Vodafone Idea Free Internet Tricks and Offers 2022

The idea is one of India’s largest networks and most reliable communication sources. When it comes to internet consumption, there are a variety of internet bundles and plans available on the Indian network. The most powerful competitors in the market, for example, are Vodafone, Airtel, and Reliance Jio.

Free Internet tricks and offers for Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, and more are now in this blog. If you are thinking of determining the free internet tricks for these cellular networks, this is the right place for you to explore more details about Vodafone, Idea, and Airtel Free Data code and tricks. Don’t worry if your data pack is finished because now by using the free internet Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea tricks, and offers, you can add more data to your phone without paying any amount. 

Are Free Data Codes Worthy for You?

#1. Yes, free data codes and offers for airtel, Vodafone, and Idea will work for you choose the credible codes for free data

#2. Idea and Vodafone are the two major cellular networks in India and using the free internet tricks users can add more data in a day if data is finished. 

Never mind, the idea has also maintained a distinct position for a long time simply by giving excellent services to everyone who uses this brand. This company is now offering a variety of attractive bargains for internet consumers that guarantee high-speed data. However, you should be aware of a few essential tips that will assist you in gaining even more benefits from each internet package. So stay tuned for our discussion to learn more about the subject- free recharge on idea.


List of Free Idea Internet Tricks

You can find the best solution ever when you have the ideal trick in your hands. Get a smart Idea SIM and try out some of the ways for Idea 4g apps we have listed below. While using the Idea internet pack will undoubtedly make you the happiest. Owing to the fact that this strategy will help you to gain 30GB of high-pace costless data.

Although the fact is every individual may experiment with unique tactics as per criteria. Furthermore, all of the tips in this post are guaranteed to work and have been tried on a number of people. Let us now go on to the most exciting section of our talk and learn how to get free data in ideas.

Idea Free Internet offer Data Validity
For total of 30Dial 121365 10GB free data 10 Days
Dial *800*888# 10 GB Data 1 Day
Visit offer page 30GB Free Data 1 month
Download Idea apps 2GB Data 7 Days

Trick 1: Utilize Earn-Easy for Daily Free Internet

This is a really handy free tool for idea-free net that allows you to earn daily free recharges. Please download this app from the Google Play Store from a trusted link and log in with your phone number. After enrolling as a user, you must use any referral code to receive the free recharge from the app. Sign up for the bonus area and get a free Internet plan on a daily basis by logging in. Make sure you are getting free data by following these simple steps.

Trick 2: Earn 1 GB Free Data for Everyday

We agree that it sounds fascinating. Getting 1GB of data for free on a daily basis is undoubtedly an amazing choice for regular mobile phone users. So, if you want to use free net on idea, please use this simple method. You must reload your SIM account with any prepaid plan throughout this procedure. You will receive a USSD code after activating this prepaid plan. Then, out of all the options, choose the one that will provide you with 1GB of free data for one day. But don’t forget to top up your Idea account with at least Rs. 10 prepaid plan.

Trick 3: Install the Idea App for Getting 2 GB Data Free Everyday

2GB of free data recharge idea is not a joke, and it will be a huge assistance to internet users who need to use their phones for a variety of things. So don’t waste any more time and choose the most effective solution right now. It’s actually quite straightforward. Download the Idea app and four other related apps, such as My Idea, Idea Music, Idea Movie Club, and My Idea Game Spark, from the Play Store. You will receive 500 MB of free bandwidth for each app you have downloaded. After completing the process, you will receive 2GB of free data. It will be valid for seven days.

Trick 4: Earn 30 GB Free Data for 30 Days

This is the most appealing and beneficial deal from the idea the internet offer for 4G consumers. You are getting the enthusiastic deal of 30GB data for consistent thirty days and for each month for sure. But you have to complete the related steps as mentioned appropriately for it. Enter your registered Idea cell phone number on the official Idea portal via a verified link. An OTP will be sent to you. It is the point at which your assignment is finished. For the next 30 days, your account will be credited with 30 GB of free high-speed data.


We have felt very satisfied after giving all the important information regarding the tricks because we believe this information will help you a lot. It will help you to manage many types of work you do by utilizing your mobile data. Congratulations in advance, as you will earn some enthusiastic data plans for your mobile shortly.


1. Is Idea data packs free?

No, certainly not, but some free plans can be found after using proper tricks.

2. Which is the highest free plan for an idea?

30 GB data for a month is the highest free plan for Idea users.

3. Is the idea expire in a day?

It actually depends on the plan you are choosing.

4. What is the way to get free data in an Idea number?

You have to obtain some tricks or methods if you want a free data plan in an Idea number.

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