Makeup Hacks and Tricks You Wish You knew Earlier

Makeup hacks and tricks

If you are someone who loves glamming up then don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are Makeup Hacks and Tricks you wish you knew earlier. So, next time you do your makeup these hacks will definitely be helpful for all makeup products. Its time you say goodbye to the thoughts about “how to do makeup at home” as you can learn makeup hacks and kill it.

 #1 The Foundation Hack

You must be already familiar with the foundation, but are you familiar with this Hack? The next time you start your makeup, remember to make foundation your step one. Applying your foundation before concealing helps even out your skin tone, creates an even base and clears minor blemishes which makes your makeup look more blended and gives you a simple makeup look.

 #2 Use a Lip Scrub before applying Lipstick

Applying a Lip Scrub before applying a lipstick helps remove any dryness and also hydrates your lips which indeed gives a better texture to your lipstick. So, the next time you apply lipstick, exfoliate your lips beforehand.

 #3 Do Your Eye Makeup First

Before applying your face makeup it’s best to do your eye makeup as it helps avoid spoiling your face makeup by any makeup fall out. So, to avoid any Redos it’s best to complete eye makeup first. Try out these Basic Makeup Products and give yourself a makeup professional look with exciting cashback offers.


 #4 Use Cellotape to Remove Your Glitter Eyeshadow

If you are someone who loves to glam up with glitter shadows but hate the after effect of smudged eyes, then don’t worry as there’s no need to struggle with that anymore. Take a piece of Cellotape and fold it such that the sticky end is towards your side then apply it on your eyelid and keep dabbing after which you can wash it with water.

 #5 Use a Spoon to Wing Your Liner

Who doesn’t like to wing their eyeliner; however, it can be quite cumbersome for some to do so. The next time you wish to wing your liner instead of an eye makeup simple, try out using a spoon as a stencil and get the perfect eyeliner you have always wished for.

 #6 Make your Dark Circles Disappear

Trying to hide your dark circles is always challenging, but not when you know the perfect hack to conceal your under eyes. So, the next time all you need to do is make a triangular shape under your eyes and blend it, as this helps to make your under eyes look brightened. Use this Face Makeup Product which is one of the top rated and get exciting cashback offers along with which an amazing makeup look.

 #7 Widen your Eyes

Applying a white or nude Liner will help your eyes look brighter and big as it is lighter than your skin tone. So, try applying a white liner to your waterline and see the difference yourself. Avoid applying a black liner to your waterline as it makes your eyes look smaller.

Bottom line

These beauty tips for girls will make Makeup for girls definitely simple, be it beauty makeup, makeup for beginners or face makeup these hacks will help you glam it all. So, try these makeup tips, to know about more makeup hacks you can watch makeup tips videos.

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