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(February 2024) Red Wine Brands in India

Premium Sweet Red Wine Brands in India & Price

Are you looking to buy a sweet, simple, tasty, and ultimate red wine in India? Here are the 7 on the bucket list because these are highly rated, reviewed, and demanded red wine brands in India that you need to know. Wine is an ideal drink for both alcohol and non-alcoholic people. Sweet in taste and comes with ultimate health benefits, the drink offers many health and skin care benefits. Among various ranges, the option of red wine is primarily good for drinkers. Red wine brands are countless, but looking for a tasty, popular, cost-effective, and iconic brand is the focal point of every wine lover. Wine is a fascinating drink for people. Every person feels relaxed and gratified. Are you willing to find an amazing brand of sweet wine in India? Indians are always looking for the best wine in India and checking the red wine price in India to find a better drink to place on the shelf. Fans of wine are everywhere in India, but Indians are crazy about wine brands because of their classic flavors. We have come here with the information on the best wine in India, and with this information, you can determine the right brand.


  1. Are you finding the genuine best red wine in India? Have you ever tasted GROVER ZAMPA LA RESERVE? The drink consists of 80% cab and 20% Shiraz.
  2. The age of both two components is 16 months in new French oak. Users who find balanced medium-bodied wine with complex layers can taste this brand.
  3. Usually, red wine prices are pretty high, and this brand is also one of the most expensive brands because the 750 ml bottle cost of this brand is 2150 Rs.

Best Wine Glasses to Explore

Wine Price –

Budget matters a lot when you are a wine-lover. Wines are expensive. Wine prices in India depend on the brand you will select. These are the top brands we will list, and here, you can check red wine prices in India.


  1. MYRA MISFIT is the top red wine in India and this brand was launched in 2013 by Mr. Ajay Aheety with the Myra Vineyard.
  2. There are three major levels of this brand: entry-level, premium level, and super-premium. Aroma with a strong berry whiff is the feature of this brand. 

Red Wine Brands – How to Find the Right One?

Due to the comprehensive choices, customers are always confused about the best red wine in India. They can compare the quality, price, and components to select good red wine brands in India. To complete the process, first, check the red wine price list of your city.

3). KRSMA Sangiovese –

  1. It is an Indian red wine brand, and you can also check the price of this red wine because it comes in quite an affordable pricing compared to other foreign red wine brands.
  2. It is the best drinkable red wine in India because it comes with the taste of fruity red wine with body and length. 


4). Fratelli Sette – 

  1. Fratelli Sette is a complex and reserved brand that comes in the affordable line of the red wine price list.
  2. If you didn’t taste this brand, you should check out the amazing things about this brand. It is a layered and structured red wine brand in India.

5). Cabernet Shiraz By Sula – 

  1. Cabernet Shiraz By Sula is one of India’s best red wine brands. The price of the brand is Rs. 895 for 750 ml. This Sula red wine comes with less alcohol percentage, and the alcohol content in the Sula red wine is 13.5%.
  2. You must know about the grape variety of the brand, and the brand grape variety percentage is 70% Shiraz + 30% Cabernet Sauvignon.
  3. This festive season you can enjoy the amazing taste of Sula red wine because it is a smooth and medium-bodied red wine with a pair of grilled meats and hard cheese.

Red Wine Price in -Kolkata/Gurgaon/Hyderabad/Noida/Haryana/Chennai & More:

Name Price



  1. A leading wine brand in India and known for less red wine alcohol percentage is CHAROSA TEMPRANILLO RESERVE.
  2. The color of this brand is ruby red, and the components are Coconut, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Raspberry aromas.
  3. It is a medium-bodied wine brand known for the excellent concentration of red fruit flavors such as Raspberry, Strawberry, and Plum, distinctly ripe and fleshy.


  1. When you are not interested in the taste of the Sula red wine brand, there are many brands that you can try, and York ARROS is an Indian wine brand.
  2. The brand is from Maharashtra. These red wine benefits are extensive because it is made with amazing ingredients that you will always want to drink for good health goals.
  3. Shiraz (55%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (45%) are the two major components of this brand. 750 ml bottle price is between 800 to 1500 of the brands.

Final Words to Know:

Wine’s red color is a fascinating thing for users. Users can check the red wine price list to select the best brand in India. No doubt, all brands came with many red wine benefits. Jacobs Creek red wine is also affordable for users who buy glassy red wine glasses to make their drink sexier.


1). What is red wine?

Red wine is a drink or wine designed with dark-colored grape varieties. The color of red wine depends on the intense violet. 

2). What is the red wine price in India?

Red wine price in India starts from INR 500. Affordable to expensive red wine brands are available for the users.

3) Why is Sula Red Wine the best red wine brand in India?

The grape variety is Shiraz of the brand and serves at a 16-degree temperature. Sula Red Wine is manufactured in the Nashik Valley of Maharashtra. 

4). What is the alcohol percentage in Sula red wine?

Sula red wine alcohol percentage is 13%.

5). Which is the best red wine in India?

There are many brands of red wine in India, but Sula red wine is one of the leading and best brands.

6). What are the benefits of red wine?

Red wine benefits are comprehensive, and users need to understand the major benefits of consuming this kind of drink in everyday life. 

#1. Rich in antioxidants.

#2. Lowers bad cholesterol.

#3. Regulates blood sugar.

#4. It keeps the heart healthy.

#5. Reduces the risk of cancer.

7). How to drink red wine? 

A user must add wine to the half glass and drink after 5 seconds. Before drinking, smell the fragrance of grapes and aroma. 


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