8 High-Protein Veg Food That Needs In Your Diet

Protein Veg Food

Many people believe that protein in large proportions is found only in non-Vegetarian food but somehow this is false information. So, there exists a high protein vegetarian foods which are veg protein foods, and protein-rich foods for vegans which provide us with a significant amount of protein that is enough for our body.

Many people do prefer protein powders and other protein-rich supplements which provide you with the appropriate quantity of protein but in this blog, we will majorly be listing protein-rich foods for vegetarians along with vegetarian protein recipes which can be cooked and baked at home in no time.

Not only this, for protein diet veg or rich protein food veg. You can add these best vegetarian protein sources in the protein-rich foods for vegans. hence, have a vegetarian source of protein which is a  rich protein veg food and has foods with high protein for vegetarians as well as for non-vegetarians.

Listed below is the food rich in protein for vegetarians.

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Before that,

Why Your Body Needs Protein Rich Foods?

There exists a variety of Protein-rich foods in veg. Below are the benefits of high protein foods for vegans. Also,  Is it a real vegetarian diet rich in protein, and vegetarian food for muscle strength?

  • Protein lowers appetite and hunger:

The high protein foods in vegetarians reduce the ghrelin concentrations which is the hunger hormone. That is why the consumption of veg food for protein is necessary.

  • Improvisation of Cardiac Health:

Vegetarian foods rich in protein are very beneficial as they effectively lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Contributes to Muscle and Bone Strength:

Foods with high protein for vegans contribute a lot to muscle strength. Protein foods for bodybuilding are vital as while workout and muscle training your body needs much protein.

  • Postulates Healthy Skin:

Protein adds power to tissues that are subjected to regular wear and strain, such as the skin. Collagen is a fibrous protein present in plenty that gives the tissue cells the essential firmness. The robust and young aspect of the skin, as well as the absence of wrinkles, is primarily determined by the amount of collagen available in the body.


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Not only this, you can consume directly protein powders in case of high protein foods for a vegetarian. It works well. Because, sometimes, the food is out of stock or maybe you are staying away from home. And not possible to intake food and fruits. Then, protein powder is the perfect alternative for your protein rich vegetarian food list.

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High Protein Foods for Vegetarians

Below is the list of the protein rich food for vegetarians which can easily be prepared at home. Moreover, you can include these into your protein rich vegetarian diet.

Lentils are also known as ‘Daal’. It is one of the protein sources for vegetarians. The nutrition value of Lentils is very high and comprises almost 18g of protein in one single cup. The most advantageous thing about this protein-rich veg diet is the making procedure is quite simple and takes very little time. Therefore, you should add it to your protein-based vegetarian diet. 

Not only are high-protein foods vegetarian but a significant amount of anti-oxidants and minerals are also found in lentils which makes them an excellent vegetarian protein meal. These high-protein foods vegan can be taken in form of soup if you wish to lose weight. Below is the detailed nutrition table of these vegetarian foods rich in protein:

Nutrients in Lentils Amount per 1 Cup
Protein 18g of daily value vitamin
Vitamin B6 20%
Iron 36%

Hence, it is the top veg protein rich food which is protein rich food for vegetarians that is -protein rich veg food India and is highly rich protein food.  Which food contains protein in veg? Read on!

Legumes-protein-rich vegetables. It constitutes a wide variety of beans including chickpeas, kidney beans (rajma), black beans, and much more. They are a very rich source of protein and are good for those who need the high protein vegetarian diet.

It is also a high-protein vegetarian meal for weight loss and can be consumed in a few interesting ways as the recipe to make it is very simple. Below is the nutrition table of the best vegan protein sources. Not only this, it is the veg source of protein India.

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(Best sources of protein in vegetarians in India)

Nuts are one of the best high-protein foods for a vegetarian. Not only veg protein sources but a significant amount of minerals and antioxidants are also found in Nuts. They are excellent for heart health and also the dynamo of energy.

The most advantageous thing about this protein-rich food veg is that it provides you with instant nutrients i.e., you don’t need to bake or make it, simply consume it and yeah, you have already intaken 40% of your daily protein requirement.

Nutrients in Nuts Amount per 1 Cup
Protein 27g of daily value
Vitamin B6 25% of daily value
Iron 19% of daily values

It is high protein food in veg and holds the potential to fulfill 1/4th of the daily value of total protein intake. These vegan protein foods also offer a good amount of calcium which contributes to bone strength and muscle building. Below is the nutrition table of the protein-rich foods for muscle gain i.e., Paneer. Yes, you can include paneer in protein rich food in a vegetarian diet. Shocked?

Nutrients in Paneer Amount per 1 Cup
Protein 28g of daily value
Calcium 31% of daily value
Carbs 3.57 g of daily values

Oats are one of the best vegetarian foods that are high in protein. Not only protein, be it fiber, minerals, iron, and other nutrients, each one of these is found in abundance in Oats. Not only does it come under the ambit of good sources of protein for vegetarians, but can be prepared in multiple ways. That is the reason it is also known as a protein-rich food for vegetarians. Hence, it is the yummiest protein foods veg, and this into your protein rich diet veg.

Nutrients in Oats Amount per 100 gms
Protein 16.9g of daily value
Fiber 10.7 g of daily value
Sugar 0 g of daily values

Best 5 High Protein Vegetarian Foods in India

We have sorted the vegetables high in protein which can fulfill your daily protein requirement. Find the list below of the veg foods high in protein. Now, get your protein rich Indian food. Read on the top 10 veg protein foods. 

  • Green Peas – protein rich food veg in India

Green Peas are the prime source of protein in the segment of protein rich foods and vegetables. Besides protein, other essential vitamins such as vitamin A and K are found in plenty of chickpeas. The recipe for this high-protein vegan meal is very simple and efficient. We have sorted the vegetables high in protein which can fulfill your daily protein requirement. Find the list below:

Nutrients in Green Peas Amount per 1 Cup
Protein 8.6g of daily value
Vitamin C 25% of daily value
Cholesterol 0g of daily values
  • Spinach – Protein rich vegetables

Spinach is the best green vegetable rich in protein and vitamins. It is the primary source of protein that provides you with energy and boosts your immune system. It contributes almost 5.2 grams of protein to your daily diet. You can consume this rich protein veg food and high protein veg in form of a smoothie i.e., a green spinach smoothie which is also easier to make and serve. Not only this, it is the best source of protein for vegetarians in India.

Nutrients in Spinach Amount per 1 Cup
Protein 8.6g of daily value
Vitamin C 9% of daily value
Iron 5% of daily values
  • Sweet Corns – Protein Rich Food Veg

Want to have veg with most protein? If you would ask for the best protein rich vegetable which is delicious too, then sweet corn is the best we would recommend. It contains a high quantity of protein, vitamin C, and potassium. Below is the nutrition table of foods with high protein vegan i.e., sweet corns. This protein-rich vegetarian diet can be prepared in almost 20 ways and all the recipes are very quick and simple. Therefore, it is the best protein rich veg food.

Nutrients in Sweet Corn Amount per 1 Cup
Protein 4.7g of daily value
Vitamin C 11% of daily value
Potassium 8% of daily values
  • Guava – Protein Rich Fruits

Guava contains plenty of protein with very less or rather no amount of fats and cholesterol. There is no hustle and tussle of baking it or something. Just wash it and consume it right away and that is why you must include it in your veg protein diet.

Nutrients in Guava 1 unit of Guava
Protein 5g of daily value
Fat 1g of daily value
Vitamin C 380% of daily values
  • Kiwi –  protein-rich fruits

Kiwi is one of the veg food with high protein. It not only contains protein but also a huge quantity of Vitamin C. This vegetarian food with high protein is very good for weight loss and also provides you with healthy skin. No rush of making it or following different recipes, just peel it off and enjoy this food rich in protein for vegetarians.

Nutrients in Kiwi 1 unit of kiwi
Protein 2.1g of daily value
Calcium 6% of daily value
Vitamin C 278% of daily values

You must monitor your daily protein consumption and intake of protein-rich foods vegetarian. Ensure that you make a high protein vegetarian diet plan to make it easier for you to track your daily protein intake. Eat healthily and stay healthy because after all ‘your health is the true wealth’!

Hence, everybody needs foods with high protein vegetarian whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The mentioned protein rich diet list is for both vegetarian sources of protein and for non-vegetarians too. 

Having a proportionate amount of minerals is necessary to have in the body is a must. otherwise, there are so many diseases are there which are connected. if, there is a deficiency in any of them.

But, as most of us, are body-freak, we must consume the proper amount of high protein foods in vegetarian or take a vegetarian diet high in protein for the proper flow of the body system.  But, consuming excessive protein is also not good for health.

So, before consuming much, check what your body needs with the BMI reports and know where is the deficiency in the body and then work on it. Then, you are ready for your protein-rich diet for vegetarians. And chose your vegetarian foods that are high in protein as your favorite eatery!

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