10 Best Beer Brands in India

10 Best Beer Brands in India That You Can’t-Miss

Are you getting tired from lots of day-to-day stuff? It would help if you took a break from your work with a chill beer. Well, there is no doubt beer is an appropriate replacement for strong alcohol for people such as wine and vodka. When they want to work continuously and do not want to go into the hang-out mode, only Beer is the right choice. No matter if you had to try Beer or not? You must have the information about the top 10 Best Beer Brands in India. 

Which beer is better kingfisher or Tuborg? Or, Budweiser vs bira? Budweiser or kingfisher?

The list is now available in this blog, and from this list, you can also pick some of the classy beer brands for you. Plenty of options are available for the customers in the range of top Indian beer brands, but they must select the excellent brand for their needs. Let’s check out this list of beer brands in India.

1. Kingfisher- best beer brand in India

There is no need to Introduce Kingfisher Beer in India because the brand is trendy in the market. Millions of consumers are using this brand because of the oldest brand and excellent in terms of taste. When you want to add some unique and top brands of Beer to your beer library, don’t miss Kingfisher Beer because if you miss this brand, maybe you miss the taste of the world’s famous beer brands.

Which is better Tuborg or kingfisher?

best beer brands in India

This best Beer Brand India was founded by United Breweries Group, Bangalore, and initially, it was launched in 1978. Right Now, the brand is offering beer products in India and 52 countries around the world. The market share of Kingfisher in the Beer Market of India is around 37%.

Information related to Kingfisher

1). How many types of Kingfisher Beer Variants are available? And, kingfisher beer types?

Kingfisher Premium Beer The Kingfisher Strong Beer
Kingfisher Magnum Strong Beer The Kingfisher Strong Fresh Beer
Kingfisher Ultra Beer The Kingfisher Blue Beer
Kingfisher Red Beer The Kingfisher Lager Beer
Kingfisher Strom Beer

2). How is the Flavour of Kingfisher Beer?

Malty and Sweet

3). What is the Kingfisher beer price in India?

The Indian Beer Brand-The kingfisher will cost you Rs 125 for 650 ML in India.

4). Which is the strongest beer in India? 

The Top Indian Beer Brands-the Kingfisher Strong is considered the strongest beer with an 8 percent alcohol level.

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2. Budweiser:

Which is best for non-beer drinkers -Tuborg strong vs Budweiser magnum?

Budweiser Beer is an American Larger Beer Brand manufactured by Anheuser Busch. The origin Country of this best brand of beer in the United States, but the craze is too high in India. Budweiser Beer Brand was introduced in 1876. 145-Year-Old Beer Brand is remarkable and famous in the audience.

best beer brands in India

This brand has a significant market share in India, but Budweiser Beer is also the most powerful selling Beer in the United States. It is a filtered chilled beer packed in cans and bottles.


1). How much alcohol Volume is available in Budweiser?


2). What are available variants of Budweiser Beer in India?

Budweiser Magnum Strong

Budweiser Premium

3). What is the Price Range of Budweiser Beer in India?

The price for 650 ML Budweiser Premium and Magnum Strong is 170 and 195 Rs.

Depending on the cities, it varies:

Budweiser Beer Price in Delhi

Rs 280 (650 ml), Rs 150 (330 ml)

Budweiser beer price in Kolkata Rs 250 (650 ml), Rs 150 (330 ml)
Budweiser price Mumbai Rs 195 (650 ml), Rs 130 (330 ml)
Budweiser price in Bangalore

Rs 195 (650 ml), Rs 160 (500 ml)

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3. Bira:

In the list of Indian Beer Brands, we can’t miss the name Bira Beer. This best beer brand is famous for a short time because the brand was launched in 2015, and within a few years, this brand becomes successful in reaching a good market sheet of beer brands in India. B9 Beverages Private Limited manufactures this product, and Company’s first manufacturing unit was situated in Flanders, Belgium. You may don’t know that Bira Beer is made with ingredients from Belgium, the Himalayas, France, and Bavarian Farms.

best beer brands in India


1). What are the Ingredients in Bira Beer?

Wheat, Barley, and Hops are the primary ingredients in Bira Beer

2). What is the capacity range of the Bira Beer Can?

330ML, 650 ML and 500 ML

3). How much alcohol is in Bira Beer?

4.5% to 7%

4). State the Bira Beer Variants?

Bira 91 White, Bira 91 Blonde, Bira 91 Light, Bira 91 Strong, Bira 91 Bira Boom The IPA

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4. Tuborg Beer-best beer brands in India

What to try budweiser magnum vs tuborg strong? Or, tuborg or budweiser?

One more beer brand came on this list and that is Tuborg Beer. This brand is from Carlsberg and is also available in India. This bottle is known ss as the premium beer bottle for the consumers because of its stylish design. This is a mild and stunning taste-based beer. It is one of the oldest brands of Beer and was founded in Denmark in 1873. Carl Frederik Tietgen was the founder of the Tuborg Beer Brand. And to know more, which is better, Tuborg vs kingfisher? Read the blog!

best beer brands in India


1). How is the taste of Tuborg Beer?

Roasted Grains and flowers come in the taste of Tuborg Beer.

2). What are the variants of Tuborg Beer, and Tuborg beer prices in Haryana?

Tuborg Strong Premium-130 RS.

Tuborg Green-110 RS.

3). How much alcohol is in Tuborg Variants?

8% in Tuborg Strong premium

4.6% in Tuborg Green

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5. Carlsberg:

We reach the number 5 position in the list of Top Beer Brands in India and the name that is behind us is Carlsberg. No doubt, that it is also one of the famous and renowned brands of Beer in India but the rand is mainly popular for craft beers. This beer brand manufacturer in the country is known for the “Best Beer in the World”. You must try the Carlsberg Strong Super Premium Variant because it has compelling components of mild-fresh nature. This is the reason that this beer brand becomes the best-selling brand in India. Carlsberg Beer Brand was founded 200 years ago by Jacob Christian Jacobsen.

beer brands


1). What are the available variants in Carlsberg Beer?

Carlsberg Elephant strong Malt Premium, Carlsberg Malt Premium, and Carlsberg Classic.

2). How is the flavor of Carlsberg Beer?

Malt and Sweet

3). What is the price of Carlsberg Beer in India?

Carlsberg Elephant strong Malt Premium costs around Rs. 170 for 650ml

Carlsberg Malt Premium costs around Rs. 165 for 650ml

Carlsberg Elephant strong Malt Premium Can Costs around Rs. 140 for 500ml

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6. Bro-Code:

Bro-Code is an Indian Beer Brand mainly manufactured in Goa and of the best Beer Brands in India. The brand is highly demanded and popular in India because of its amazing variants and when you are looking to buy an Indian Beer Brand then Bro Code Beer is the right choice for you that you must avail yourself for your fresh mind. The taste is also amazing and you love to drink this beer because of its unique taste.

best beer brands in India


1). Why Bro-Code is the best beer to buy?

Bro-Code Beer is the best to buy because of its affordable price and high-volume alcohol

2). How is the tase of Bro Beer?

Crispness is the taste of Bro-Beer.

3). How much alcohol is in Bro Beer?


4). What is the price of Bro-code beer?

Bro-code beer will cost you around 90 bucks for 330 ML.

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7. Heineken: best beer brands in India

Another valuable brand comes on the list and that is Heineken. As we know, in India countless beer brands an affordable costing available for the customers but still some beer brands are known as the premium beer brands because of this quality and Heineken is also one of them.

beer brands India

From taste to components everything is fantastic in Heineken and that’s why you love to buy this kind of Beer. Frothier Taste and Strong Alcohol are the main features of this brand. Heineken was founded in 1873 by the Dutch Beer Production Company. Heineken design with hops, barley, and distilled water additives.

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1). What are available variants in Heineken Beer?

Heineken strong larger beer

2). How much alcohol is in Heineken strong larger beer?


3). What is the price of Heineken strong beer in India?

Rs. 200 for 650 ml

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8. Forster’s:

In the list of Top Beer Brands, the name Foster’s is also in this list because this brand is also popular in many regions of India. If you love to taste the sweet and malty flavor of beer then Forster’s Beer is the right choice for you. The packaging of Forster’s is also quite appealing. The clear and hop bitterness ratio of full grain flavor in Forster’s Beer is the best thing for the users. This is an Australian Brand and Indians love to drink Forster’s. Forster’s Beer Brand was founded in 1887.

beer brands


1). What are the available variants in Forster’s Beer?

Foster’s Premium strong beer

2). How is the flavor of Foster’s Premium strong beer?

Chocolate and Crispy

3). What is the price of Foster’s Beer?

Rs. 130 for 650 ml Can

Rs. 95 for 330 ml Can

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9. Corona: best beer brands in India

It is a Mexican Bear founded in 1925 and Corona Bear is popular in India as well. An amazing taste gives you refreshment and that’s why Corona is the favorite Indian Beer of so many people. Fruit-Honey Aromas and the addition of malt make this beer perfect for you. The beer is popular in India because of its amazing classy elements.

beer brands in India


1). How is the Flavour of Corona Beer?

Sweet and Malty

2). What is the Variant of Corona Beer?

Corona Extra Beer with 4.5% Alcohol

3). What is the price of Corona Beer?

Rs. 290 for 355 ml

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10. Haywards:

Last but not least we can’t forget the name of Haywards in the list of Best Beer Brands in India. Only 7% alcohol is in this beer and the company was founded in the 19th century. Hayward’s beer was launched in 1978. Haywards 500 is something special and the ultra-strong beer at that time. In many leading North Indian States such as MP, Punjab, and Haryana it is one of the highest-selling beer brands. Many people don’t know about the fact that it is an Indian Brand.

beer brands in India


1). What are the available Variants in Haywards Beer?

Haywards 5000 ultra-strong beer with 7% alcohol

2). How is the Flavour of Haywards Beer?

Haywards is a Sweet and Strong Beer

3). What is the Price of Haywards Beer in India

5000 ultra-strong beer price for 500 ml and 350 ml is Rs. 120 and Rs. 95.

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Which is the better Beer Brand?

  1. Budweiser vs Kingfisher: It depends upon your personal choice. But if you like strong, then go for Budweiser compared to Kingfisher. Moreover, if you choose between kingfisher vs Budweiser, both are best to take. But Budweiser is stronger!
  2. Budweiser vs Carlsberg:  Or, carlsberg vs budweiser then, for smooth beer Carsberg is the perfect match! Also. in carlsberg beer vs budweiser, budweiser is not everybody’s shots of beer.
  3. Kingfisher vs Tuborg:  Tuborg or Kingfisher? Tuborg is not that strong beer compared to Kingfisher. And, the difference between Tuborg and kingfisher? So, if you are a beer person, you should first try Tuborg and then, Kingfisher-strongest beer. Therefore, kingfisher beer vs Tuborg beer is a must to try, if you are a beer person. Otherwise, Tuborg beer vs kingfisher, both are amazeballs in the beer category.
  4. Budweiser vs Tuborg: Budweiser Magnum has 6.5% ABV while Tuborg is the mid-tasting beer. Therefore, in Tuborg vs Budweiser, for a smooth, mild taste. Tuborg is your go-to!
  5. Budweiser Magnum vs Kingfisher Strong: Kingfisher is the strongest beer brand followed by Budweiser. So, you know better which one to have NOW! And, let us know, what you chose kingfisher strong vs Budweiser magnum?
  6. Kingfisher Ultra vs Budweiser: Ultra is mostly ultra-smooth and ultra-easy life compared to Budweiser. Then, kingfisher ultra max vs Budweiser magnum, go for how you like in terms of the strongness of beer.
  7. Bira vs Budweiser: Bira is made up of wheat beer that contains a hint of spicy citrus with a soft finish, ideal for the non-beer-drinkers. Choose, where you fall!
  8. Kingfisher Beer vs Budweiser: The Kingfisher Strong is considered the strongest beer with an 8 percent alcohol level. And, if you wanted to know, Budweiser or kingfisher which is better? Then, if, you don’t like much stronger beer go for smooth Budweiser.
  9. Carlsberg vs Kingfisher: If you’re a beer person, kingfisher ultra is the best beer that you can have which is Indian. KF has done a great job by balancing the bitterness a little bit more than others in the beer brands.


Therefore, it’s all about the Top 10 Beer Brands in India that you must know. We know, the list is quite long but you must know these brands when you want to taste the premium and lovely beer. The demand for Beer Brands in India is always high among youth because they think that beer is an ideal replacement for high-volume alcohol.

Learn about the health benefits of beer!

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