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Idea USSD Codes 2023 (Idea Recharge, Balance & Net)

Idea Balance Check Code

Idea USSD Codes 2023

Looking for USSD Code For Idea, Idea USSD Codes, Idea Offers? Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, commonly known as the USSD Code is primarily used to search the details and description of the telephone number. USSD Code does not need any sort of internet connection or any third-party application.

Every telecom company/operator has their own specific USSD codes that primarily aim to assist the customers to perform various tasks including but not limited to check the balance, check the best offers available, telecom operator notifications, and much more. Here in this blog, you will get to know categorically about the Idea USSD codes so that you can easily know the idea balance check code and further check idea offer available. Let’s begin!

How To Check Idea Offers for My Number?

With idea ussd codes, it is now super easy to check idea balance and the best offers available. USSD code for idea users to check the best offers available is listed below in the table:

Offer on idea recharge check number USSD Code
idea offer check number – Idea Talktime Offer *121#
idea offers on my number – Idea Data Offer *121*4*8#
idea offer number – Idea recharge offer *121#
idea offer code – Idea Internet offer *122#

How To Check Balance in Idea Sim?

Many times you are not aware of the balance available in your sim or the last recharge history. If you also want to know how to check last recharge in idea, then check the table below. To know when you last did the idea recharge number, you simply need to dial a USSD Code. Here’s the USSD code for the balance enquiry idea number:

Balance Enquiry of Idea Idea Recharge Check USSD Code
balance check idea *121#  or *131*3#
Data balance check in idea *125#


Updated Idea USSD Codes for all Idea Users

Be it the idea balance enquiry or the idea recharge code, these USSD codes can accomplish what you desire in no time. If you also wish to know how to check the validity in idea, then check the below-listed Idea Codes:

USSD Details The USSD Code list
idea validity check – Idea Balance check code *121# | *131*3#
Self-care for Idea users *121*4#
Idea Talktime offer *121#
check balance for idea data – idea recharge check number *125#
The greatest Recharge offers for people who use Idea *121#
Idea Best Internet Offer Check USSD Code *122#
Code for Idea Own Sim number *131*1# | *121*4*1*7#
Idea urgent talktime loan code *150*10# | *150*20#
USSD code to check the Idea balance & transfer details *191# and proceed on 2
Details of the active pack on your device *121*4*1*1#
5 previous calls history *121*4*1*2# | *121*412#
5 previous messages history *121*4*1*3#
5 previous data sessions history *121*4*1*4#
Check the 4G compatibility *121*4*1*5#
Record and status of Idea requests and complaints *121*4*1*6#
Immediate preceeding Idea recharge details *121*4*1*8# | *121*411#
Current plan details *121*4*1*9#
Idea preceding deductions details *121*4*1*10#
Idea tariff details *121*4*1*11# | *121*414#
Start receiving Idea offers and notifications *121*4*2*1#
Stop receiving Idea offers and notifications *121*4*2*2#
Details of 3G/4G balance – idea recharge check number *121*4*3*1#
idea validity check code for internet *121*4*3*2# | *121*4*1*1#
Details of 2G balance *121*4*3*3#
Code to check the digital services on your number *121*4*4#
Code to check the VAS services on your number Idea Number *121*4*4#
Get the taller tune activated *121*4*4*2*1# | Call on 56789
Get the MIS services activated on call *777*1# | Call on 55715
Get the Vas services activated Call on 1212
Navigate to the nearest Idea Store *121*4*5*1# and enter area PIN
Festive days offers and details *121*4*6*1#
Get the information of phone number using the SIM Number *121*4*6*2#
USSD code to check the Idea PUK SIM *121*4*6*3# and enter SIM No
Code for activation of Idea Sim activation *121*4*6*4#
The Bar Code number to check Idea recharge *121*4*6*5#
Code for self help option Idea *121*4*6*6#
Idea Galley check code *121*4*6*6*2#
Present pack activated on your device *121*4*6*6*4#
DND services – Activate or deactivate *121*4*6*6*7#
Details of roaming charges *121*4*7*1#
Get the details of the active pack *121*4*6*6*4#
Link E-mail with idea account *121*4*6*6*6#
Check the International roaming tariffs *121*4*7*4#
Full talktime details on your device *121*4*8*1
Recent data recharge code *121*4*8*3#
Get the details of Unlimited Pack recharge *121*4*8*3#
Idea plan summary & details *191# and proceed to 1


These were the codes to check for various services if you possess an Idea Sim Card. Be it the idea balance check code or the idea recharge check number code, we have summarily complied the codes. Hope you find this blog useful!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any USSD Code to check the remaining balance on my device?

A. Yes, there is a code. If looking for idea balance check code, simply dial *121#

Q2. What is the code to check the recharge offer on my device?

A. There exists an idea recharge check number. Dial *121# to know best discounts on Idea recharge.

Q3. Are these codes valid only for Idea Users?

A. Yes, the codes are valid only for Idea users.

Q4. Is there any option to link with Idea Account?

A. Yes, there is one option to link the email with your account. Dial *121*4*6*6*6# to do the same.

Q5. I want to deactivate the call offers that I receive from Idea customer care, is there any way out?

A. Yes, you can activate DND services on your account. Dial *121*4*6*6*7# from your mobile.

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