans, then you have to look at the various portals. There are so many websites that are offering amazing deals on tatasky plans. Therefore, complete your tatasky recharge instantly by choosing the online methods of tata sky recharge. 

If you don’t know about the latest plans and offers, then you can also get in touch with the tatasky customer care because tatasky helpline is working 24 hours for the customers. You can just call on the tatasky customer care number which is available on the tataplay official website. We already mention the details of tatasky login because if you are not able to do login tatasky then you can visit Tatasky recharge online is the right option for the buyers when they want to save a good amount of money. 

Tata Sky Packs

You can have a look at the tata play packs because these tata sky recharge offers are cheaper than other companies. Tata sky is known for its affordable entertainment solutions. Therefore, don’t miss your regular entertainment with the affordable tatasky packs. 

Tata Sky Packs Total Channels Validity Price
Tata Play Family Kids Pack 92 Channels 1 Month ₹233.76
Tata Play Tamil Basic Pack 63 Channels 1 Month ₹147.16
Tata Play Hindi Basic HD Pack 77 Channels 1 Month ₹321.43
Tata Play Telugu Basic 57 Channels 1 Month ₹163.6
Tata Play Marathi Hindi Basic New Pack 73 Channels 1 Month ₹207.22
Tata Play FTA Complimentary 146 Channels 1 Month Free
Tata Play Tamil Regional HD Pack 27 Channels 1 Month ₹168.85
Tata Play Telugu Basic HD 58 Channels 1 Month ₹272.52
Tata Play Hindi Smart Pack 38 Channels 1 Month ₹143.24
Tata Play Hindi Movies 16 Channels 1 Month ₹77.4


How to Choose Best Tata Sky Recharge Offers? 

Getting the best offer on tata sky recharge is not possible for the customers when they are not using smart ideas. Let’s check all those things which are important to fetch the best tata sky recharge offers. After all, these offers are crucial to save more on your monthly tata sky recharge online offers.

1). Visit

First thing for the users is visiting on the tata sky offers official website. Which is the official website to avail direct tatasky recharge offers? If you are searching for “” then we must tell you one thing tata sky is now known as tata play and that’s why the web address of the company has also changed to If you searching for “my tata sky” or “tatasky. com/rmn” then you will be redirected on the new web address of the company which is

2). Browse Tata Sky Cringe Offers-

Now you need to browse the cringe offers for the tata sky recharge online. You can choose the ultimate money-saving tata sky DTH recharge offers from the cringe pack list. There is a separate section of cringe offers and you can consider a tata sky recharge offers in your set up box. 

3). Online Payment Method-

Online method is the right choice for the customers that they need to select, if they are thinking to save money on the tata sky recharge online offers. Even, sometimes, on some payment options such as credit card, debit card, payment wallet, UPI, and net banking, customers can avail of extra cashback and discounts.

4). What About Online Payment Applications?

On the other hand, you should also not miss the offers on tata sky recharge plan by using the payment applications such as Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pe and many more. These mobile applications are offering exciting cashback and shopping vouches on tata sky recharge plans. 

5). Don’t Forget to Select Channels-

While selecting tata sky recharge offers, a customer should never forget to select the channels in the plan. Sometimes, you are paying money for those channels which are useless and meaningless for you. Thus remove all those channels from your “my tata sky” account and pay only for those channels that you watch. 

6). Don’t Miss Notification of Tata Sky Packages-

There are so many times when during the festive season company offers reliable and cheap discounts to customers on the tata sky packages. Hence, whenever you get any notification regarding the tata sky recharge offers on your email or mobile phone, then browse the details of offers. With this, you can save your money for longer time recharge of tata sky packages.

Tata Sky Packages List 2022

Tata Sky Packages List 2022 Total Channels  Price
My 99 160 Channel ₹99 
Dhamaka 199 171 Channels ₹199 
Dhamaka 256 Channels ₹220 
Dhamaal Mix 137 Channels ₹320 
Dhamaal Kids 143 Channels ₹350 
Dhamaka 199 HD 235 Channels  & 47 HD Channels ₹374 
Bumper 153 Channels ₹440 
Ultra 184 Channels ₹560 
Sports Dhamaka 147 Channels ₹420 
Ultra HD 220 Channels

36 HD Channels

Dhamaal Mix HD 156 Channels ₹495 
& 19 HD Channels
Bumper HD 177 Channels 24 HD Channels ₹615 
Sports Dhamaka HD 171 Channels

24 HD Channels

Dhamaal Kids HD 199 Channels & ₹525 
52 HD Channels
My 99 HD 160 Channels ₹274 
Gujarati Regional 4 Channels ₹7 
Music 7 Channels ₹7 
South Special 179 Channels ₹240 
South Sports Bonanza 121 Channels ₹310 
South Special HD 126 Channels ₹415 
&11 HD Channels
South Sports Bonanza HD 134 Channels ₹485 
& 13 HD Channels


Tata Sky Monthly Pack

Are you trying to get the best tata sky recharge offer on the monthly pack? As per the case study, 70% of users consider the recharge of the tata sky monthly pack because they do not want to pay a big amount of money on the tata sky three-month recharge or the tata sky six-month recharge plan. They think that spending money on recharge for a longer duration is an extra expense burden for them. 

However, some consider tata sky recharge offers 1 year because they do not want to face the bother of recharge task again. These types of customers want to save time on the online tata sky recharge and that’s why they did the tatasky recharge for 1 year. 


Additional Information About Tata Sky DTH-

  • Tata sky TV ensures a seamless better entertainment experience with HD channels and HD voice clarity. What is the meaning of “tatasky. com/rmn”. Many people are searching this query because the full form of RMN here is the registered mobile number. It is the old URL of the old website and the new URL has been changed now for this query. This time, you have to go to the “my tata sky login” section to change your registered mobile number.
  • Tatasky live is also the service by the tata play. It is a mobile application for iOS and Android device users where they can download the tata sky live application to view the live TV facility on their mobile phone. That means you can watch tata sky live on your phone as well. 
  • Tata sky online recharge is a better option than offline recharge for the customers because they don’t have a need to waste time at the store or agent shops when they have accessibility to pay for tata sky recharge online. 
  • Mytata sky is the feature of tata sky login. When a user searches for the “mytatasky” that means, he or she is looking for the login portal. 
  • Tata sky channel selection is also quite an easy task for the users when they complete the login process by using the registered email ID or phone number at the tata sky portal. 
  • Tata sky channel selection is important to grab the best tata sky recharge offers for the customers. You need to go to the section of “my tata sky login” to view the latest plan as per your subscription ID.
  • Tata sky set up box services are one of the best satellite services in India. Therefore, your investment in the tata play setup box is quite cost-effective for you.
  • Customers can also get support from the tata sky WhatsApp number. You can also ask about the latest tata sky recharge plan from the customer service desk. 
  • Tata sky DTH plans and recharge offers to vary in different times. Therefore, we advise all customers that they must check the recharge offers at the official portal whenever they are going to do tata play recharge. 
  • If you need any help then you can call on the tata sky helpline number or tata play customer service. 

A Glimpse on Tata Sky Company

Tata Sky is a Private Entity in the Satellite Television Industry. The company was founded on 10 August 2006 and currently serving in all states of India for broadcasting services. It is one of the leading broadcast satellite service providers in India and mainly uses MPEG-4 Digital Compression Technology. Tata Sky is the result of two big companies joining ventures as Tata Sons and the Walt Disney Company. However, Temasek Holdings is also a minor partner in this venture. Working the extensive channel options such as 601 and 495 SD Channels, Tata Sky become the leading group in the Indian market.

How to Recharge Tata Sky?

1) the First visit to the Tata Sky Recharge Online Official Site and is

2) Select “Existing Customer” if you want to recharge your Tata Sky Account Online.

3) Select “Go to My Account”

4) Enter Your Registered Mobile Number or Subscriber ID

5) If you want to know other offers then select “ Look for Other Offerings”.

6) If Not registered on the portal of Online Recharge Tata Sky then select “Not Register Yet, Click Here”

7) Registered With Your Detail and Proceed for the Recharge

8) Enter the Recharge Amount for Tata Sky Recharge Online

9) Select the Channels, Packs, Combos and Modify Your Pack Before Paying Amount of Tata Sky Recharge

10) Billing amount will change or reflect as per the pack and channels selected by you.

11) Pay Online for Recharge of Tata Sky through debit card, credit card, net banking, or e-wallet.

Tata Sky Online Recharge Plans:

Tata Sky Basic Hindi Pack:

One of the affordable and ideal packs for the middle class to Recharge Tata Sky is Tata Sky Basic Hindi Pack. This pack cost around Rs 191 and the total 74 channels you will get in this pack (32 channels are popular). Total 15 Hindi movies channels are part of this pack.

Tata Sky Tamil Basic:

This pack is especially for the Tamil audience and the total channels in this pack are around 61. Tamil channels are 31 and the cost of this pack is Rs 134 per month.

Tata Sky Hindi Super Pack:

The next most popular pack for the Tata Sky DTH Recharge that you need to know is the Super Hindi Pack. This pack is known as the Super because Hindi channels are extensive in this pack. Total 75 Channels are part of this pack and the pricing of this pack is Rs 200 per month.

Tata Sky Basic Hindi HD:

One of the premium packs that you need to know in the checklist of the Tata Sky Recharge Offer is Basic Hindi HD Pack. This pack is best for full-on entertainment because News Channels and Movies channels are available in this pack. Total 75 channels are available and the HD channels are 32 in this pack.

Tata Sky Family HD New:

Looking for a pack that comes with extensive cartoon channels? Check this pack now for the Tata Sky Recharge TV because this channel is focusing on kids and family entertainment both under the pricing of 349 per month.

Tata Sky English Movies Pack:

When you are going to do the Online Payment Tata Sky but want to modify your pack because you want to add the English Movies pack then 6 popular English movies channels are available in this pack with the costing of Rs 69 per month.

Manage Your Packs on TV from Your Device:

1) Now customers can change the pack or track the channels packs of Tata Recharge from the device or Smartphone. How it is possible? It is possible when you install the Tata Sky Mobile Application from your play store.

2) Install the application and log in with your detail

3) Mobile application is also appropriate for the Tata Sky Quick Recharge. 

4) From North India to Tata Sky South Package, you can explore everything in the mobile application of the company.

5) Payment can also be done with the Debit Card and you can choose the option of Tata Sky Recharge Debit Card to pay the monthly recharge amount from your debit card.

6). Before selecting the option of Tata Sky Online Recharge from Debit Card, you must check the offer of promo codes and coupon codes.

Payment Options for Tata Sky TV Recharge:

1) A customer can use a credit card as well for the “My Tata Sky Online Recharge” objective. Credit cards of all major banks are accepted by the company.

2) Tata Sky Payment can also be done through the Tata Sky Recharge Online Debit Card. You can also use your ATM Card for the Tata Sky Payment.

3) Net Banking is also a choice for the payment when you are doing Tata Sky Online Login for the recharge.

4) Use your UPI networks to pay the bill of Tata Sky.

What is the Minimum Recharge of Tata Sky?

The minimum amount to activate your Tata Sky Account is Rs 20. By recharging the Tata Sky with Rs 20, you can activate your account and explore the services for a few hours.

Avail Offers of Tata Sky Recharge:

Tata Sky is always launching the great offers for the customers but you must avail these offers during the payment because if you didn’t know about the payment offers and the deals then you may miss the chance to get the best deal for your monthly pack.

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