The need for Mental Health awareness in India: Self Care 2020

How to come over depression
June 16, 2020

Mental health has always been neglected, treated as taboo, and not paid attention in this millennial urgency to achieve everything before time. Every now or then we come across one such news around the world on psychological health problem which stuns us before it makes us question our beliefs on the mental system affected every day. Recently, the untimely demise of our own Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput due to…


8 Men’s Products That Are Good For Women

April 16, 2016

SHOCKED? Well, whenever you run out of your deodorant/shampoos/bodywash etc. just think of raiding your boyfriend/husband/father/ brother’s products for once before heading up to your grooming store. The TV commercials have a way to make one believe that some products are made “JUST FOR MEN”! Just because a product says that it’s for men doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you are a girl. The only difference between the…