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The Best Watch Brands In India You Must Have

Best Watch Brands in India

Time plays a vital role in almost everyone’s lives, whether it’s about giving exams, meetings, conferences, teaching, and many more like this. And the hype of watches has grown a lot among the youth. So here we present you with the best watch brands in India for all age groups.

Top Watch Brands in India

A status symbol, motivation, and above all, the brand and the quality of a watch tells about yourself. Everything comes and goes, but the best quality watch brands in India stays forever. Whether you are going to an exam, school, college, a formal or informal function, anywhere you go or any occasion, the best quality wristwatch always stays in your hand as a lucky charm or fashion statement. Hence, everyone should have one of the best watch brands in India for shopping. 

Best Watch Brands In India For Ladies


A watch is something that is connected to the heart of a woman, especially if it is gifted by their loved ones. Thus, if you are someone who is looking to buy the best wristwatch for women from different brands under different price ranges, here is the list of best women’s watch brands in India. These are some of the best watch brands in India for ladies. 

Top Watch Brands in India For Ladies
Daniel Klein
Tommy Hilfiger

Now that you have a list of the top 10 branded watches in India for women, let’s figure out, which watch brand watch should you buy to stand out everywhere you go.

Titan Women Watches

When it comes to the trustable and oldest brand in India, everyone thinks of Titan. Titan has been in the market since 1984, since then it has gained immense trust among the buyers. From our grandma to mom to us, we all have tried titan at least at once in our life. That is why Titan is considered one of the cheap and best watch brands in India. If you haven’t yet tried Titan watches, buy one for yourself right away. 

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Daniel Klein Women Watches

Hong Kong is considered a place of fun and love, from there Daniel Klein Watches belong. Their first launch was in 1973, so you can have an idea about their reliability and credibility since then. That is what a marketplace they have established among their customers. This is considered as one of the luxury watch brands in India among youth. Their watches are manufactured in a way that is stylish and suits a woman or a girl on any occasion- whether it’s formal or informal and gives them the feel of Diva. Thus, if you are someone who is looking for a luxury brand as a status symbol at a reasonable price, then you should definitely go for Daniel Klein. It is indeed one of the best watch brands in India for ladies.

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Tommy Hilfiger Women Watches

This is one of the leading brand names in the fashion industry. Tommy Hilfiger is known for its unique quality and style, so does in watches it is known for class. Their watches are preferred by both men and women. Tommy Hilfiger has been in this industry since 1985, which is considered as one of the oldest fashion brands in India. Wearing a watch from Tommy Hilfiger sets a standard by itself and gives confidence to one as well. And the amazing this is if you are someone who is keenly interested to wear analogue watches, then Tommy Hilfiger is considered for best analog watch in India for both men and women. Their price range starts from Rs. 5k to Rs. 50k or even above this.

You can also check out some popular watch brands to buy under Rs. 5000

Fossil Women Watches

One of the leading watch brands in watches is Fossil since 1984. They are among the top watch brands that bring unique designs, styles and features for their customers that they never regret buying. Fossil smartwatches give you the facility to track your day-to-day activities from cycling, riding, driving, sleeping, exercising, and many more. Though they give amazing features, they design their watches in an elegant way that they are easy to use. Their watches come in different colours and sizes to make your personality vibrant according to your mood. Fossil, is indeed, among the top watch brands in India for ladies. 

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If you are looking to gift Fossil watches to your lady love on Valentine’s Day, check this exclusive collection and satiate your heart. 

Timex Women Watches

If you are someone who is looking for an old best watch brand in India. Then you should definitely consider Timex in the best watch brands in India list since it has been serving since 1954. Talking about the best features and price range, you should definitely count on Timex for one of the best affordable watches in India. As they have established their name and brand since then. Quality with the best performance and affordable price range makes it stand out in the competitive world and that is why people prefer to go for this watch brand in India.

Omega Women Watches

Omega watches were established in 1884 and since then they have been in the global market. Their watches come with water resistance and are considered one of the best luxury watch brands in India. Their design and amazing features with old establishment make them out in the global competition and that is why people crazily buy Omega Watches. Hands down, Omega is considered the best women’s watch brand in India. 

Tissot Women Watches

If you are looking for a classic best watch brand in India. Then you should go for Tissot for their best quality and classy look. Tissot has made its mark as the top watches brand because of its evolving quality and design range. You should definitely try your hands at these best watch brands in India for ladies. 

Cartier Women Watches

Cartier has been producing luxury watches for almost 15 years. It was Cartier that manufactured the first pilot watches in the world. Consider Cartier in your list if you are looking for an affordable range watch, long-lasting with amazing features. Get your hands at these top watch brands in India.

Tiffany Women Watches

Tiffany & Co. has been America’s house of design and the world’s premier jeweller since 1837. With swiss made movement and components, this luxury watch is manufactured by Tiffany. One of the luxury watches for both men and women is provided by Tiffany. The artistic work will be reflected while wearing their watches. It is water-resistant to 30 meters/100 feet/3 ATM and has a total carat total weight of 2.36.

Longines Women Watches

Longines provides elegant and amazing design watches for women that suit them on all occasions. Longines has been in the watch industry since 1882 and since then they bring unique and amazing designs in the world of watches to make every girl feel like a diva. So this was all the list of top branded watches in India that you should consider before buying for yourself or for your loved ones to themselves special.

So, these were the ten best watch brands in India for ladies. Along with these, check out the exclusive collection of Amazon watches for women. They are surely going to be the perfect gift for your partner.

Now that you know the best watch brands for women, let us move on to the men’s section and explore the top watches brand for men. 

Best Watch Brands In India For Men


When it comes to watches how can we forget me who have always been in the picture of sincerity and obliged with wearing a watch every time? While buying any gadgets they have been into a status symbol, as it’s all in their genes since our ancestors. Thus, if you are someone who is going to buy a watch for yourself or for your loved ones, then you should consider the list below for the best brand watches for men:-

Best Wristwatches For Men
Daniel Klien
Tommy Hilfiger

Read on to know the best watch brands in India for men.

Casio Men’s Watch

Casio is a Japanese company that has different business verticals. Their men’s collection is outstanding and that is why they stand out from the big competition and are in the global market. Whenever you see Casio watches you will be amazed seeing their design and inbuilt quality. Thus, for buying a classic brand watch you can definitely count on Casio and consider it as one of the best watch brands in India. Shop from this exclusive men’s watches collection and satiate your hearts.

Fastrack Men’s Watch

Fastrack is also one of those companies that have different business vertices but when it comes to durability and affordability, Fastrack men watches are the best. This is a kind of brand that has created a place in almost all the youngsters in the world, and especially in India. Every age group likes and prefers this brand, as their watches are affordable, durable and stylish also. They have a collection of smartwatches, analog watches, sports watch, and many other types, and is sure to make its mark in the best watches for men. If you are someone who is a student or a professional or a sportsperson and looking to have a durable branded watch then you should definitely count on Fastrack.

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Rado Men’s Watch

Rado is considered as one of the most popular luxury watch brands in India. You all know that Switzerland is considered as the place of heaven on this earth and that is exactly where Rado is from since 1917. Now you can imagine that they are in the market even before the independence and how well they are playing the market for astonishing their customers. When it comes to style, design, perfection, and how could we forget the status symbol, Rado watches always stays ahead in this race. The black and gold Centrix most probably held the record for being the first Swiss Watch for millions, that is why this brand is considered as most search watch on the Internet. Rado Watches are quite expensive but once you buy they are worth investing in. So, hand’s down, Rado is one of the best watch brands for men and every man should have one Rado watch to pamper himself. 

Maxima Men’s Watch

If you are someone who wears only Indian watch brands, then you would have surely come across the best brand. Maxima is an Indian watch brand established in 1990. Maxima is known for its affordable prices and durability standards. They manufacture all kinds of watches from analog to digital to chronograph to digital watches. So, get your hands at these top watch brands in India for men. 

Giordano Men’s Watch

Giordano is a Hong Kong-based company that is considered as one of the best global watch brands company for Men. Their watch collection always surprises you with the latest designs and amazing features for casual and formal wear for men. It is also considered among the best watch in India. 

Swatch Men’s Watch

Swatch is a swiss brand established in 1983. Swatch is famous for its colourful and elegant watch styles for both genders. Their watches are available for all kinds of age groups i.e. from kids to old aged, and everyone enjoys them as they are affordable and comfortable to wear at the same time.

Now that you know the top watch brands for men and women, let us share some budget-friendly watches for a reasonable shopping spree.

Best Budget Watch Brands in India

If you are a student or someone who is looking for an affordable watch, then below is the list of best budget watch brands in India:

Best affordable watch brands in India

Takeaways- Best Watch In India

We hope that this article helped you in getting all the information about the best watch brands in India. Choosing the right watch for yourself or your loved ones could be time taking and difficult as everyone likes to wear a watch and it shows their personality. Get your hands at these best watch brands in India and find your pick.  

FAQs on Watch Brands In India

Which is the best watch brand in India?

Here are the top watch brands in India that you can refer to:-

  • Titan
  • Fastrack
  • Daniel Klein
  • Swatch
  • Timex

What are the top 10 watch brands in India for Men and Women?

There are many watch brands in India for different age groups but it’s you who has to decide for which one to go. Explore the above list and you will have a thorough understanding of the best watch in India.

Which is the best watch brand in India under Rs. 5000?

Titan: Lee Cooper Black Dial Multifunction Watch is the best watch brand in India.

Which is the best watch for Kids?

Swatch has an amazing colourful collection that is comfortable for all ages.

Which is the Best Watch Brand in India?

You can get the best watch brands in India on different e-commerce websites at Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and many more. Or you can grab a jaw-dropping watch discounted coupon from Paisawapas and avail the benefits.

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